Arizona River Runners media kit


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The official media kit for Arizona River Runners, veteran Grand Canyon rafting outfitter.

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  • Arizona River Runners media kit

    1. 1. Media Kit 2013-2014
    2. 2. Arizona River Runners, a veteran whitewater rafting outfitter, has specialized in taking visitors on whitewater rafting expeditions of the Grand Canyon since 1970. Seeing the Grand Canyon from "the bottom up" from the Colorado River offers adventurers a unique perspective and a sense of place in one of the most globally recognized and spectacular Natural Wonders of the World.
    3. 3. Why Arizona River Runners? •Arizona River Runners only runs trips on the Colorado River—experience counts •Expert guides know every corner of the river to showcase for the best highlights and panoramic views •Highly organized staff makes travel planning stress-free •Guests will have a thrilling Grand Canyon rafting trip, moments to unwind and relax, time to enjoy the company of new friends, and have a memorable vacation with Arizona River Runners. Every year, Arizona River Runners fulfills the travel dreams of hundreds of visitors each season by offering world-class Grand Canyon rafting adventures. The seasoned staff at Arizona River Runners takes hundreds of world-wide travelers annually on exciting and memorable vacations that for many have been profound and life- altering experiences. Past guests have been moved to tears, and most visitors are unprepared for the powerful impact that a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting vacation has had on their lives.
    4. 4. Rafting Trip Options Arizona River Runners offers a wide variety of trips that range from a quick, 3-day Escape to their ultimate 13-day, oar-powered trips. There is something for everyone in each trip with Arizona River Runners, and no previous rafting experience is required. Arizona River Runners welcomes guests as young as 8 on their 3, 6, 7 and 8-day motor trips, and guests as young as 12 years old for their oar-powered trips, so it offers an unforgettable family adventure for rafters of all ages. The 3 Day Escape The 6 Day Grand Canyon The 7 Day Grand Canyon The 8 Day Grand Canyon The 6 Day Oar Powered Trip with Hike Out The 8 Day Oar Powered Trip With Hike In The 13 Day Oar Powered Trip
    5. 5. The Grand Canyon Rafting Experience Multi-day guided rafting tours through the Grand Canyon give both river guides and travelers an opportunity to experience the true spirit of the Canyon, gain a new perspective on life, and connect with many other like-minded people who appreciate this incredible outdoor environment. Spending time in the Canyon gives individuals the chance to be kids again, to laugh and appreciate the small things in life---all in a very Grand Place. Arizona River Runners has grown to become one of the most innovative, progressive, and well-respected outfitters in the Grand Canyon.
    6. 6. Protecting A National Treasure Arizona River Runners is committed to the preservation and protection of the Colorado River and the historical, environmental, and natural treasures of the Grand Canyon. Through their business operations and procedures, they consider all possible environmental impacts on the Grand Canyon while providing safe and high quality trips for their guests. This fundamental stewardship approach ensures that they can mitigate the impacts on the environment for future generations while providing a world class experience to thousands of people each year.
    7. 7. Media Contacts Stephanie Parnell 832.755.7661 Kyle Selyer 800.477.7238