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Specific selling statistics for Pro Staged Homes for 2014.

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  1. 1. PRO STAGED HOMES 2014 Home Staging Statistics
  2. 2. PRO STAGED HOMES 2014 STATISTICS • 8 Homes Listed Without Being Staged • Average DOM = 49 • Same 8 Homes Were Staged – DOM 29 • 59% Less Time on Market Based on reported data from
  3. 3. PRO STAGED HOMES 2014 STATISTICS • 37 Homes Staged Before Listing • DOM = 36.89 Days To Accepted Offer • Staged Homes Sold On Average for 98.62% of List Price • Results: Staged Homes Averaged 35.48 DOM
  4. 4. National Association of REALTORS® SURVEY • 81% of real estate agents representing buyers think that a staged home makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the property as their home. • 46% of agents representing buyers also thought that staging made buyers more willing to schedule a visit to a property they had viewed online. • 45% of real estate agents say buyers tend to view a property more positively if it’s decorated to their tastes • 28% of real estate agents said buyers were more willing to overlook less desirable traits in a property if the home has been staged.
  5. 5. Benefits EMOTIONAL • 95% of buyers buy on emotion so you’ve got to make it “love at first sight.” • When they start to see where their furniture can be placed, whose room is whose, and how they can create a home in that property, you’ve got a sale! • Attract and pull at your prospective buyers’ heartstrings. • Create multiple offers and a higher selling price.
  6. 6. Benefits VISUAL • 98* % of buyers use the internet as the information source in their home search. • Bad, too few or (even worse) no photos = no traffic • You only have one chance to make a first impression. • Whether online or in person, you only have a few seconds to get their attention.
  7. 7. Benefits • Staged homes often get better Appraisal values • Professional image – Staged homes look better and flyers and websites. Nearly 98% of prospective buyers “shop” online before ever contacting a Realtor, which means that homes shown on the MLS must be in top selling condition as a necessary first step in creating Buyer interest! • Gain referral and repeat business
  8. 8. Proven Results in Priced Right-Staged Home Sales Family Room Before Family Room After
  9. 9. BEFORE & AFTER Living Room Before Living Room After
  10. 10. BEFORE & AFTER Master Bedroom Before Master Bedroom After
  11. 11. Living Room
  12. 12. BEFORE & AFTER Living Room Before Living Room After
  13. 13. BEFORE & AFTER Living Room Before Living Room After
  14. 14. BEFORE & AFTER Family Room Before Family Room After
  15. 15. SUMMARY • Great listing tool. • Distinct marketing advantage. • 59% Less Time on Market. • Buyers feel Staged homes are well maintained. • Building inspectors view Staged homes as well cared for. • Staged Homes Averaged 35.48 DOM