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Bearing witness through civic media


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Presentation delivered at New Technologies and Human Rights Monitoring workshop at Stanford University, 6-7 August 2012.

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Bearing witness through civic media

  1. Bearing witness through civic mediaSanjana HattotuwaTED Fellow alumnFounding Editor,
  2. Mobile phone imagery
  3. Social witnessing through photography
  4. War crimes? Digital image forensics
  5. Social witnessing through video
  6. Data visualisation for accountability
  7. Data visualisation for accountability
  8. Twitter for posterity
  9. A different history: April to July 2012380+ pages, 3195 tweets on issues incl. war crimesallegations, human rights abuses, racism, corruption, religiousextremismPresidential spokesman, politicians, local journalists, citizens,diaspora, US State Dept, foreign correspondents, UN system,HR orgsSilence, engagement and corrections
  10. Curation: Bundlr
  11. Curation: Bundlr
  12. Timeline of post-war violence
  13. Timeline on reconciliation’s failure
  14. Facebook for bearing witness
  15. Facebook for racismබු#-දහම-ආර)ෂාකරමු/318576704821497
  16. Facebook for religious extremismබු#-දහම-ආර)ෂාකරමු/318576704821497
  17. Facebook for dissent through memes
  18. Today’s challenges from civic mediaSearchingContextualisation, semantics and feature extractionData visualisationMany sourcing, verification and curation
  19. Thank