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  • 1. ALCOHOL By Paula, Noa, Javier and María
  • 2. What is alcohol? Alcohol is a drug created when grains, fruits and vegetables are fermented. So if alcohol is made from natural ingredients, why is it so bad if you drink a lot? Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. From here, it affects the Central Nervous System, which controls all body functions.
  • 3. DISEASES CAUSED BY ALCOHOL  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: When you are pregnant and you drink alcohol, the baby can become deformed or even die.  Alcoholic Neuropathy: When you drink alcohol and it makes you act foolish.  Alcoholic Cerebellar Degeneration: When you drink alcohol and the neurons in your brain die.  Alcoholic Myopathy: When alcohol damages your heart. Alcoholic myopathy can cause death.
  • 4. The Effects of Alcohol in Teenagers  Drinking alcohol during your teenage years is very bad.  The average age that the teenagers start drinking alcohol is around 13-14.  The main reason why teenagers start drinking alcohol is because of peer pressure. When a teenager is in a group of friends that start to drink a lot of alcohol, he or she feels separated from them. He or she might try drinking a little bit to fit in, but then he or she may start to like drinking alcohol a lot. This is why we have to be sure to say “no” to drinking.
  • 5. ONGs to Help with Alcohol Problems There are many non-profit organizations (ONGs) to help you with alcohol. Their job is to teach you about what can happen if you drink a lot. If you are addicted to alcohol, there is a point at which your body needs to drink lots of alcohol per day and you can no longer tolerate that amount. These are some ONGs:  Free Association of Alcohol  Fulgencio Benítez Foundation  CERMA