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Motivational choosing a career


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Published in: Education
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Motivational choosing a career

  1. 1. Audience: 18 to 22 years
  2. 2. I am a Holistic Professional I engage in all aspects of: Learning Knowledge Organization Business Leadership Human Change
  3. 3. Wrong Career Approach Choosing a career to please parents Be like your friends Make more money after graduation Like it but no passion for it Laziness, [claim to know what he/she is doing] Afraid, [don’t want to talk about it] Do not know how to go about it Run away from it Do not want to talk about it
  4. 4. Making a Career Choice Have passion for it Makes you happy Resembles you What are your talents? What skills do you have? Always happy when you think about it Makes you want to go to work everyday Cannot get a job, you can create one
  5. 5. Question to ask Yourself Do you like helping people? Do you like asking questions? Do you like to explore things? Do you like interacting with people? Do you like to lead or follow? Do you like to travel? Do you like to work long hours? Do you like to be in control of your time? Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  6. 6. Finding a Mentor Who do you want to be like? Who inspires you? Anyone in mind? Pick anyone in the field of your chosen Someone you look up to Make appointment for a conference Be prepare to ask and answer questions Have a note pad ready to write
  7. 7. How do you Start Learn about the person Learn what he/she did Learn how he/she did it Read what it takes to get there Set a goal or objective in mind What courses or steps do you need to do it What will it take you to achieve it
  8. 8. Growth Approach DCD D: Determination C: Commitment D: Discipline
  9. 9. D: Determination Are you determined to pursue your goal? Are you determined to do what it takes to get there? Do you have the motivation and the energy? Do you have the courage? Do you have the zeal? Are you hungry for success? Are you persistent and perseverance?
  10. 10. C: Commitment How committed are you? Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to give up anything? Are you willing give up 4 to 8 years?
  11. 11. D: Discipline How disciplined are you? Are you afraid to say NO to your friends? Are you able to decide on what you want? Do you care what your friend say about you? Are you willing to let go your bad habits? Learn to say NO, I can’t.
  12. 12. Use your Parents Parents are there to be used Mentors are always willing to guide Family members Listen for advice Take advice
  13. 13. Communication Do not be afraid to talk to your parents Be truthful and honest with your mentor Be sure to discuss all issues with your mentor Good information produces good result Junk in produces junk out Discuss problems with your parents Ask how you can address certain issues
  14. 14. Listening Listen to your Parents Friends are not after your interest Stubbornness gets you nowhere Ask questions for clarity Ask why if you do not comprehend Ask for help when you are confused Follow instructions and directions
  15. 15. Group Association What kind of friends do you have? Do they like what you like? Do they distract you? Do they always want something from you? Do you always like to make them happy? Think about what you want NOT what they want Control your destiny
  16. 16. Light at the end of the Tunnel If you make a good bed, you have good sleep You reap what you sow Good foundation, gets you to a good start Sky is your limit if you do things right Don’t just do the right things, do things right
  17. 17. Presenter Dr. Sidney O. Okolo Ph.D., Organizational Management and Leadership Professor, Mentor, Consultant, Strategist, Speaker., Mobile: 312/671-4721; E-fax: 425/671-1282 Toll Free: 800/665-4016; Office: 708/832-2643
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