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Jake malcolm final

  1. 1. Malcolm X Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary Walter Dean Myers By Jake
  2. 2. MUSICAL INTRO Link found on cover page(Megaphone) The speech that I found is a small yet important 2 minute clip from Malcolm X’s most famous speech “By Any Means Necessary.” This speech wasn’t the most popular or the most moving, he had other speeches that held those categories. The historical significance this speech holds is on February 21 1965, Malcolm’s well known speech was ended in tears. No, it wasn’t ended in cheers, rather in sobs. Malcolm X was assassinated . Later it was found out that the murderer to be charged with a death sentence was a white Christian extremist named Mujahid Halim. He reportedly yelled, “Nigger, get your hand outa’ my pocket!” He then shot Malcolm in the chest with a sawed off shotgun, therefore ending a great life.
  3. 3. TIMELINE#1 1938-41 Malcolm is moved around from foster family to foster family in search of a better life. His family was falling apart and he showed courage by staying strong and thinking about the future. His mother is labeled “crazy” and Malcolm is forced to move out and live in foster care with other orphans. He knew he would never see his mom again but he stayed strong. This made his burning passion hotter. 1/9/39 2/27/46 Begins serving time for breaking and entering a house. Some may say it was an act of desperation but I say it was a show of courage by doing what is needed to survive. Malcolm is paroled and stands up to his old street dwelling friends. This is courageous because going up to a gang of sharp gangsters takes some guts and an attitude of, “What could go wrong!” 8/7/52 Coverts to N.O.I. while in prison via the close contact through letters with his brother Wilfred. This made him a target in the congregation but he knew he had to make up for lost time. 1947 -48 Key: NOI- Nation of Islam
  4. 4. TIMELINE #2 Quits N.O.I. and creates his own franchise/group to promote equality between races. This shows courage because he understands he now has two groups of enemies, The N.O.I. and whites. The Afro American society was born. Malcolm publicly comments on J.F.K.’s assassination and is shunned by N.O.I. He decides to do this so he can show that black people care about America even if loss of friends was the toll. 12/1/63 Malcolm is assassinated when he makes his first public speech. He put himself in the position to promote black rights. He didn’t care about safety. 2/21/65 6/28/64 1962 Malcolm’s split was publicly announced on the New York Times. Due to his independent acts, extremists now know he is alone and the N.O.I. hates him for ditching them. 3/8/64 Malcolm hears rumors among N.O.I. members about Elijah Muhammad and he fights so all due respect is on the caring loving leader. He has courage to fight for others. Key: N.O.I.- Nation of Islam
  5. 5. COLOR COLLAGE #1 Malcolm X had many great qualities that made him one of the few known black rights activists known today. One quality Malcolm brought to the party was he was a very witty man. One of many examples shown in the book is at the start of the chapter, Detroit Red. (His nickname in Detroit) The text states, “The long hard street hustle was the only way a black man of this time could use and flaunt his knowledge.” This means to me that there were very few job opportunities for black men. Therefore they took to the streets in search of work and found their calling as a Drug Dealer or Hustler.
  6. 6. The second admirable and courageous quality Malcolm held in his arsenal was the developed knack of being utterly and superbly adaptable. When Malcolm was a still in Grade School his father was set up up to be run over by a street car by white extremists and his mother became mentally unstable about the loss of her beloved husband. Malcolm was then shipped of to a Foster Home in Lansing Michigan. You may think if you lost both of your parents it would cramp your style but to the young and undeveloped black boy, this only made him stronger. COLOR COLLAGE #2
  7. 7. COLOR COLLAGE #3 The third and final admirable quality that Malcolm X brought to the ball park is that unlike many other black citizens (due to educational reasons not racial reasons) he was a very knowledgeable man. The supporting text is around the middle of the chapter, The Son. The text states, “Unlike other black students at kindergarten, Malcolm was a very bright, and hardworking student. Malcolm didn’t struggle in kindergarten, he strived.” Many may think this comes naturally to a man like him but when you narrow it down his parents were the ones to be praised. In the Little family (His last name before he changed it to X) education was a must. This went to the point that supplies needed for the Harlem school went before food.
  8. 8. ROOM DESIGN Congregation to which Malcolm preached. Stand with microphone where Malcolm speaks from. Other important members of N.O.I. sit here. Nation of Islam Meeting Hall
  9. 9. HERO BUTTON Malcolm X
  10. 10. Malcolm in the Middle Sports Bar Appetizers: Islamic Hajj Halal (a traditional Islamic Meal) Cabbage Rolls With Special Sun X posure (when he was young his mother used to sell backyard grown cabbage.) X t ras:Mash potatoes, French fries, Cole slaw, Baked potatoes Note: I advise you to eat all you can, “By any means necessary!” Deserts: Birthday Cake with Black X terior Ice Cream Sunday with X tra Whip Cream Black & White Cookies . (with black and white on the same surface.) Beverages: Islamic