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Final questions for visual rhetoric
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Final questions for visual rhetoric


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  • 1. This is your chance to tell me anything and everything you’d like to tell me about your group work. You can say anything/everything here. But here’s what you MUST tell me: 1)What you did at each step 2)What your fellow group members did at each step 3)How was the overall group morale/did everyone get along? 4)Did anything anyone did make you uncomfortable, angry, cause you extra work, etc. Be SPECIFIC! When done, title the email “client project memo” and mail it to me at:
  • 2. What were the two or three best parts of this class? Why were they superior to the other aspects of the class?
  • 3. What were the two or three worst parts of this class? What made them so bad?
  • 4. Did you like having the one major project (the brochure) with the rest of the course running along-side? In previous semesters there was also a major web project. Would you have preferred to do two?
  • 5. Be honest– it won’t impact your grade. How much time did you devote to your group work and projects out-of-class? Why?
  • 6. We had a little unfortunate break due to spring break, my time at CCCC (the annual conference) then my horrifying projectile flu. I tried to organize things giving you group work time and some info so that we didn’t “lose” those days. How did you use that time/how might you have felt better supported during those days?
  • 7. One of the major issues we have with this course is that it is not meant to teach software. Were you aware of that coming in, and did our ways of getting around it (tutorials, extra time) get you the skills you needed?
  • 8. Pretend you’ve been asked to create your own evaluation scale, based on something YOU like. Rate the course itself and Dr. Phill as a professor on that scale. *for example: on a Star Wars scale, class was a total Return of the Jedi, but I’d give Dr. Phill a soft Boba Fett.
  • 9. What color would Dr. Phill be, and what color should the classroom/furniture be? Remember that we studied color theory. 
  • 10. An excited new major asks you to describe 411. Knowing that you can only offer a few sentences, what would you say? Would you recommend the class or would you recommend running away?
  • 11. Imagine it’s 2034. You ride your hovercar back to Apple Presents Miami University for your class reunion, and someone asks about 411. What’s the thing you remember, not counting on your iBrain 6C to Broogle (brain Google) and broadcast to your Google Iris.