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A look at how organizations can use social listening and analysis as input into their social media and business strategies. Shares case studies, use cases, and processes.

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Marquette Social Listening presentation

  1. 1. Social Listening Social Business AgencyThought Provoker April 2, 2012
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Introduction• Overview of Listening• Social Listening in Business• Process and Approach• Case Studies• Social Listening Tools• Sysomos Listening Demo• Questions
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Hello James Davidson Vice President – Digital & Community Strategy @jdavidson LinkedIn
  5. 5. Who is 7Summits? Social Business Agency + FOUNDED 2009 Strategy Experience TEAM 35+ + 1 million+ CURRENT Technology AUDIENCE REACH +
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS Engage Customers, Employees, and Partners to Build your Business Customers Employees / Enterprise Partners✓ Brand and Reputation ✓ Corporate Communication ✓ Supply Chain Management Management ✓ Social Collaboration ✓ Sales Enablement✓ Social Marketing ✓ Sales Enablement ✓ Social Intranets✓ Social Commerce ✓ Product / Service Development ✓ Social Extranets✓ Customer Support ✓ HR, Recruiting, and Employee Communities Development✓ Events ✓ Intranet / Portal Evolution✓ Customer Loyalty &Retention ✓ Social Press Room Destination Communities
  7. 7. Overview of Listening
  8. 8. Social Business Social Relevancy Social Enablement Product Mobile Develop- Sales Open ment Marketing Social Engagement Website Commerce Company Search Social Listening Managed Social Customer Owned HR Support Media Permeating the Social Web with your Leveraging social media in the enterprise to serveproducts and services while engaging customers, relevant resources, connections and content at advocates and influencers the moment of need to deliver value
  9. 9. Why Social listening?Companies are trying to monitor a massive volume of informationbut feel overwhelmed. Opportunities exist to discover: • Real time consumer insights • Industry trends • Competitive intelligence • Sales leads • Marketing opportunities.Customers and prospects are commenting and asking questionsregardless of an organizations’ participation in the conversation.Vast amounts of information, make it difficult to identifystakeholders’: • Preferred social media channels • Strategies for engaging them.
  10. 10. What is social listening?• Social listening, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand across all social media channels including; Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, News, Video sites, Photo sites, etc.• Information is collected, filtered, and analyzed to provide real time research that a business can use for intelligence.• Common Measurements Include: – Sentiment – Share of Voice – Conversation Mapping – Volume – Advocate/Influential Platform Identification
  11. 11. “Listening” & Measurement
  12. 12. What Listening Platforms DoFind the audience that matters to you. • Get access to direct consumer feedback - unbiased, unfiltered, immediate • Gain a richer understanding of consumer interaction and influence on the social web
  13. 13. Social Listening Dashboards
  14. 14. Social Listening in Business
  15. 15. Purpose / Opportunity Statements: Business Need/Opportunity How Social Listening Can Help?Identify where and how a company’s Enables companies to get a definitive list of socialtarget audience is using social media media outlets where customers are engaging (e.g. blogs, communities, social networks)Facilitate connecting and Enables connectedness by allowing employees tocommunicating of customers and locate relevant conversations across the socialemployees web and interact (e.g. outreach, lead generation)Reduce customer service operation Decreases volume of support calls by heading offcosts. negative posts + common questions in social mediaIncrease customer satisfaction Enables authentic two-way conversation with customers.Provide contemporary way for Becomes a way to capture and incorporate real-customers to give feedback & share time ideas, feedback, and customer drivenideas. innovation.
  16. 16. Social Media Highlights - Forrester US InteractiveMarketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016Forecast: US InteractiveMarketing Spend Forecast: US Social Media SpendHighlights:• Social media management is relatively low-cost• Search budgets will move to mobile and social networks overtime• Listening will develop into social intelligence.• Interactive channels will only further out-perform offline channels
  17. 17. Corporations are investing in real-time social mediaintelligence
  18. 18. Process and Approach
  19. 19. Social Listening Source: The Relationship Economy
  20. 20. Our Social Listening ApproachSocial listening analysis is developed through an intensive process of analysis and datarefinement.Our Approach Listen Filter Analyze Recommend
  21. 21. Insurance Provider - Search versus Social Search Social How Insurance Provider targets consumers with How consumers are talking about SEO for “Dental Care” + “Dental Insurance” “Dental Care” + “Dental Insurance” in SocialIllustrative keyword topics driving website Top Conversational Topics In Social Media:traffic:• Brand: Insurance Provider • Cost• Product Type: Dental, Vision, Individual • Comparison Shopping – Provider A vs. B• Price: Affordable, Quote VS • Coverage• Need: Procedure, Preventative Care • Oral Health• Locations: Illinois, Alaabama • Employment Status• Information: ADA codes, benefits, • Provider Recommendations terminology Takeaway: Aligning Search and Social marketing key words and phrases will improve overall online relevancy: Seed the conversations in social that are targeted in search and include relevant topics to drive online relevancy.
  22. 22. Case Studies
  23. 23. Case Study: Southwest AirlinesCustomer Service and Acquisition• Southwest Airlines conducts Social Media Listening and continued monitoring of their brand as well as their competitors (United Airlines, American Airlines, etc.)• When they find a disgruntled customer of their own or their competitors’, they actively reach out through social media trying to resolve their issueTakeaway: By reaching out to dissatisfied customers, Southwest has been ableto grow their own fan base and delight their existing customers while acquiring new ones.
  24. 24. Case Study: BPReputation and Disaster Management• Prior to the oil spill in April 2010, BP did not actively use their Social Media accounts.• Regardless, overall sentiment for BP was favorable. BP Sentiment: January 1, 2010 – April 20, 2010 (Source:
  25. 25. Case Study: BPReputation and Disaster ManagementAfter the spill, positive sentiment for BP dropped to just 16%,while the number of mentions increased by nearly 6X. BP Sentiment : April 20, 2010 – July 15 (Source:
  26. 26. Case Study: BPReputation and Disaster Management• BP’s lack of a social listening and response mechanism caused their crisis management to spin out of control• After the spill, it took BP 7 days to respond on Twitter• Parody Twitter account @BPGlobalPR became the top organic search result when “BP PR” or “BP public relations” was Googled – This account further hurt BP’s online reputation, and meant BP no longer had control of their brand.Takeaway: By not having a social listening program and a disaster recovery planin place BP created significant damage to their online brand and reputation and a perception they didn’t care
  27. 27. Case Study: NikeProduct InnovationNike leveraged social listening tools to gaininsights from customers into cross trainers andused that information to reposition the productfor stronger revenue generation.Insights gained from social listening informedcreation of a running sensor and iPhoneapplication that allowed consumers tochallenge friends to a virtual race - moving thebrand position for cross trainers to be morecompetitive.Participants were also more likely to join theNike Running community where they whereexposed to more products creates salesopportunities. Takeaway: By connecting social media insights with productmanagers Nike managed to generate a profitable new product line.
  28. 28. Social Listening Tools
  29. 29. Professional Social Media Listening Tools
  30. 30. Free Social Listening Tools • Social mention: Real-time social media search and analysis: • Trackur – Free simple reputation monitoring • Board Reader – Searches forums, blog posts, images, and blogs • Google Alerts – Receive email notifications based on your search queries • Twitter Search – Search tweets real-time by keyword, hashtag or user * Even though there are some free tools, they are not as comprehensive or in-depth as the paid ones, and their functionality decreases as many begin charging fees.
  31. 31. Sysomos Listening Demo
  32. 32. Thank You. Social Business Agency