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How to Make a Website Part 1


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Basic intro on how to build a Wordpress based website within an hour with little or no experience. This is the first presentation. Enjoy!

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How to Make a Website Part 1

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE WITH LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE Part 1 By Yusuf Chowdhury 7/17/2012
  2. 2. Full DisclosureThere may be links included in this presentationwhich are associated with one or more of myaffiliate accounts. This means if you purchase anyof the products or services I’ve recommended,those companies will pay me a small fee orcommission.Note: FTC requirement to disclose any affiliate recommendations,links, etc…..
  3. 3. Lets Start with the Basics! • Domain • Web Hosting • Website
  4. 4. Domain Name• Domain name is your web address or URL, such as OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz• Business Name• Keywords• Short• Easy to remember• Uncomplicated
  5. 5. Web Hosting• Home for your website files - not the same as Domain Registration or Domain Name• Both can be provided from the same company• Domain Name and Web Hosting can be from two separate places• Change the DNS• Support team will help you
  6. 6. Types of Web Hosting ServicesType CostShared Hosting $4 - $10Dedicated Hosting $100 - $350Cloud Hosting $90 - $1,200VPS (virtual private server) $16 - $250WordPress Hosting $25 to $300
  7. 7. What to look for?• Price• 24/7 Phone and Chat Support• Linux Based vs. Windows• cPanel• Disk Space• Bandwidth• Uptime and Reliability
  8. 8. Links• http://GoDaddy.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz• http://HostGator.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz/• http://RackSpaceCloud.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz/• http://WPengine.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz/• http://ZippyKid.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz/• http://WPfixit.OnlineBusinessOwners.Biz/
  9. 9. Follow the checklist Register Domain Name Purchase Web Hosting Service Install WordPress Choose a Theme Install responsive WordPress theme (Free or Premium) Activate Theme
  10. 10. WordPress.COM vs. WordPress.ORG FREE PAID & Self Hosted Free hosting Monthly/Annual Fees Limited to 3GB only Limits? Automatic backup & upgrades Backups, maintenance and updates – your responsibility Technical maintenance taken care of Some technical knowledge required for you Limited Themes – no premium or Customize your themes & add plugins plugins No ownership: WordPress advertises Full Ownership with complete on your site control of your site No option to monetize Monetize your site No custom analytics Customize Analytics
  11. 11. Types of ThemesFreeTwenty Eleven - This is a free theme and the default theme when you install WordPress. You can search for more free themes within the WordPress Dashboard.PaidTheme Forest, Elegant Theme, StudioPress, Woo Themes and many more – These are also called Premium Themes
  12. 12. Before Building your Website• Plan your contents • Services• Blogs • Capture leads• Videos • Create a map of• New Letter your website
  13. 13. Build Your Site• Login to WordPress website dashboard  Go to Pages  Click Add New to create your first page  Add title, insert text or images• Preview page then publish• Repeat steps 1-5 until you have all your main pages: About Us, Services, Contact Us, Sitemap, Privacy, Legal Disclaimer etc…
  14. 14. Add Essential Plugins• Google Analytics for • Yet Another Related WordPress Posts Plugin• Shareaholic | email, • Contact Form 7 bookmark, share • Login Lockdown buttons • WP Touch• WordPress SEO • Social Metrics• CommentLuv • WP optimizer• WP Backup • Sucuri SiteCheck• W3 Total Cache Malware Scanner
  15. 15. End of Part One
  16. 16. Contact Connect With Me 210-316-3123