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The new abc education journey 2 pager


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Process for educational institutes to establish critical thinking, curiosity and creativity as integrated skills in their learning culture

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  • I downloaded your plans 2 days ago and had to come back just to say that, it's just like what you said in the video. There is enough variety of projects in here, big and small, intricate and simple. Cheers! ➜➜➜
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The new abc education journey 2 pager

  1. 1. The New ABC Usselincxstraat 45 2593 VG Den Haag Nederland Tel: +31 (0)624635593 E-mail: Web: KvK-nummer: 70453411, BTW nummer:NL144540484801, IBAN: NL21 ASNB 0706853946 The Process for Educational institutes This document contains the version for educational institutes/ teachers, of the more general process that The New ABC offers to support you in establishing the 3 C’s (curiosity,, critical thinking and creativity) in the core of the education process. The general process consists of 4 steps shown below. 1. Identify your current state 2. Discuss your ambition 3. Determine the gap 4. Decide how to fill this gap. That last step represents the real journey you will make. The first three steps set the scene. The more serious this process is taken as a whole the more it resembles the shape of a W: Awareness (top left), Consciously Unable (first bottom), Learning with Ups-and-downs (up, down, up), Unconsciously Able (top right). The details can vary and will together determine your journey that reflectss the principles of Inquiring, Wondering and Moving forward. Throughout the journey the interplay between cognitive knowledge and reflective/ generative skills will be a core returning question. For educational institutes, the process involves three layers that obviously are interconnected: • How to incorporate the 3 C’s in your learning culture for students • How to equip your teachers to do this • How to create a conducive learning environment across the board
  2. 2. The New ABC Usselincxstraat 45 2593 VG Den Haag Nederland Tel: +31 (0)624635593 E-mail: Web: KvK-nummer: 70453411, BTW nummer:NL144540484801, IBAN: NL21 ASNB 0706853946 The starting assumption (to be verified in step 1) is that your model is still predominantly Reproductive and you see a need and demand to turn it more Creative/ Generative. The steps to get there are as follows: 1. Determine current state of including the 3 C’s in the learning culture a. On levels of curriculum, teaching skills and ‘management wise’ b. Positive: already doing c. To be improved: could be better 2. What would you like to improve (ambition), and why (motivation)? 3. What is holding you back? To which extent do you have influence on this? 4. Based on the combined answers in the previous three steps, we design the journey, starting with an action plan: a. Inside and outside classroom, i.e., the curriculum in a broad sesne b. Equipping teachers: how to design their learning process c. Conducive environment: assessment and performance measurement, meeting ‘external’ requirements with an own interpretation d. Strategic intent for the results, timelines and how to monitor and adjust