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Scholarship Information Powerpoint 2013-2014


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Scholarship Information Powerpoint 2013-2014

  1. 1. Scholarship Information Byrne Creek Secondary School 2013 - 2014
  2. 2. Types of Scholarship and Aid • Sponsored by the Ministry of Education • Sponsored by post-secondary institutions • Sponsored by private organizations • Sponsored by your own school community
  3. 3. Sponsored by the Ministry of Education • Passport to Education • Provincial Scholarships • District Authority Scholarships • Grad. Program Exam Scholarship •Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarship • Pathway to Teacher Education School
  4. 4. Passport to Education • Goal: To recognize grade 10-12 student achievements • Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrants • 9,000 stamps given out every year, thus about 20% of Byrne Creek students receive them. • Grade 10 - $250 • Grade 11 - $250 • Grade 12 - $500
  5. 5. Grad. Program Exam Scholarships • Grade 10-12, highest provincial exam scores can receive one of the following scholarships… •$1,000 (5,000stds) •$2,500 (20 stds)
  6. 6. Requirements for GPE scholarships $1000 Provincial Exams Scholarships (5,000 students or about 10% 0f BC graduating students) $2,500 (awarded to top 20 students, or if they achieve a perfect score of 100% in all 5 exams) (Math 10, Science 10, English 10, Socials 11, & English 12) ** Canadian citizen or landed immigrant •Must write all the provincial exams required for graduation
  7. 7. Dogwood District/Authority Awards The purpose of the Dogwood District/Authority Awards is to acknowledge excellence in the areas of: •Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music) •Applied Skills ( All Business, Tech Ed., Woodwork, Home Ec., etc.) •Physical Activity (Not limited to physical education) •Second Languages (including Aboriginal) •Leaderships (including community services &Volunteer hours) $1,000 for 3,000 students (awarded in two instalments)
  8. 8. Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship • Must be a BC resident and Canadian citizen/Landed Immigrant •Must show evidence of commitment to and aptitude for a teaching career • $5,000 to outstanding 20 students (maintaining a B average in all courses with no more than one grade 12 mark at the C+ level)
  9. 9. Post-Secondary Institutions’ Scholarships • Entrance Scholarships • Entrance Bursaries
  10. 10. Value and criteria for college or university entrance scholarships • Most scholarship applications are due February • Application can be made earlier • Many scholarship awards are based on marks • However, major awards require “other” involvements • Entrance bursaries must demonstrate financial need • Need must be above and beyond “the ordinary”
  11. 11. Sponsored by Private Organizations or Businesses • Many stress community involvement • Others stress particular interests,skills or backgrounds •Some require an essay or a short story • Click the red button “ Scholarships” on our Byrne Creek’s web site for details
  12. 12. Byrne Creek Scholarships • Departments or subjects (Dance, Music, Business,…) • Clubs and councils (Std. Govt., Leos,…) • Parent Advisory Committee • International Ed. Program •District scholarships***District scholarships***
  13. 13. Helpful Web Sites for Financial Aid • (our school website) • • • • • (apply online) • (for students bound for the United States)
  14. 14. What You Should Be Doing October to December • Make sure your academic program is correct • Check with parents’ workplace for financial aid • Complete student profile (the green forms) • Prepare resume, get reference letters • Check our school’s scholarship website regularly • Search the Internet for scholarships, financial aid •Do the ELTS or TOEFL tests if you’re ELL student • Do the SAT if you’re interested in US universities
  15. 15. What You Should Be Doing January and February •Watch for announcements from UBC,SFU and others…. • Check and double-check deadlines • Remember, some scholarships require you to apply NOW • Recheck and update your student profile (located in B102) • Fill in service hour forms
  16. 16. What You Should Be Doing March and April • Check post-secondary institutions for more Scholarship info • Keep your eyes open! Many applications are posted now • Ask for reference letters as needed • Allow at least two weeks for reference letters to be written •Use the reference letter request forms
  17. 17. What You Should Be Doing May and June • Due dates for some local scholarships are in this time period • Make sure that your student profile is on file • Be sure to write thank-you letters for successful applications • Inform usof your successes so that wecan celebratethem!!
  18. 18. Reference Letters • Think about who you want to write reference letters for you • The person you ask should know you quite well • The “status” of the person is less important than knowing you • You MUST give them a copy of your résumé • You MUST give them at least two weeks to write the letter • If you have more than one application, ask for multiple copies • If the letter is confidential, you can only get one copy • Do not request a letter unless you plan to use it!
  19. 19. External Applications • Follow the instructions on the application • YOU are responsible for gathering info • YOU are responsible for meeting the deadline •YOU may be required to mail in your applications. •YOU may need to submit an electronic copy.
  20. 20. Internal Applications • Notices appear on our scholarship website • You must fill the Student Profile • Read the instructions carefully! • You are responsible for mailing some application • Others are looked after by me or Ms. O’Hare
  21. 21. Note that ALL your marks will appear on this transcript – Summer School as well as rewritten provincial exams Transcripts You can request a transcript from Ms.Tonks in the office
  22. 22. Transcripts This is a historical transcript. It includes all of your marks from when you entered Byrne Creek. This will also include ALL of your marks
  23. 23. Transcripts This is your official transcript. You will receive it from the Ministry of Education when you graduate. Provincial Examinable courses are on top Other courses are at the bottom
  24. 24. When you read about an bursary or scholarship you would like to apply for…. • Pick up an application from B102 •Pick up a Student Profile Sheet (if you don’t have one) • Pick up Reference Letter Request Forms (as necessary)
  25. 25. the________________end