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Using social medias to amplify student enrollment and satisfaction with online mgsa courses marshall sponder sumbitted


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Presentation on 2/20/13 to MGO

Published in: Education
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  • Thank you Marshall! What a great presentation and another fine application of your creative, critical thinking. Thank you for helping us to think about and search out new approaches for learning in the Age of Social. Thank you! You're marvelous!
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Using social medias to amplify student enrollment and satisfaction with online mgsa courses marshall sponder sumbitted

  1. 1. Social Intelligence – Making sense of Social Media MessagesSocial Scoring – Analyze social profiles and organize it in your ownunique way to you can act on the information.Social Marketing Management – Building your Brand throughinteractions with customers, or in our case, students.Analytics – Campaign and performance data with Industrybenchmarks.
  2. 2. Artist
  3. 3. SEO /Web CORPORATEIT/Unix MKG /PR ANAL Analytics
  4. 4. 4. Undergraduate 5. RuTV SpotThe first Advisors dynamics uncovered, explored and3 classes exploited Studen ts talk Student s Positive Stateme nts Academic to Advisors friends hear this and tell Spring 2013 their students to Fall 2012 take your course 51 students 100+ students 2 sections 2 sections2. Course “re-authored” fromscratch by me. 400+hours – curationapproach 3. Facebook page for SM&A –Spring 2012 has 260 members – Targeted adverting67 active students 6. #mgartr131 section(but Manuscript85 were on roster) (permissions pending)
  5. 5.  Developed a curation approach to authoring that is “scalable” Used Social Media (Radian6) to monitor Twitter/Blogs/YouTube of the class, fostering interest and engagement with students Understood the “Undergraduate Advisor” dynamic Asked students to recommend the course (when they liked it) Collected Testimonials during the semester (so I could share them later with potential students and advisors) Created a Facebook page around Brand and Course Ran Ads against the Facebook page to Rutgers Community Had a RuTV Public Service Announcement made Created the #MGARTR13 Manuscript (permission to distribute pending)
  6. 6. Not all the actions I have taken with the classare Social Media, but Social Media infuses theentire effort.There also is a very strong “Owner/Operator”,entrepreneurial approach with my course thateventually needs to be scaled.More could be done to promote online courses like ours atMGO, but the effort encompasses a new area inEducation where no one is sure what the realboundaries are. Also, several new developmentsincluding the Rutgers/Pearson eCollege partnershipshould inform our marketing strategies.
  7. 7. Karate Kid /Starfleet AcademyMaster small steps, combine them effectively, & win the Championship,should work with most subjects
  8. 8. INTRO BASIC ADVANCED (History/Context) (Getting Setup) (Specifics )Could work with Subject Area Experts in each school to tune/Deliver personalized courses
  9. 9. 1. HootSuite Integration and Assignments with the Course Shell to train students on Social Media Management of their own twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram streams.2. Programming Social Streams with IFTTT (If This Then That)3. 3D Printing and Augmented Reality for product creation that goes with Performance and Fine Arts.
  10. 10. “Professor Sponder, I’d like to thank you for an amazing class thissemester. I learned so much to supplement my knowledge of socialmedia, and I plan to use several of the ideas I learned here in both mypersonal (blog) and professional (Current TV) life.”-Caitlin (Fall 2012)
  11. 11. “…This class has provided a lot of interestinginsight into how art has been and will be promoted in years to come”.“I would go as far as to say this course should be considered a foundation course, especially considering howintegral technology has become in our lives.”Marina (Fall 2012)
  12. 12. 9 10 11
  13. 13.  Not all courses are about Social Media, but Social makes it easy to engage with students of any MGSA course once it is incorporated, and it’s use should be encouraged. If a Monitoring /Management Platform isn’t available or affordable, even a simple Twitter List or HootSuite platform are free or inexpensive and not hard to set up. If more advanced software is available then you can monitor each student and interact at various touch points throughout the semester will little effort, and this will foster higher engagement and satisfaction with the course work.
  14. 14. “I have to say by far this is probably one of themost interesting and RELEVANT classes I havetaken in college.I can actually say and genuinely mean it, that I had a lot offun and learned a lot of information that I will keep usingeven after the class is over. Never had I ever had to tweetas a homework assignment lol.”<excerpt>Lucy (Fall 2012)
  15. 15. …. If your listening for it
  16. 16. Students Positive Statements about course Studentstalk to theirfriends and Advisors Academic Advisors tell their students to take your course
  17. 17. Week 2 of #mgartr13Proactivelycollect (note)positivestudentfeedbackthroughoutthe semesterand collect itso you canuse later topromote yourcourse.
  18. 18. 263+ Fansin the last 3months
  19. 19. High Precision Targetingat a Low Cost usingFacebook’s Big Data
  20. 20. This ad targets 4,100 users: who live in the United Stateswho live within 10 miles of New Brunswick, NJbetween the ages of 18 and 22 inclusivewho like #Inception, tyler clementi, #Spotify, complex magazine, #The Beatles,samsung mobile usa or #The Daily Show who are in college
  21. 21.
  22. 22. $22.58 per copy
  23. 23. $22.58 per copy02304388004577533002672239794.html
  24. 24. …A few mainstream publishers that promote their books spend $10,000 orSeth Godin more on ads that dont work. Putting a book into the hands of 1,000 perfect fans may be a far smarter investment. Electronic versions of courses are hard to talk about unless you can access the course. Most students can not see the course unless they are in the course. A book about the course could potentially virally spread the course much further than any other form of marketing. It’s also hard to see an electronic course as a “whole” like you can do with a physical book.
