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Overview of Reef Check Australia activities in 2009.

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Ap launch 11 08

  1. 1. Reef Check Australia!Amazing achievements fueled by passion!
  2. 2. What is Reef Check?!•  International organisation dedicated to conservation of tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs."•  Volunteer teams active in monitoring the health of coral reefs in over 90 countries."•  Reef Check Australia is an independent Australian non- profit which is part of the International Reef Check network." The new threat of climate change increases the need for coral reef monitoring"
  3. 3. Reef Check Australia!Vision!To promote healthy coral reefs through the education "and support of local communities."Mission!To promote healthy coral reefs [in Australia and the Indo Pacific] throughscientific research, community education and marine conservation."•  Projects established 2001 on a volunteer basis"•  Run on small grants 2003-6"•  Established 2004 as a non-profit Company (tax-deductible status)"•  Significant support GBRMPA & MTSRF support from 2006"•  2008-9 aim to complement government support with corporatesponsorship"
  4. 4. Our Projects!Research: community coral reef monitoring"•  GBR Project:"•  Palm Island Community Project:"•  Coral Trout:"•  Inshore Reef Monitoring"•  South East Queensland Project"•  Enterprise Information System [Database]!Education!•  Reef IQ"•  EcoAction"Communications!
  5. 5. GBR Project!Purpose : To provide GBR stakeholders with a costeffective ʻearly warning systemʼ of changes in key reefhealth indicators of economically important coral reef sites."Achivements (since 2001)!•  Intensive community training of scuba divers."•  Precise information on coral reef health/resilience"•  Surveys organised by volunteers on placement."•  In-kind berth space from > 20 dive operators."•  Potential to respond to bleaching events andtrack recovery / increase our knowledge"
  6. 6. Indigenous Community 
Project: Palm Island Pilot! Coolgaree CDEP"Purpose : To provide capacity building to Palm Islandcommunity to monitor the health of their local coral reefs."The long-term aim is to provide capacity for coastal Indigenouscommunity members to participate in environmentalmanagement and help to generate employment opportunities."Achievements:!•  3 Sponge Farm divers trained in Reef Check"•  Children participate in Reef Check school education program"•  Potential to develop a model for other communities to beengaged and integrate into TUMRAs!
  7. 7. Fishing Line 
Cleanup!Purpose:!To count and clear line from “Effects of Zoning “ survey "sites to enable researchers to count subsequentaccumulation of new line in Green and Blue zones."Activities:!•  12 sites (28800m2) cleared of line around the PalmIslands"•  544 pieces of line were collected."
  8. 8. Coral Trout Survey! Purpose: To provide meaningful opportunities for recreational fishers to contribute to our scientific knowledge of the status and trends of popular fish species (e.g. coral trout) and their habitat.!Activities (09):!•  Developed scientific (timed swim) protocol for recreational fishers and tourists to monitor fish stock and habitat."•  Launch planned for 2009: subject to completion of our database!
  9. 9. Database!Purpose: To design an Enterprise Information System to storeand disseminate Reef Check information. "Design: Flexibility, portability, interoperability & ease-of-use toaccommodate future initiatives, to promote collaborative datasharing between stakeholders & to ultimately increase earlywarning signs on reef health degradation."Achievements!•  Developed specifications plan"•  Phase one under construction!
  10. 10. Inshore Reef Monitoring!Purpose : To provide GBR stakeholders with a costeffective ʻearly warning systemʼ of changes in key reefhealth indicators of inshore coral reef sites that areimportant to their local communities."Activities ( currently not funded )!•  6 sites Magnetic Is & 6 sites Palm Is Group"
  11. 11. SEQ Project!Purpose : To provide stakeholders with a cost effective ʻearlywarning systemʼ of changes in key reef health indicators for thefringing coral reefs between the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast."Activities!•  12 sites monitored 2008"•  Raw data to be integrated into SEQ Catchments GISdatabase for Water Quality Improvement Planning from 2009."
  12. 12. EcoAction!Purpose: To provide opportunities for snorkelers "& new scuba divers (young people & adults) to "become involved in coral reef monitoring activities."EcoAction Programs:!1.  Underwater Reef Guide"2.  Discover Reef Check"3.  EcoDiver"•  Activities that tourists and young people can participate in on a coral reef."•  Sold as ecotourism activities through Reef Check partner operators."•  Launch aim: 2009-10"
  13. 13. Reef IQ: Be Proactive!Purpose: Reef IQ is a proactive program aimed at helping to preventthe symptoms of coral reef degradation by tackling the causes. "Reef IQ will increase awareness of coral reef issues, engenderingbehavioural change towards more sustainable practices & providingyoung people with the skills, knowledge & capacity to partake inenvironmental monitoring, decision-making & conservation."Achievements!• High-quality educational materials, that will be freely available on theinternet"• Most of the program developed by VOLUNTEERS"
  14. 14. Communications!General!•  Quarterly newsletter"•  Photo competition"•  Media (newspaper, CSA)"Dive operators (Operator Info Pack)!•  GBR Project Newsletter"•  Brochure"•  Information booklet (Dec 2008)"•  Promotion DVD"•  Poster (2009)"•  Workshops / meetings / crew training (2009-10)"•  EcoAction Program sales materials"
  15. 15. Looking Forward! "Aim to secure continued Government support as well as corporate sponsorship to:"•  Enable strategic growth"•  Be able to respond to new threats e.g. climate change response unit"•  Cash flow to maintain projects"•  Increase stability for staff"•  Enable high quality outputs that can help to protect our coral reefs."
  16. 16. Our achievements have been realised throughthe tremendous passion for our cause by local and international people, businesses and government."