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Want Expeditions Media Kit 2014


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Want Expeditions Media Kit 2014

  1. 1. Media Kit 2014
  2. 2. About WANT Expeditions, LLC. – Wildlife & Nature Travel WANT Expeditions is the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented small group travel, connecting travelers, adventurers, photographers and conservationists from all over the world through expeditions to see the most amazing natural phenomena that exist on our planet. The company has more than a decade of experience in the travel industry and field of conservation. WANT Expeditions has four main goals: 1) To create the most in-depth and authentic travel experiences on Earth 2) To maintain the most talented and experience guides, both inside and out of our industry 3) To promote responsible tourism and sustainability projects in developing countries 4) To constantly strive for improvement
  3. 3. WANT Expeditions was born out of a trip Jessica took to Antarctica, where it became apparent that people wanted to see wildlife in an authentic, natural environment. She felt there was a void in the travel sector for those seeking to go beyond the guidebook and into unchartered territories with field experts. Within a few short years of inception, WANT Expeditions went from offering five destinations in 2008 to 62 destinations at present. Jessica Pociask is a conservationist, wildlife expert and travel writer. With experience in almost 80 countries, she has worked closely with several conservation organizations and holds a researcher position at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. In October 2013, Jessica was one of 50 women chosen by the National Wildlife Federation for Women's Leadership and International Sustainable Development. Jessica Pociask Owner of WANT Expeditions
  4. 4. WANT Expeditions continuously seeks out new destinations that are off the beaten path to give guests a unique and genuine travel experience. They travel to places that few other companies in the world go, including Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. Special chartered flights are used to reach remote landing strips and 4x4 vehicles bring guests into the heart of true wildlife habitats. WANT is one of only five permit holders allowed into the Midway Atoll Wildlife Refuge. WANT encourages guests to step out of the western way of life in order to immerse themselves in the surrounding culture by participation in authentic ceremonies, sampling traditional cuisine and much more. Beyond the Guidebook
  5. 5. WANT Expedition Leaders are experts in the environmental conditions and cultural nuances of the regions in which they lead travel groups. Guides have many technical certifications and skills essential to expedition travel, including, but not limited to: Wilderness First Responder, zodiac driving and advanced dive certifications. WANT only uses local and family-owned business partners who can provide the best recommendations and experiences for travelers while remaining dedicated to environmental conservations. Each group has direct contact with wildlife researchers, field experts and community leaders during educational seminars offered on every expedition by the world's foremost authorities on botany, ornithology, biology and more! Experienced Leaders & Partners
  6. 6. All WANT expeditions are rated on a 1-5 scale so travelers can choose the right trips for their ability and comfort. Level 1: Most Difficult. Very basic, possibly no modern facilities. Often involves steep climbing; up to 8 hours in extreme conditions Level 2: Challenging. Basic. An hour or more of climbing in extreme conditions; up to 5 hours of walking Level 3: Reasonably Easy. Comfortable, may lack western standards. Some climbing in poor conditions; up to 3 hours of walking Level 4: Very Easy. Comfortable. No steep climbing or extreme conditions; up to 3 hours of walking Level 5: Least Difficult, even for mild disabilities. Western standards of comfort. No steep climbing or extreme conditions; no more than 1 hour of walking at a time What’s Your Comfort Level?
  7. 7. Tour groups comprise of no more than 16 travelers, so guests get a private tour experience while paying competitive, large-group tour prices. WANT will go to great lengths to make sure solo travelers do not feel the pressure of paying a single supplement. They will go out of their way to help find a roommate, so unaccompanied guests can avoid paying single supplement fees. Guests will not get a cookie-cutter tour – they will enjoy a unique, guided expedition that no other tour operator can match. Travelers get intimate wildlife encounters with rare and endangered species, including: Western Lowland Gorilla, Lemurs, Bonobos, Jaguars, Grey Whales, Albatross and other notable species. Small Groups, Singles Welcome
  8. 8. Imagine rewarding employees for their hard work by sending them to Uganda to get up close and personal with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees! WANT is happy to help companies find the perfect expedition for their travel needs and can also create customized trips upon request. WANT is committed to helping nonprofit organizations increase funding and make these dream trips become a reality for deserving people. WANT will seek out donors to help cover costs for trips and will also put organizations in direct contact with those supporters in order to build a relationship around the cause they are all so passionate about. Corporate Travel & Fundraising
  9. 9. Giving Back to Local Communities Environmental conservation, responsible tourism and cultural sustainability are at the core of all WANT expeditions. The company continues to generate projects, such as eliminating plastic water bottle usage, and partnering with organizations to improve the lives of those with whom they interact while generating more authentic travel experiences. The company has partnered with organizations such as Mothering Across Continents, Utopia Foundation and the Endangered Species Sanctuary to ensure that local communities and wildlife benefit as much as WANT guests.
  10. 10. Whether an amateur or professional photographer, a jaw-dropping photograph is worth more than any souvenir. For those wishing to preserve their experiences and increase their knowledge of photography, small lectures, demonstrations and tips from award-winning photography guides are featured on every expedition. In addition, the itineraries are designed so guests are at scenic sites and near wildlife at the times that are most advantageous for photos. Many WANT travelers are professional photographers who have won awards and had their work displayed in places such as the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. Award-Winning Photographic Opportunities
  11. 11. By registering as a Travel Club member, travelers will receive member-only specials, earn loyalty reward points, keep in touch with fellow travelers, manage a personalized world travel map and much more! The company believes it is exceptionally important to reward guests for their loyalty and offers incentives to travelers that can be used toward future trips. On each day traveled, guests will earn a $15 (US) credit voucher towards their next trip. Guests can collect their credit vouchers and apply them at anytime and in any amount towards a trip; if they would like, guests can donate the vouchers to friends and family for their WANT Expeditions experience. Travel Club & Loyalty Club
  12. 12. WANT doesn’t artificially inflate expedition prices, so travelers get the most out of every dollar they spend. The company’s operation ideology is similar to many non-profit organizations because the majority of the money invested in expeditions goes directly to lodging, food, fees, guides and transportation. Since most major expenses are taken care of, guests can have a fulfilling experience without worrying about having to find food or a place to sleep. Greatest Value for Travel Investment
  13. 13. Stephanie Norby Adventure Media 254-423-2568 Jessica Pociask WANT Expeditions 231-620-9268 Media Contacts