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Eleanor Roosevelt Courage Project


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Published in: Education
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Eleanor Roosevelt Courage Project

  1. 1. Eleanor Roosevelt Presentation By: Gabrielle A. Book: Our Eleanor by Candace Fleming
  2. 2. A Timeline Of Courage 1899 Eleanor, who is extremely shy attends a boarding school called Allenswood. She quickly becomes popular and gains the respect of her classmates. 1918 Eleanor works at a Red Cross station to help others in need. She works non-stop no matter what! In her free time, Eleanor visits many different hospitals. At this time it rare for women to be working for Red Cross. 1922 Eleanor joins many women’s organizations and becomes an active part in each. Eleanor was afraid to talk in front of crowds at first but she learned to love it! 1933 Eleanor voices her opinions on racism, education and many other topics. Her quotes are featured in many magazines and newspapers. Many people disagree and get mad at Eleanor.
  3. 3. A Timeline Of Courage (continued) 1939 Eleanor visits the veterans encampment even though she is nervous to do so. She eats, sings and has a great time with the veterans. 1933 Eleanor writes articles for many magazines and newspapers. She learns how to speak on the radio and is hired and paid handsomely by many advertisers. At first Eleanor dreaded speaking on the radio but she eventually starts to enjoy it. 1939 When Franklin hires a secretary named Missy, Eleanor becomes jealous of her. However, Eleanor soon learns to accept Missy. She realizes that Franklin needs Missy and that there are some things she can’t give to Franklin that Missy can.
  4. 4. A Timeline Of Courage (continued) 1939 When an organization that Eleanor is involved in prohibits a colored women from singing in their auditorium, Eleanor promptly resigns from the organization. She tells them that she disagrees with their actions. 1939 Eleanor and a friend go to a meeting together. Black people and white people are not allowed to sit together. Eleanor sits with her colored friend even though she knows she will get into trouble. 1939 Eleanor receives many letters from citizens , asking for help. Eleanor faithfully answers all of them. Many people disagree with Eleanor but she doesn’t care.
  5. 5. Color Collage Blue Red Yellow Purple Blue is for persistent. Eleanor always kept after her son, Elliot for his defiant attitude. She tried many tactics to get Elliot to behave better. Red is for energetic. “ Just for one day, God please make her tired!” This was the frequent prayer of every newsperson following Eleanor. Yellow is for intelligent. After a dance with Franklin (Eleanor’s future husband) Franklin says, “Cousin Eleanor has a very good mind.” during the dance Eleanor and Franklin had talked about many subjects, including politics. Purple is for independent. Eleanor refused to be accompanied by the Secret Service. She said, “Don’t you dare do such a thing. If any Secret Service man shows up, I’ll send him right back to where he came from!”
  6. 6. A Special Place for Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor would love this “ tree swing” by the ocean. This would be a great place for the First Lady to relax and enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the sandy shore. Eleanor loved to be outdoors in the summer. She and her husband Franklin, used to take their five children to Campobello Island, off the coast of Maine. Eleanor would go fishing, boating, and camping with the children.
  7. 7. An Award for Eleanor I gave Eleanor the Best First Lady Award because I think Eleanor was the best First Lady. I think this because Eleanor was kind and caring towards every citizen of the U.S. White or black skin, rich or poor, child or adult, man or woman it didn’t matter to her. She helped all of them. In 1939 Eleanor started to receive letters from different people asking for help with many different things. She fulfilled all of their requests. Eleanor did many great things in her life. She was part of thousands of organizations. She protested for women’s rights. I think Eleanor was an amazing woman and furthermore, an amazing First Lady. The Best First Lady Award
  8. 8. The Roosevelt Way Cafe Appetizers Entrees Desserts Cheese Plate- Eleanor loved sharp Cheddar cheese. Eleanor-Berry Muffins- Try our delicious every- flavor muffins. (based on Eleanor’s favorite foods.) Lemon Salad- Arugula leaves with a splash of lemon dressing. Eleanor often ate salad with lemon dressing to “ liven up her day”. Delicious Chocolate Lava Cake- Chocolate is a favorite of everyone. Enjoy this yummy cake after your meal. Sweet Apple Pie- When she was a child, Eleanor’s mother often made apple pie for her children. Salmon with a side of Carrots and Spinach- Pan-seared salmon with honey glazed carrots and spinach covered in lemon sauce. This is a healthy choice and something Eleanor would have chosen to eat. Chicken Satay- Chicken on skewers with peanut dipping sauce. This is a healthy choice.
  9. 9. Fun Facts Did you know….. Eleanor’s FBI file was 3, 271 pages long Eleanor had five children Eleanor’s mother-in-law was constantly trying to take over the Franklin/Eleanor household Franklin and Eleanor often vacationed with their children at Campobello Island off the coast of Maine Eleanor was good friends with Amelia Earhart and the two often went on plane rides together Eleanor and Franklin were cousins and formally met at a dance When Eleanor was fifteen she started to play field hockey and stunk at it
  10. 10. Extra Credit Song I chose the song Smile by Uncle Kracker because I think that the lyrics describe Eleanor. Eleanor is a kind, courageous, smart woman. She often made her husband (Franklin) smile at how amazing she was, with her many campaigns and protests.