  25. 25. 1. Observed an average 5 hours of personalized interaction per student during a semester (i.e.: students who are making an effort and interested in the material).2. Guided work that is unlikely to be done unless the student is enrolled in the course. $22.58 per copy3. Interaction with other students in the course provides additional learning and chances for collaboration.4. Accreditation for the course if successfully completed.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. • Finding students to fill a music class• Finding students to fill an art class• Finding students to fill a cinematography class• Finding students to fill a dance class• Finding students to fill a Fashion class• Finding students to fill a Photography class
  28. 28. People who like French Horn and live in New Brunswick, New Jersey 4 of the 7 people who like French Horns and live in New Brunswick are friends with current or former students of mine. (if I do my job well, I should have plenty of students)
  29. 29. Technology evolving very quickly, faster than thesystems and rules in place to deal with it.What I shared with you today would not have beenpossible to do even a few months ago.That’s why, I believe, students like my class as thematerial is “topical” and it helps prepare them to bethe smartest person in the room.
  30. 30. Culture Concept Map at MGSA – Using Facebook GraphSearch – what FB/Brand pages do different majors like?
  31. 31. Pianists Singers PercussionistViolinist Cellist Flutist
  32. 32. MGSA Pianists follow innovators such as The Beatles and John Mayer, yet they also play it safeand are low risk takers. Pianists like living near the edgeyet still be protected from harm. PianistsEngage Pianists for eCollege by appealing to theircontemporary urban image, give them free Starbuckscards and Gap Coupons checking out courses andtaking edgy but safe tests. The investment in eCollege should also be a safe bet.
  33. 33. MGSA Percussionists clearly like physical sports such as Rutgers Football but they are more clearly interested in non- profit and humanitarian aid due to their altruistic nature. PercussionistsEngage Percussionists in eCollege by appealing to theirneed to Save the World – reach the at fundraisers and racesfor the cure.Show them how the course will not only satisfy their deep need for physical contact but also how their learning helps others.
  34. 34. MGSA Singers higher education and refined culture (NPR) along with a wry sense of humor (The Colbert Report), Science Fiction (George Takai)however they are also deeply interested in contemporarymusic (Spotify) and self promotion. SingersEngage Singers into eCollege by stressing the culturalknowledge and cult learning they will get by enrolling insome of the more innovative courses. Also, as singers are by nature a more curious group with diverse interests working humor and sci-fi into the course material will be popular with them.
  35. 35. MGSA Violinists have a definite “Sci-Fi Pop Edge” with their interests in Dr. Who, Dr. House and 30 Rock. These are people who want to be entertained and consider themselves sophisticated (House), looking for “gotchas” and “Catch-22’s” ViolinistsEngage Violinists into eCollege by getting them intoepisodic storytelling. Violinists want to know how thelearning they get via eCollege helps them solve life’scomplicated problems. As violinists are a main part of most orchestras and chamber music, making the most of their skill is also something they want addressed.
  36. 36. MGSA Cellistshave a need to congregate and meet people (PaneraBread and Times Square NYC) and for visual andauditory stimulation. Cellists appear to be social animalsand enjoy working in a group, like mobile devices andare constantly calling their friends and family. CellistsEngage Cellists into eCollege by emphasizing theflexibility of remote training that can fit into their diverseactivities while on the go. Cellists are interested in agood story (Inception) and want to be up on thelatest technologies, right up our Alley. They may also like the mobile capabilities of eCollege
  37. 37. MGSA Flutists are similar to the Cellists in their love ofmobile (Samsung Mobile USA),but also are readers ofcontemporary culture (Complex Magazine) and lovers ofhigh fashion (Chalany High Heels) and elegance. FlutistsEngage Flutists with the elegance of the eCollege solution.As they love fashion and culture, provide them withcourses they can easily take that will provide Fashion and High Art.
  38. 38. It is not clear how much time one actually should spend on the social media aspect of any course, but from all indications, its considerably more time than most people would feel comfortable with,Source: right off the bat.
  39. 39.  Take my course (sb. free for instructors) Use HootSuite or a Twitter List around students of your course (give them a class hashtag as well) Create a Facebook Education Page around your course(s) and ask you students and their friends to join (if they want – not required). Sign up for HootSuite (free) and monitor the class – there are other platforms like SocialBro that you can use as well, but they are more limited coverage. Consider making a hard copy of your course, or an adaption of it, and printing it up for sale (no profit to you) for your students and interested parties.
  40. 40.  During the semester collect feedback from students, esp. positive, to use for testimonials (this can be from discussion threads and journals – only use the first name of the student and ask for permission first). Use Facebook Ads and Facebook Graph Search to connect with potential students and to create familiarity with the course offerings. Ask RuTV to create a PSA for your course (potential of 60K visibility). Consider LinkedIn advertising as well (not covered here).
  41. 41.  Collaboration courses in MGSA online (i.e.: I help you with the SM areas of your Music, Dance or Cinematography course, you add your feedback to mine, etc). Cinematography resources for all online instructors provided by the Film department (so we good footage of our courses). Develop courses the other schools at Rutgers – no reason we can’t actually turn a Social Media for the Arts course into a Social Media for Lawyers or Medicine (need SAE’s for this – and we would co-develop, not teach). Consider custom apps to go with courses. Google Project Glass, Augmented Reality.
  42. 42. 1. Technology is evolving so quickly that humanities trainings like ours are merging with the sciences (social monitoring and listening, management, online and offline content creation and storytelling) in ways we have not experienced before, and have little frame of reference about.2. We need to spend more time understanding the technologies so we can better use them (what #mgartr13 does).3. We may have to change the way we look at, and fund Arts trainings as they have been traditionally underfunded.4. The technologies touched on merge Arts with Science and require new approaches and methodologies.