CAST - a new bachelor programme about audiovisual content for online media


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CAST is a new study at the Zurich University of the Arts. Dr. Martin Zimper is Head of CAST and held this presentation at the CUMULUS Conference Paris, May 18th 2011 (Digitalculture workinggroup). More information:

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CAST - a new bachelor programme about audiovisual content for online media

  1. 1. What is that? CAST?
  2. 2. What is that? CAST?
  3. 3. Livecast from Tonhalle Zurich, May 2011
  4. 4. Livecast from Tonhalle Zurich, May 2011
  5. 5. Trends„The Age of Screens“„Generation Upload“Digital Natives and Digital ImmigrantsMobile Internet/ Smartphones UsageSocial Media Distribution
  6. 6. • CAST tells audiovisual stories for laptops, tablets, computer screens, smart phones and other mobile devices (GPS etc.)• CAST students are sensitive online publishers who know how to communicate in social networks.• Our stories are fiction or non-fiction or sometimes both• The stories are distributed via postings, streams, status updates, as download-video, audiofile or as virus infection.
  7. 7. Cast StudiesStory: to structure a story for platforms and screensWeb: Social Media DistributionDesign: Basics about Moving Images and MotionGraphics DesignSoftware Skills: Final Cut, Logic, FLASH Animation,After Effects, WordpressMarketing & Media: Media Theory, ProjectManagementProducing audiovisual content: Video, Audio,Animation
  8. 8. Studienaufbau Bachelor CASTAblauf1. - 2. Semester: Basics3. - 4. Semester: Projects, Modules, Internships5. Semester: Transdisziplinary Crossmedia-Project6. Semester: Bachelor-Semester Crossmedia Projekt plus ThesisExchange semester possible
  9. 9. Musicvideos: We CLIP You
  10. 10. Europride TV
  11. 11. (Bild, u m 10 G rad in UZS dr ehen)
  12. 12. hier kommt trailer
  13. 13. Multiplatform Storytelling: The Script Hier kommt ein Bild von der Wand
  14. 14. ProductionHier kommt ein Bild von den Dreharbeiten
  15. 15. Foto v on fac eb o o k p ro fi l
  16. 16. Foto v on fac eb o o k p ro fi l
  17. 17. Reaktionen Bild(er) von Medienberichten
  18. 18. Reaktionen
  19. 19. TEDx Zurich
  20. 20. Webisodes: Die Hütte
  21. 21. Webisodes: die Hütte first Horror-Webisode, produced in Swiss AlpsStory, Script & Casting2 weeks shooting5 weeks postproduction: 5 parts à 5 minutesPublishing together with public TV:
  22. 22. Webisodes: die Hütte - Impressionen Dreh
  23. 23. Bachelorarbeiten CAST 2010Carlo Laffranchi:„Mobiles Infotainment im Schweizer Eishockey“
  24. 24. Bachelorarbeiten CAST 2010
  25. 25. iPad Lab April 2011
  26. 26. Partner: Gruner & Jahr
  27. 27. The future of magazines on the Tablet, April 2011