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Johnson online orientation

  1. 1. MYTCC ONLINE ORIENTATION Reading Techniques I RDNG 0361 Instructor: Leslie Johnson
  2. 2. Learning your way around myTCC: Begin with the Course Menu
  3. 3. ICR and Course Calendar Begin by printing the course calendar and Class Syllabus/ ICR. These include all of the important class guidelines, my contact information, and due dates. Make sure to mark your calendar with the important dates, like quizzes and finals.
  4. 4. District Syllabus You can find the District Syllabus in the same menu as the Course ICR and Calendar. The District Syllabus outlines the course objectives for this course. These objectives are the same across the district although each campus and instructor teaches these objectives differently. By the end of the course, you should be able to master all of the objectives of the district syllabus.
  5. 5. Course Requirements • Required Textbooks • Vocabulary Workshop, Level F (ISBN – 13: 978-0821580110) • MyReadingLab Access Code (purchased through or in the bookstore) • Select one of the following novels: purchased through any bookstore or checked out from the library. o The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow o Same Kind of Different As Me, by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent • Required Technology • Access to the Internet and a printer • word processing program (Microsoft Word 2010/Mac Pages) that can open files saved as .doc. • presentation software program (Microsoft PowerPoint/Mac Keynote) that can open up files saved as .ppt • Speakers (a headset with a microphone is always a great investment)
  6. 6. Getting Started: Lessons To get started, click on GO TO LESSONS
  7. 7. Weekly Lessons Weekly lessons are in Modules. After referring to your Course Calendar, click on the lesson (module) assigned for that week.
  8. 8. Opening the module… A. Notice the overview (including the objectives), the instructions, and the actual activities. Clicking on each section will open that activity. Assignments will be labeled with an “A”. Test and Quizzes will be labeled with a “Q”. B. To go to the Lesson click on the link with the notebook icon. The next few slides will show examples.
  9. 9. Opening the lesson content… • Once you have opened the lesson content, you will be able to read the lesson and access any PowerPoint presentations or videos associated with the lesson. • Click on the arrows (A) to navigate through the lesson content. • When you are finished, you can exit out of the lesson and it will take you back to the main lesson page with all the assignments.
  10. 10. Bread crumbs….. Just like Hansel and Gretel, myTCC has left you bread crumbs to find your way back out of the forest. (Hey, does that make me the evil witch?!) By clicking on the bread crumbs, you can dig yourself back out if you find you have fallen in too deep. Bread crumbs: These are links ……..
  11. 11. Assignments Here is an example from Lesson 2. Read the instructions. When you are ready to submit the assignment, you will click on it.
  12. 12. 2..2.. 2. Click here to upload your document here… 3. … or click here to open a textbox and type your answer here. 1.1. 1. You can check out the rubric before submitting your assignment to make sure you are on the right track. 4..4.. 4. Don’t forget to hit submit when you are finished! 3.
  13. 13. Quizzes Remember, Quizzes will be labeled with a “Q”. Vocabulary Quizzes are limited to 30 minutes. Time will shut off at 30 minutes. Also, you many NOT make up or submit a late Vocabulary Quiz.
  14. 14. Discussion Board • The Discussion Board allows you to interact with your classmates and your instructor. • We will be using the Discussion Board feature in 3 ways during this course.  Introductions in the first week of class  Book Club: Novel Discussions  Ask the Class • I will be explaining each of these components on the next several slides.
  15. 15. Discussion Board: Introductions • In the first week of class, one of your first assignments will be to create a post in our Discussion Board introducing yourself. • You will click on the link in the course and it will take you directly to the Discussion Board.
  16. 16. Creating a New Thread Next, click on CREATE THREAD.
  17. 17. Forum Description You will see a description of the forum. Read this to make sure you are posting the correct information.
  18. 18. Discussion Board: Writing a Response 3. Run Spell Check before submitting. 1.1. 1. Your name 2.2.2. Your response 3.3. 4.4. 4. Hit submit.
  19. 19. Book Club: My Groups Once you decide which novel you are picking, you will be assigned to a group. In this group, you will be required to interact with your classmates through the Group Discussion Board. After each reading assignment you will participate in written conversations. Here is an example of what the assignment will look like:
  20. 20. My Groups: Novel Post • Once you click on My Groups, you will see your assignment. • Below it will be the link to your Group. Click on the novel you chose.
  21. 21. My Groups: Discussion Board • When you click on your novel, it will take you to your main My Groups page. Click on Group Discussion Board.
  22. 22. Discussion/My Group Posts Choose the correct prompt. Double check the reading assignment because the prompts are divided by chapters.
  23. 23. Creating a New Thread Next, click on CREATE THREAD.
  24. 24. Writing a My Groups Response 3. Run Spell Check before submitting. 1.1. 1. Your name 2.2.2. Your response 3.3. 4.4. 4. Hit submit.
  25. 25. Ask the Class • The purpose of this forum is to allow you to work together with your classmates to answer any questions that may arise about the course. I (your instructor) will be monitoring this forum, but will only jump in if the answer is not already provided somewhere in the course. • Remember, keep the topics to course content related questions and answers.
  26. 26. MyReadingLab Click on Go to MyReadingLab to take you to our course in MyReadingLab.
  27. 27. My Grades To review your grades, click on MY GRADES.
  28. 28. Announcements Your announcements will be posted on the welcome page.
  29. 29. What’s New
  30. 30. myTCC Help Center
  31. 31. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: This power point was intended to be a brief overview of our course in myTCC. I encourage you to explore the site on your own to familiarize yourself with the layout.