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Kosrae Village media kit

  1. 1. Media Kit 2012
  2. 2. Located in the heart of Micronesia, Kosrae Village is a dive and eco-lodgespecializing in sustainable travel. While here guests can spend the day takingadvantage of their PADI 5-star dive program, scuba diving or snorkeling some ofthe world’s most pristine coral reefs, learning traditional crafts from localartisans, exploring the rainforests, or simply relaxing on the crowd-free beaches.Owners Bruce, Katrina, and Madison welcome travelers to experience thebeauty and tranquility of Kosrae and Kosrae Village.
  3. 3. Traditional KosraeImagine waking to the sweet sound of bird songs.Your eyes open to the scene of a tropical paradise; apalm thatched cottage and window views of thecrowd-free beach.Accommodations at Kosrae Village are traditionallyconstructed Kosrean cottages, or lohms, nestledbeneath a canopy of coconut and pandanus trees.Lohms reflect the sustainable building practices usedby the local population for centuries. While lohms aretraditional in construction and style, modern amenitieshave been added for the comfort of guests. In theevenings, paths between the lohms and other resortbuildings are lit by candlelight.
  4. 4. 5 Star DivingKosrae Village and Sleeping Lady Divers offer guests theopportunity to explore a wealth of underwater worlds throughscuba, snorkeling, and free diving. With dive sites found allaround the island, there is a fit for every level and ability. For agood beginner spot, with colorful reef fish, turtles, and octopi,try Walung Coral Gardens or Hiroshi Point. Advanced diverscan find resident schools of barracuda, rainbow runners, andspotted eagle rays at Walung Dropoff or Shark Island. Diversinterested in history and marine archaeology, can exploremultiple WWII plane wrecks, a 19th century whaler, and pirateship. Regardless of location, the sights of Kosrae’s underwaterworlds display pristine ecosystems found few places in theworld.Kosrae Village is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center, offering first timedivers and those needing a skills refresher, safe classes forworking on skills.
  5. 5. Island AdventuresMore adventures wait inland. Guests can paddlekayaks and outrigger canoes through mangrovechannels, watch for tropical birds and butterflies whiletrekking the rainforest, discover ancient archaeologicalruins and WWII relics, or learn about weaving andcarving from local artisans.For a quiet day on the beach, guests can explore thetide pools, play in the surf, or catch a catnap in thesand.Imagine a true escape from the stress, technology, andurban noise of daily life and experience a pristineparadise.
  6. 6. Reef Protection ProjectsKosrae Village has partnered with OceanEarth to protect,preserve, and monitor the pristine hard coral reefs around theisland. Multiple programs have been launched as part of theReef Protection Project. Programs include:•Coral Monitoring: This annual project brings togethervolunteers from around the world survey the health andmarine life around the reefs.•Mooring Buoys: 56 mooring buoys were installed to providean alternative to destructive anchoring practices on over 43miles of reef.•Kosrae Reef Protection Community Action Committee:Created to bring more local involvement to reef preservation,this group has worked to establish marine protected areasaround the island.
  7. 7. People and Culture of KosraeGuests always receive a warm welcome from the localpeople of Kosrae.When Europeans arrived on Kosrae in the early 19thcentury, they discovered a complex feudal society.Remnants of the buildings once inhabited by the Kingand royal court can still be found on the small island ofLelu. Visitors to Kosrae can explore Lelu and otherarchaeological ruins of ancient Kosrae.Kosraean traditions of weaving, canoe building, fishing,and choral singing remain a large part of modern society.Kosrae Village staff and tour guides are local residents,who enjoy sharing their knowledge and culture.
  8. 8. Traveling TipsAlthough Kosrae is located in the middle ofOceania, getting here is easy. Four flights areavailable weekly from Guam and Hawaii usingUnited Continental Airlines Visit Micronesia fare.To learn more about this fare call ContinentalUnited’s reservations or visit a local office.For longer trips, learn about Star Alliance’srecently unveiled Micronesia AirPass. Nowtravelers to Micronesia can easily visit up to 20destinations.
  9. 9. Memberships and Associations• The International Ecotourism Society• Professional Association of Diving Instructors• Pacific Asia Travel Association• Australian Ecotourism Association• Diving Equipment and Marketing Association• Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization (Founding Member)• Kosrae Chamber of Commerce• Kosrae Visitors Bureau (Board Member)• Kosrae Visitors Association (Founding Member)• Divers Alert Network• National Instructors Association for Divers with Disabilities• International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
  10. 10. A Bit of BackgroundKosrae Village was dreamed up by CaliforniansKatrina Adams and Bruce Brandt and local Kosraen,Madison Nena. What started with a scuba diving tripthrough Micronesia, blossomed into the realization ofa post-kids dream to run a diving operation in atropical locale. Since opening in 1994, KosraeVillage has expanded to include 8 lohms, a PADI 5star dive program, the island’s top restaurant, andhome base for the annual Coral Monitoring Project.Read more about Kosrae Village’s history athttp://kosraevillage.com/aboutus.shtml
  11. 11. Media Contacts Amy ShadellAmy@adventuremedianews.com 970.568.7423 Katrina Adams Katrina@kosraevillage.com 691.370.3483 Visit us on Facebook @kosraevillage