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Social Communities: Building Relationships with Students (and Parents) …

Social Communities: Building Relationships with Students (and Parents)

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) has always been known for its personalization, but Bridge, a social community for prospective students, gives the university a relevant human voice to connect with the Facebook generation. It reaches the students where they are on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and draws them into a dynamic relationship with the school versus the traditional linear process. Bridge enables the staff to create real connections with students and demonstrates authentic caring before the students set foot on campus. In nearly every metric the university tracks, the social initiative has resulted in game-changing results. Since building its social community, MSOE reached its application goal nine months early and is within reach of the acceptance goal as well. Personal visits to the school have taken off and resulted in a change in how business is done. Attend this session to learn more about how integrating social media and owned communities can supercharge your admission process and impact your enrollment.

Dana Grennier, Director of Digital Marketing, Milwaukee School of Engineering

James Davidson, Vice President of Digital Strategy, 7Summits

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  • 1. Online Social Communities: How to build relationships with students (and Parents) 7.12.13
  • 2. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Social Media is Disrupting Business
  • 3. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Speaker: Dana Grennier, MSOE Director of Digital Marketing Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @danagrennier Web:
  • 4. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Speaker: James Davidson, 7Summits Vice President Digital Strategy Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @Jdavidson Web:
  • 5. agenda •Before Bridge (Context) •The Media Shift •Building Bridge •Business Value Delivered •What’s Next •Getting Started • The Media Shift • Before Bridge • Building Bridge • Business Value Delivered • What’s Next • Getting Started
  • 6. The Media Shift
  • 7. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Key Trends and Concepts • Social media is the default state and media for Millennials1 • They rely on user generated content for major life and financial decisions1 • Millennials share good and bad information freely (living life out loud) 1 • They place a high value on reputation derived from social media 1 • Millennials absorb and manage information differently than other generations1 • Universities that create their own open communities have a much greater degree of credibility with Millennials 2 • Social business enablement in higher education demonstrates an immediate, measurable impact on engagement and reputation 2 Sources: 1Bazaarvoice. 2
  • 8. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Social Media represents the biggest shift > in a generation information hoarding management email databases baby boomers user interfaces shotgun marketing thought leadership engagement collaboration community millennials user experience personalization vs vs vs vs vs vs vs
  • 9. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc People Behave Socially MSOE Admissions Opportunity? Facebook LinkedIn Personally Social Professionally Social Academically Social Student lifecycle continuum Prospective Student Qualified Prospect Accepted Student Enrolled Student Graduate Alumni
  • 10. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Popular Examples include: • Apple Support Forums • Yahoo Answers • WebMD Communities Popular Examples include: • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter Online Community 101 Social Network vs. Online Community Social Network Online Community The primary purpose of social networks & online communities is different Business Objectives PPrimary Purpose Relationships
  • 11. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc What is a Online Community? An interactive, often gated website or part of a website that is typically owned by an organization. It leverages social software technologies (blogs, forums, groups, etc.) to enable interaction between people on topics of mutual interest. What it is NOT? - Customer service website - E-commerce site - General use of social media tools (e.g. twitter, Facebook)
  • 12. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Online Community 101 Social Network vs. Online Community Social Network Online Community Relationships connect members Interests connect members Highest contributors not recognized Highest contributors recognized (badges/brand advocates) All User Generated Content (UGC) Controlled content: Blogs, articles, industry updates, images, infographics etc. Visual image/video driven Content driven Conversation within threads, posts, streams Discussion forums Profile info: User Generated Content (UGC) Profile info: Business determines member registration info based on community objectives People have one overall social network People can belong to multiple communities based on different interests Brands cannot collect fan contact info Business collects member contact info (email etc.)
  • 13. Before Bridge
  • 14. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Proliferation of Digital Destinations Visit MSOE Admissions Blogs Micro Sites Facebook Twitter Student Portals Virtual Tour Research LinkedIn Athletics Groups
  • 15. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Number and Complexity of Systems
  • 16. High School Students • I'm Confused! • What do you expect me to do? • Stop calling me!!! • When do I need to pay? • Can I talk to someone like me? • What's life like in Milwaukee? • What project work can I do? Admission Counselors • I thought you liked our college. • You need to fill out your application. • You are never around when I call. • Didn't you read my letter? • You should visit campus. • The city is great! You should visit campus. • Tons. Come and visit campus!!!! There was a desire for communication but we were not communicating in each other's chosen media. We were disconnected and, worst of all we didn't understand WHY. Student Needs Misunderstood ?
  • 17. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Parents Needs Misunderstood The “helicopter parents” were turning into Velcro parents. We communicated the same information over and over again. Parents • Will my child fit in? • How much does this cost? • Is Milwaukee safe? • My bird is leaving the nest... • What is the placement rate and starting salary of an MSOE grad? Admission Counselors • Best way to find out is to visit. • Here is the weblink. • Yes, why don't you visit? • May I speak with him/her? • We have great starting salary and placement rate data for our grads. ?
  • 18. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Communications Misaligned High School Students E-mailPrint Phone Social Media Mobile Communication Channels MSOE Admissions
  • 19. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 3rd Level 2nd Level 1st Level Home 4th Admissions Admissions was too many levels removed
  • 20. Building Bridge
  • 21. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Strategy - “What’s Most Important”
