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Middle School Dress Code


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Middle School Dress Code

  1. 1. Do you know the full story?
  2. 2. If your tank tops havespaghetti straps, this is notappropriate for school. Whenin doubt use the two-fingerrule . . .
  3. 3. Hats and caps are greatprotection outside – butthey should not be worninside the schoolbuilding.
  4. 4. Midriffs (bellies) andboxer shorts shouldnever be exposed.
  5. 5. You never knowwhat your daywill bring . . .Therefore, youneed to dresssensibly when itcomes to shorts& shirts . . .
  6. 6.  Look at your thigh (upper leg) Place your finger at the midway point between your hip and your knee This is the MINIMUM length of all shorts and skirts.
  7. 7.  On Campus Socials/dances School trips (England, Spain, Italy…) Sports days
  8. 8.  Ask one ofyour teachersin advance if anoutfit isappropriate
  9. 9.  You will be asked to: - fix your clothing – add something - put on your PE clothes - borrow some clothes – we will have some very stylish clothes for you to borrow We may also (repeat offenders): - call your parents - ask you to go home and change - put you in detention