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My presentation on Jelta Conference , UKI Jakarta September 1st 2012

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Jeltaconference icha

  1. 1. Yitzha Sarwono ( Icha )
  2. 2. Applying DogmeTeaching in MontessoriKindergarten classroom
  3. 3. Montessori Teaching1. Students have a choice of activity .2. Uniterrupted blocks of work time.3. The use of constructive or discovery learning model also known as ‘learning by doing’, students learn concepts from working with materials rather than by direct instruction.4. The use of specialized educational material developed by Montessori.
  4. 4. Dogme Teaching Interactivity Engagement Dialogue processes Scaffolded conversation Emergence Affordances Voice Empowerment Relevance Critical use
  5. 5. Why applying both? Both methods are based on interactivity as an essential aspect of learning process. Both approach stress that the need for textbooks should be filled with something more suitable to students need. This practice can be a source of empowerment for both teachers and students. All materials have relevance to learners, so it’s easier to understand.
  6. 6. How to apply Dogme teaching in Montessori classroom: 1. Prepared environment , based on the topic 2. Personalized worksheet 3. Interactivity – communicative learning01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  7. 7. The Circle time Science: Green beans experiment Muscle work: Playing with dirt Construction art: Carrot papier mache Printing art: Pizza cardboard Math : Addition01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  8. 8. Interactivity -> Construction art : Carrot’s Paper mache01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  9. 9. Discovery time’s booths: Vegetables muscle work : slicing, grating and plucking Logic booth : sort the beans Grammar booth : the singular and plural. Culture lesson: Matching vegetables with food Cooking booth : Mashed potatoes01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  10. 10. Prepared environment ->Grammar booth : Singular and Plural01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  11. 11. Cooking booth : Mashed Potatoes01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  12. 12. Personalized worksheet based on what each student needs01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
  13. 13. Conclusion : Dogme teaching is applicable for my Kindergarten’s class.Suggestion  This all entails hard work.  It is required to do it in a large room with several teachers.  It’s preferable to perform in a class whose children have mastered the art of indivual play of Montessori and with good proficiency in English (at least are capable to communicate in English).  It is suggested that the lesson plans to be planned and performed in a week time and to make sure that the three-period lesson of Montessori is doable.  Teacher should also encourage their students to actively partake in the provided activity.01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference
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  15. 15. Thank YOU!  Twitter : @yitzha_sarwono  Email :  Blog :  Class’ blog : Join us on iTDi  Icha Sarwono01/09/2012 Icha – Jelta conference