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CheckPlusCFO secure payment software from Printech Global


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CheckPlusCFO check printing software integrates with most ERP, accounting and insurance claims systems including SAP, JD Edwards, Great Plains, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Netsuite and other.
Micr Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO can process:
◾Accounts Payable
◾Interest payments
◾Pension payments
◾Claims from insurance companies
◾Travel Expenses and more.

CheckPlusCFO check printing software and electronic payments system is a turn-key solution and includes secure payment processing software, secure MICR printers and MICR toners, blank check stock with security features, folder-sealers.

Check printing software can work on demand for laser check printing. It can also run automatically in the background. New payment files generated by company ERP or accounting system can be automatically picked up by check printing software and processed. The system can also be configured for MICR laser checks and disbursements through the ACH electronic payment system.

CheckPlusCFO ACH component can be used to issue ACH and EFT payment without the actual check. Payments are disbursed directly to the payee account with email remittance representing notification of payment.

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CheckPlusCFO secure payment software from Printech Global

  1. 1. 1 Import File 2 Process File 3 Export File for Reporting Print Check BIG PICTURE 4
  2. 2. IMPORT FILE CheckPlusCFO works with your existing accounting package. SQL and .Net Technology LOGIN 1 Manual Import 2 Automatic Import
  3. 3. BROWSE FILE BATCHES Select Checks To Be Printed
  4. 4. MANUAL CHECKS Manually Input data to create checks
  5. 5. VOID CHECKS Use this feature in case of ERROR to create proper accounting records PURGE WHOLE BATCHES Use this feature to eliminate ERROR or reduce size of the database
  6. 6. SYSTEM RESOURCES You can manage:  Multiple Bank Accounts  Payees  Currencies  Locations  Critical Event Watch Define MICR LINE to use Blank Secure Check Stock
  7. 7. SIGNATURE CONTROLS IN SYSTEMS RESOURCES Define signatures to apply to checks You can apply signatures according to business rules. You can use one or multiple signors $ 1.00 - $ 500.00 Elton John $501.00 – $10.000.00 Bill Gates
  8. 8. CRITICAL EVENT WATCH Define Events which will cause an email to be sent to set contacts EVENTS can be defined as changes in:  Objects  Checks  Banks Accounts  Signatures  Users  Groups  System Email will be triggered when changes occur
  9. 9. PRINTER LOCATION MANAGEMENT Set Local Printer Select Remote Printers in other parts of the world Barbados Jamaica Haiti Trinidad St Kitts
  10. 10. EXPORT FILES POSITIVE PAY REPORT will be sent to Bank to match payments issued and cashed Reconcile Checks with bank by importing Bank Reconciliation file into CheckPlusCFO
  11. 11. ACH FILES Set up ACH to issue secure electronic payments for your vendors Use Encryption and secure FTP tools to submit ACH file to the bank for further processing
  12. 12. REPORTS CheckPlusCFO will provide various reports:  Audit Log – history of transactions  Check Register Report with custom sort: - By date - By Payee - By Check Number - By Batch ID and more  Escheating Report  Void Report  Reprint Report  Custom reports We can develop CUSTOM REPORTS per customer request
  13. 13. SECURITY Security is an important part of CheckPlusCFO  Encrypted Database  Set User Rights - Add accounts - Void - Print - Reprints - Access  Group Rights  Signature Rules
  14. 14. Check Books With this feature you can create and manage personal and commercial Check Books. Our Bank clients find this feature useful for starter checkbooks – new accounts. Add New Bank Add Bank Branches Print Check Books
  15. 15. SECURE PAYMENT SOLUTION Printech Provides You an All-In-One Solution to Process Payments Securely CheckPlusCFO Software – Process checks in minutes Secure MICR Printers and toners. Increase Security and Reduce Fraud Blank Check Stock. Saving cost and time. No preprinted forms to store Reduce manual labor: print-seal –mail We help you become efficient so you can concentrate on your business
  16. 16. SECURE MICR PRINTER and TONER  High quality MICR font  Master & tray key locks  Disable Jam Recovery  Auto density adjustment  MICR toner detection  Toner low response  MICR activation mode  Data encryption
  17. 17. 7 5 6 2 9 3 1 8 4 1. MICR Line printed on demand 2. Secure Logo printed on demand 3. Secure Symbol and text 4. “Over-print” 5. Reverse Secure font 6. Electronic Signature 7. Dynamic number 8. MICR Line 9. “VOID” –Pantograph in copy mode 10. Chemical Reactivity 11. Secure Watermark 12. Microprinting SECURITY CHECK STOCK
  18. 18. CHECKPLUSCFO OUTPUT using blank check stock FROM
  19. 19. CHECKPLUS BENEFITS  Eliminate pre-printed checks  Reduce Cost  Protection Against Check Fraud  Increased Productivity  Remote Check Printing  Internal Audit Control  Signature Management  Various Check Formats  Check Books  Electronic Payments  Easy Reconciliation  Local Support  Easy Integration  Compliance with Government Regulations  Control Payment Processing Internally
  20. 20. Before Implementing CheckPlus After Implementing CheckPlus Less than 1 Year CLICK for DEMO CUSTOMER FEEDBACK
  21. 21. OUR CLIENTS  Bank & Financial Groups  Government Agencies  Credit Unions  Insurance Companies  Law Firms  Restaurants/ Food Chains  Manufacturing  Universities  Utilities, Telecom  Healthcare, Hospitals  Medium & small size companies
  22. 22.  El Salvador  Guatemala  Haiti  Honduras  Jamaica  Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  St. Kitts & Nevis  St. Vincent  Trinidad  Puerto Rico  United States OUR CLIENTS  Anguilla  Antigua  Bahamas  Barbados  Belize  Bermuda  Canada  Cayman Islands  Costa Rica  Curacao  Dominica  Dominican Republic
  23. 23. Contact us: Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions, LLC 3541 NW 115 Avenue, Doral, FL 33178 (866) 592.2838 / (305) 592.2838 Email: