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Drugs and alcohol abuse


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Drugs and alcohol abuse

  1. 1. Drugs and Alcohol Abuse…..!!
  2. 2. • Experimentation with alcohol and drugs during adolescense is common. Unfortunately, teenagersoften dont see the link between their actions today and consequences tomorrow
  3. 3. Drugs• Teen drug abuse• In 2005 more than 2 million teens used prescriptions drug to get high
  4. 4. Short times effect of drugs abuse• Nausea• Dizziness• Headaches• Separation from friends and family• Loss of interest in school and work
  5. 5. Long time effects• Liver Damage• Brain Damage• Death by overdose
  6. 6. How to get clean from drugsIts important for you to know that getting clean is a hard processThere are some tips of overcoming teen drugs addictions, such as:- Be informed- Seek profesional help- Get support form your family and a support group
  7. 7. AlcoholAlcoholism, also known as alcoholdependence, is a disease. Someone thats is an alcoholism will find theneed of drinking like if it was food or water.
  8. 8. Teen signs alcohol abuse• Sudden change on attitude• Depression• Alcohol or money goes missing
  9. 9. Short time effects of alcohol abuse• The Most vissionable short time effects of alcohol abuse are the different preceptions of emotions,vison,hearing and coordination• Alcohol abuse can lead to both homicides and suicides
  10. 10. Long Time Effects• Loss of apetites• Vitamin deficiencies• Sexual Impotence• Memory loss
  11. 11. Thank you for yourattention