Tax deductible diving


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    Marine species protection is meaningful for the environment of this natural island
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Tax deductible diving

  1. 1. Tax Deductible DivingKosrae Village Ecolodge & Dive Resort Reef Protection Projects Kosrae, Micronesia
  2. 2. The Kosrae VillageReef ProtectionProjects began in 1996.During the first yearwe tested surveyprotocols andidentified locations formooring buoys.The first group ofvolunteer divers werefrom the NorthernCalifornia UnderwaterPhotographic Society. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  3. 3. Partnership withOceanEarthDr. Steve Smith andOceanEarth, a 501(c)3corporation, have beenessential partners sincethe first coral monitoringsession in 1996. BecauseOceanEarth has 501(c)3status, volunteers forprojects organized throughOceanEarth can usuallydeduct all related expensesfrom their US taxes. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  4. 4. In 1997 the Mooring Buoys and the first permanent transects using the buoys were installed.Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  5. 5. Collected Data A Microsoft programmer volunteered to set up a data base for storing and reporting the coral monitoring data in 1998. The collected data is shared between the three organizations on the island conducting coral monitoring and international and regional bodies. Local resource managers regularly refer to our data to manage the essential reef resource.Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  6. 6. U. S. Tax RegulationsYou can find the currentIRS regulations and otherrelated information recommend consultingyour financial advisor ortax preparer to make surethat you are in compliancewith IRS rules. To ourknowledge none of ourvolunteers have haddifficulty taking thededuction. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  7. 7. To join one of themonitoring teams, youneed to be a certifieddiver with goodbuoyancy skills.We have an annualsurvey period set forOctober, but it is notpossible to survey all ofthe sites in a single twoweek period. Four to sixvolunteers are neededto set up a project team. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  8. 8. We are happy to work with dive shops or clubs to set up a survey project for their divers. Based on recommendations from our 2010 team we changed the invertebrate and coral damage surveys to include photography. This makes it much easier for sport divers to collect valuable data and fully participate in the surveys.Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  9. 9. A sample day goes like this:• Leave for the boats about 9 am.• That day’s survey sites will be selected based on ocean conditions.• The boat will anchor at the mooring buoy and the people laying out the transect and conducting the fish count go in the water first.• People collecting environmental data and taking photos of coral, invertebrates and over all coral health follow about 15 – 20 minutes later.• After the first dive, a scrumptious lunch including our famous brownies! Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  10. 10. Sample day continued• The second dive of the day is considered an environmental “overview”. It is usually deeper and we travel further along the reef, keeping a sharp eye out for big guys like mantas and whale sharks.• There is a 1 – 2 hour debriefing every evening, where we review photos, identify critters, talk about reef ecology and enter the day’s data.• We also work on the mooring buoys while we are out there, replacing lines and buoys as needed. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  11. 11. For more details on this year’sOctober monitoring session.Video from the 2010 surveyteam is available on this page.The OceanEarth site,, hasmore information on past andpresent teams.Email me with any questionsat Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia
  12. 12. Join Us!Have a great time diving onone of the best hard coralreefs in the Pacific.Contribute to the ongoinghealth and management ofour rich and diverse reefresource.Learn more about tropicalcoral reef ecology andshare your knowledge withthe rest of the team. Kosrae Village, Kosrae Micronesia