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Wv media kit v1


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Wv media kit v1

  1. 1. Media Kit 2012
  2. 2. Operating for 40 years, Wilderness Ventures is the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program for young people. Their life-altering experiences in some of the worlds most magnificent outdoor settings are crafted for young adults who are just beginning their experiences in the outdoors or teenagers who are accustomed to outdoor life. WildernessVentures provides fun and adventure in a non-competitive, supportive small group setting. The companies‘ trips offer unparalleled, educational opportunities in some of our world’s most beautiful outdoor settings.
  3. 3. TripsWilderness Ventures adventures are not tours,but rather combinations of carefully plannedactivities in a wide range of wilderness andoutdoor environments that are located inspecific geographical regions.The Wilderness Ventures programs range from2 weeks to 6 weeks, and the participantsengage in multi-activity wilderness and outdooradventures, including backpacking, whitewaterrafting, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, rockclimbing, canoeing, inflatable kayaking,mountaineering, fly fishing, snorkeling, SCUBAdiving, sailing, surfing, canyoneering, bicycletouring, mountain biking, ice climbing, hiking,glacier trekking, community service and culturalimmersion.
  4. 4. Trips by RegionFrom their founding trip in the Glacier Peak Wildernessarea to the European Alps to the beaches of Tahiti andNew Zealand, Wilderness Ventures offers the mostcomprehensive opportunities for young folks to exploreworld’s outdoors.Wilderness Ventures’ trips are divided into the followingregions: • Rocky Mountains • American Southwest • Alaska • Hawaii • California • South America • Southeast and • Central America Northeast and Pacific • Europe Northwest United • Australia and South States Pacific • Africa
  5. 5. Trip CategoriesIntroductory Adventures International AdventuresPerfect introductory adventures, with lots of Experience new activities, languages andvariety for our youngest students completing cultures on these exciting adventures aroundthe 6th grade. the globe.Leadership Adventures Community Service AdventuresEnjoy a variety of fun, beginner-friendly Earn up to 80 service hours while adventuringactivities in these outstandingly beautiful in the most spectacular outdoor settings onoutdoor environments. the planet.Biking Adventures Family AdventuresCarefully crafted bicycling adventures from A family adventure in Yellowstone will betwo to six weeks, designed for young adults offered to older alumni, parents of alumni andwho seek challenge and personal growth former staff members as well as their childrenwithin a non-competitive, nurturing and in 2013.wholesome environment.
  6. 6. more on Bicycling AdventuresWilderness Ventures Bicycling Adventures have been an important part of their programdating back to the first Puget Sound bike trip in 1982. These marvelous adventures are awonderful way to explore a region.Bicycle Touring AdventuresStudent groups will cycle the back roads of some of the most spectacular parts of ourplanet. Along the way, they’ll meet people full of culture, stories and tradition. These tripsare a great way for youth to gain pride and self-confidence knowing they have reached theirdestination under their own power.Mountain Biking AdventuresWilderness Ventures mountain biking trips open the door to a variety of trails through someof the most spectacular and pristine environments of our planet. These trips are planned totake advantage of the finest trails you may have read about and emphasize how to safelybike while protecting the environment. They are a wonderful way to gain self-confidence andto learn about a variety of natural settings from alpine to desert canyons
  7. 7. more on Family AdventuresWilderness Ventures’ familyprograms sample some of thebeauty and excitement theyhave been provided students forthe past forty years.These six-day, five-nightadventures are designed for theadventuresome parents offamily’s with children seeking anactive vacation in one of NorthAmerica’s most distinctiveoutdoor settings, Teton-Yellowstone country. At thesame time, families will get to relax and dine in comfortable inns and lodges.
  8. 8. What Sets Wilderness Ventures Apart?When Mike and Helen Cottingham founded Wilderness Ventures40 years ago, their program was a new and unique concept.Because of their extraordinary success, they soon became amodel for others. Though it’s flattering so many others haveattempted to duplicate the Wilderness Ventures experience, theyremain the most widely recognized and respected program inthis field.Key factors that separate Wilderness Ventures from thecompetition:• Family Atmosphere • Exceptional and Exclusive• Personal Attention Destinations• Unmatched Experience • Limited Vehicle Travel• Outstanding Leaders • Enthusiastic Participants• Small Compatible Groups • Minimal Use of Subcontractors
  9. 9. Wilderness Ventures By the Numbers Total number of students that have been on a21,000 Wilderness Venture trip Number of participants that have climbed2,200 the Grand Teton in Wyoming Number of participants that have climbed2,100 Mount Rainier in Washington Number of years Wilderness Venture has40 been in operation Number of national parks Wilderness20 Ventures has special permits to operate in Number of designated wilderness areas17 Wilderness Ventures has special permits to operate in
  10. 10. Wilderness Ventures HistoryThroughout the last 40 years, Wilderness Ventures have spent many summers masteringthe trips they first started with – but they’ve also set the standard for the industry by rackingup many ‘firsts’ along the way. In 1973, Mike and Helen Cottingham founded Wilderness Ventures, combining their love for teaching young adults with their passion for the American wilderness and adventure.1973: Camping at a hut (removed long ago) in the GlacierPeak Wilderness on Wilderness Ventures’ first eight-weekadventure in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest. Sincethen, over 14,000 students have participated in a variationof this original Northwest trip.
  11. 11. Wilderness Ventures History 2001: Backpacking the Jatbula Track in Australia’s Northern Territory. Wilderness Ventures becomes the first teen wilderness travel program for young adults to venture in to the ancestral homeland of the Mangarrayi aboriginal people.2007: Wilderness Ventures becomes the first and onlywilderness travel program for young adults to be awardeda concession license in Grand Teton National Parkgranting them exclusive access to overnight backpackingtrips in the park. **View a comprehensive look at Wilderness Ventures history over the years.
  12. 12. SafetyOver the past 40 years WildernessVentures has had nearly 21,000 studentsand an excellent safety record. Thisrecord is the result of their strict staffselection process, comprehensive stafftraining, highly detailed protocol forconducting their trips, and their lowstudent to staff ratios. Their approach andcommitment to safety and riskmanagement requires an ongoingprocess of re-evaluation, learning, adjusting, andimproving in order to enhance safetywithout losing the adventure qualities oftheir trips.
  13. 13. LeadershipYou won’t find any otherprogram with a moretalented, dynamic andprofessional group of leadersthan Wilderness Ventures.Wilderness Ventures’ leadersall have a proven track recordwhen it comes to pastachievements. They’releaders are far more thanguides or instructors.Although their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of everystudent, each Wilderness Ventures leader is a wonderful role model. The leaders arebright, dynamic, accomplished and charismatic adults who exude enthusiasm and inspireparticipants to achieve their highest potential in everything they do.
  14. 14. Giving BackToday, every Wilderness Venturesgroup, including all programs notfocused on service, do their partsthrough small, but important clean-upprojects on the lands they travelthrough. From constructing classroomsin the small villages of Ecuador, CostaRica, and Fiji, to improving habitat forendangered sea turtles in theGalapagos Islands; Giving back isemphasized on every trip.Additionally, Wilderness Ventures contributes to environmental sustainability through zero-impact camping, printing their beautiful catalog on soy-ink, recycled paper and supportinga variety of organizations dedicated to the sustainability of our planet. Visit for more information on Wilderness Ventures’ green policies.
  15. 15. Media ContactsHailey McDonaldDirector of New Media, Adventure Mediahailey@adventuremedianews.com970.379.9363Mike CottinghamFounder, Wilderness Venturesmike@wildernessventures.com307.733.2122