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Describes how to use the computer reservation calendars prepared for Wales Elementary School 2010-2011.

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  1. 1. Using Calendar
  2. 2. **You will be invited to join these three Wales calendars: 1) W.E. School Calendar, 2) Library Computer Reservations , and 3) Lab Reservations . Please agree to join all three; it will make your calendar viewing more accurate and viable. You will need to create a free account with google if you don’t already have one. It is easy to do. Follow the screen prompts.
  3. 4. Along the top of the calendar window use the view menu to see the calendar by day , week or month . This will allow you a variety of overviews of the computer lab(s) activities.
  4. 6. **You may view all calendars simultaneously if you click on all of them, one after the other. I think this is the way you will wish to view the combined data.
  5. 8. **Locate the date and time on the calendar and then double (2X) click on that spot/location on the calendar. A window will open up:
  6. 9. **Make sure to select the calendar you wish to add to/change. Your choices will be a pull down window which you should select before you add the event and time.
  7. 10. **Next click on “C r eate event”. and another window opens to let you set the time easier than from the previous window. See next slide for sample.
  8. 12. **Click SAVE when finished. Verify that your addition is really what you want. If you need to make changes, merely double (2X) click on the event you created which shows on the calendar and select “D e lete ” or “M o re actions ” . More actions will allow you to: 1 - Duplicate the event (say you want to do it more than one time, OR, 2 - Copy to a different calendar (move it to the other computer lab).
  9. 13. **SAVE again when you are done. Don’t leave an event open without saving. Someone else may get the spot you wanted. Remember others will be using at this calendar at the same time you are too.
  10. 14. **You will soon learn that you can scroll over the time frame lines to drag them to cover longer or shorter time periods. The W.E. Calendar is set up with just student contact hours only un colored. Colored blocks show when students are not in session. If you set your calendar view up to look at all calendars at one time; having selected the WE Calendar first, then clicking on the library computer reservations tab located on the left side of your screen, clicking on the triangle arrow and selecting display only this calendar; repeating this step with the Computer lab calendar tab; you will be seeing all three calendars in your window display for your perusing.