  • 22. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Consider School Research School Options Inquiry Application Acceptance 1st deposit 2nd Deposit Enrolled/ Matriculated Active Student Seek & Find Employment Graduate Alumni Awareness / Reputation (“unidentified prospects”) Relevancy (“named prospects”) Engage / Retain Thinking about being a student Which school should I go to? I should consider MSOE Where do I stand? Is it right for me? I can go – but is it my best option? I’m considering I’m intending to go I’m there I’m staying I’m Preparing for my Career I’m Starting my Career I’m Sharing My Success Story StudentLifecycleFocus Areas: Drive Impact Across Student Life Cycle Our Focus with Bridge
  • 23. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc MSOE Admissions Opportunity Admissions Website Admissions Community Evolution Revolution Admissions Website OR Social Media +
  • 24. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Video URL:
  • 25. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 1. Dedicated Admission Website • Young, fresh feel • Ability to find what you are looking for quickly • Ability to appear more social from the first impression
  • 26. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 2. Open Forums and Discussions • Questions can be asked any time • Answers can be provided by anyone • Find out what others are interested in • Confirm deeper fit through real insights
  • 27. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 3. Integrated Application Form • Register, sign in and apply with Facebook • LinkedIn style completeness gauge drove more application form submits • Application integrated with back office ERP improved analytics (Jenzabar) • Allowed admissions counselors to see who started the application but did not submit • Streamlined internal processes
  • 28. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 4. Profile and Progress Tracker • Students and parents can see what the next steps are in the admission process • Private area to communicate with admission counselor • To Do list available and updated due to data integration • Badges earned as they move through the process • Streamlined Notifcations
  • 29. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc 5. Mobile Accessibly • Able to interact with community on the go • Find things quick and easily • Show off to your friends and family • Share your acceptance to MSOE with your social networks = Word of Mouth Marketing!
  • 30. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc What’s worked for us • Website promotion • Event promotion • Marketing integration • Email and social media announcements Bridge provides an integrated channel for MSOE to interact with our prospects, students and faculty with each other Social Media Face to Face Phone Web Bridge Community Communication Channels Conversations & Information
  • 31. Business Value Delivered
  • 32. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Business Value & Results SOURCE: Jive customer survey, (November 2012) 30% Admissions team productivity Admission counselors spent less time chasing the student and more time interacting with them increasing productivity 30%. Deposit Melt Overall accepted student summer melt decreased by 5% over the last three years. 5% Electrical engineering saw almost double enrollment2X Enrollment Numbers Outbound Call volume Admission counselors reduced volume by 66% freeing up time to interact with prospective students in community. 66% Reached ‘13 application goal nine months early and acceptance goal five months early. 7000+ registered members and growing! Application and acceptance goal Application turnaround time Admission counselors spent less time chasing documents down. We went from months to weeks! Our retention rate from accepted to deposit jumped from 30% to 38% in one year for our Fall 2012 (In a down economy!) Accepted to Deposit 8%
  • 33. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc And there’s more…  Deeper insight into MSOE fit per student, did affect stronger matriculation rate  Made admissions more accessible and convenient by reducing communication and operational friction in the process  Provided an experience people liked spending time with by getting to know what matters to them and serving those needs  Built MSOE brand preference by fostering relationships with prospective and enrolled students, faculty and alumni  Kept MSOE top of mind and relevant with more brand involvement and touch points  Multiple tiers of increasing involvement, gamification and "stickiness" creates smaller commitments that made larger commitment easier
  • 34. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc So what did users think? “The MSOE Bridge is a unique program that I have just used for about a week and I have already grown to love it. It helps me to connect with college students and college staff/faculty. I am just a junior in high school and this Bridge program provides me with early college preparatory skills!” Gerald S, High School Student, Hawaii "Bridge allows future and currents students to connect with one another as well as professors and administration. It is like MSOE’s very own Facebook! It is great for connecting with friends, holding group discussions, posting announcements and events, or simply posting about anything!" Brianna S, Incoming freshmen Fall 2013 "A bridge is defined as a structure built to carry a road or path across a river or other obstacle. MSOE Bridge in my opinion has been an extended hand of support (many hands actually) providing passage through an unfamiliar terrain. There hasn't been anything left for us to figure out on our own. We have felt welcomed from our very first contact with MSOE and are very pleased to be a part of your family. After all, communication equals success.“ Bridget R, MSOE Parent
  • 35. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Industry Recognition W3 Best in Show, Silver General Website Categories – School/University Sites MSOE Ranked #5 out of 10 Most Innovative Colleges in the Country University Standard of Excellence Award For the first the ever Bridge was cited as non academic differentiator for MSOE
  • 36. What’s Next
  • 37. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Engaging Students across the Continuum MSOE Online Community Opportunity? Facebook LinkedIn Personally Social Professionally Social Academically Social Student lifecycle continuum Prospective Student Qualified Prospect Accepted Student Enrolled Student Graduate Alumni
  • 38. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Social Business Conceptual Model Student Lifecycle Process / Context Awareness / Inquiry Prospective Student Student Graduate Alumni System of Use CommunityWebsite Systems of Record High School Teachers, etc Business Partners Faculty and Staff Supporting Stakeholders ERP CRM Desktop and Network Drives BlackboardCMS +
  • 39. Getting Started
  • 40. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Things you will need to accept • Not everyone will participate on the same level. • You will need to let go of some of the control. • A community is alive. You cannot set up and ignore. • It will impact more than your web interface.
  • 41. Get Social! Hashtag: #actepc – Mention @msoe_admissions @7summitsagency @actepc Getting Started  Finalize goals and objectives  Develop a comprehensive strategy for social media  Establish cross-functional steering group to establish executive ownership, coordinate activities and manage resources  Pinpoint some quick win opportunities in context of overall vision  Identify and track key success measures
  • 42. Thank you