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Sell Your Listings Faster. The system and processes used by the Real Estate Solutions Group to get home sold quickly for the highest price. These tactics have helped Anton Stetner and his team sell hundreds of homes in Washington State around the Seattle Metro.

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  • Sell Your Listings Faster

    1. 1. Sell Your Listings Faster Featuring Anton Stetner! Presenter: Shannon Shimabukuro Senior Market Leader
    2. 2. What is Market Leader Power Hour?• Best practices• Workshops• Live Q &
    3. 3. What Will You Learn Today?Sell your listing faster• Setting client expectations• Price the home with a seller-proof pricing action plan• Market the home more effectively than anyone else•
    4. 4. Meet Our Featured Expert: Anton Stetner! • Founder and acting CEO of the “Real Estate Solutions Group” • Active broker in real estate since 2003 • Track record of success: – 2010: 118 homes closed – 2011: 204 homes closed (GCI 1.12M) – 2012: 194 homes closed (year to date) (GCI 1.12) • Fun fact: Featured in Wall Street Journal as in the top 250 teams by sides according to Real
    5. 5. BEFORE THE APPOINTMENTSetting Client
    6. 6. Qualify• Price – “How much do you think your home might sell for?”• Motivation• Timeframe• What’s your dream – “What are you trying to accomplish by selling?”• What do you owe?• Are you a short sale? – “Due to the current economic climate– ¼ homeowners are in a negative home equity situation Does that apply in this situation” – Hints: • “I’m not going to sell my home below this price.” • “I have to net X amount in order to sell my home”• IF they qualify, schedule
    7. 7. Educate• Confirm appointment• Send: – Pre-listing package – “Hire me” YouTube video – YouTube video on stats in their market – Statistics of what’s happening in their market – CMA report for their area: • Does NOT give them the price. – Homework
    8. 8. Homework Sheet1. Completed Property Disclosure Statement2. Marketing Description 1. (Why did you buy this home and what do your friends say about it?)3. Warranties4. House plans5. Copy of house
    9. 9. DURING THE
    10. 10. The Tone 1. Claim the territory 2. How much homework did they do? 3. Quick walk-through 4. Listing Presentation“Do you have specific questions on information we sent you, about us, or would you like to get started talking about your home?” 5. Show indifference to the outcome 1. Hire me 2. Choose not to hire me and you’ll hurt my “feeling” 3. If I cannot meet or exceed all of your expectations I’ll bow out
    11. 11. The Plan• Our Marketing Plan Trial close: “Based on who we are and how we market the property, if we can agree on price, are you ready to list your house today?”• The Proof – Leverage Website Analytics to highlight your national and international reach – Visitor totals – Total number of leads looking in that zip code – Map: last month or a year
    12. 12. The Market• Walk through what’s happening in market• What’s happening in neighborhood• Dropped… X% since it’s peak.• What’s going on with “YOUR” house? – Focus on averages of CMA comparatives Trial close: “Based on this data, where do you feel we should price your home?”
    13. 13. Pricing Dialogue• Are you a seller or an owner?• After a week, if we don’t get enough, clicks: – Review the clicks, review the market and review the price – After 2-3 weeks, we’re going to reduce the price of the property – There will be X amount of showings before price
    14. 14. Anton’s Goal:• Educate• Empower• Make a
    16. 16. Week 1- phone call• Review• Your property is on the market• X calls• X showings• Presence on the internet• Leave
    17. 17. Week 2• Send them stats – What sold in neighborhood – What didn’t sell – What went pending – If neigh short sale– and priced lower– worried – New property– lower than us– worried• Discuss Price• Follow-up with a phone
    18. 18. Week 3• Get Price reduction• If stubborn, prep for week 4• Update the seller with the market statistics – “Why did others sell and we didn’t?” – “Let’s go look at 123 main street to go look at this home and find out why it sold”. Tip from Anton: “Remember, it’s not ‘I think’ the price… rather it’s ‘the market’ says the price…”
    19. 19. Week 4• We’re getting our price “correction” – I was overly optimistic at what the market would buy. – What will it take to get the property sold? – The market has rejected our price – Our number is bigger than what we can get for it• Even increments in prices: – $5,000 or $10,000 – NO $299,995!!!! Tip from Anton: Price in even increments! ($5,000 or $10,000; not $299,995!!!!)
    20. 20. MARKET TO
    21. 21. Preparing the house for sale• Full Staging (over $700k) – Under $700k: bring in staging consultant – make them pay for it• Professional Photos – On anything that looks good• “Fluff and Buff”
    22. 22. Marketing the house for sale• The Plan – Postcards to the neighborhood – Virtual Tours – YouTube – Craigslist – Real Bird – PPC Ads –
    23. 23. Direct Mail• Send 8 pieces out for every listing (using same postcard- make edits): – Just Listed – Come to our open house! – Price Reduced – We just got an offer/Pending Inspection – Under Contract – Now is a great time to buy or sell – Sell your home today for what you wanted last year – Distressed home owners: 9 options for avoiding
    24. 24.
    25. 25. “Pick your neighbor program”• Get out there!• Introduce yourself• Say the script• Ask for a referral• Ask them if they have questions about the market• Invite them to Open
    26. 26. Video• Virtual Tour (with Visual Tour)• Animoto (to make a video slide show)• Full Video (use Power Power Director to edit)• Upload toYouTube and promote via: – Facebook – Fan Page – Twitter – Blog post – Property Profile (in MLS and own site)
    27. 27. Craigslist• Run 3-8 different ads• Add 2-4 calls to action per ad• Example #1: Open House Daily- Call for
    28. 28. Example #2:• Posting tool in Market Leader with Free list of distressed properties (link)
    29. 29. Example #3:• URL from listing page in Market Leader with property search
    30. 30. Example #4• All home search in the city and a full listing detail of specific
    31. 31. Example #5• Title: See all homes in Mill Creek – Not shown: • Main photo in price bracket search • Generic photo- drive to Wordpress site • With phone number
    32. 32. Sell homes faster by:• Setting Client Expectations: – Qualify – Educate – The Tone – The Plan – The Market• Leverage a Price-Reduction Action Plan to sell a home faster• Create a strategic marketing plan to maximize
    33. 33. Join us next week!• Our next Power Hour will cover: – The newest features in your Market Leader system • Going live this Tuesday morning!!! – Halloween marketing pieces • Find, customize and send with your new features your favorite Halloween designs – Live Q/ANext Wednesday at 10:00 am pacific, 1:00 pm
    34. 34. Homework Please fill out the post class survey to receive today’s notes!Sell Listings Faster Pick a new tool to help you sell a listing faster: – Video – Craigslist – Group email to contacts – Create a referral program – Send postcards to targeted contact base – or neighborhood! Register for next week’s Power Hour! Fill out the survey to receive Anton’s: – Class notes – Pick your neighbor program script – Video examples – 4 week price-reduction strategy – And more!
    35. 35. Want More?• Class Notes: Fill out post-class survey• Customer Support: 1-877-450-0088• Leads: – Pro users: 1-888-820-4778 – Business Suite owners: 1-877-732-0698• Power Hour recordings & handouts –• Short Tutorials: –