Sap Solman Imptools Implemetation Tools


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Sap Solman Imptools Implemetation Tools

  1. 1. SAP Solution Manager Atos Origin Middle East Implementation Tools Implementation Tools ERP Overview Wenceslao Lacaze
  2. 2. Author Bio & Version Version Change Date 1.0 Original 10/06/2008 2.0 Webpage Link 23/06/2008 My name is Wenceslao Lacaze and I’ve been working as a SAP basis Administrator and Solution Manager Consultant for the last 8 years. I’m a Techno-Functional SAP Solution Manager Subject Matter Expert (SME), I Design, Build and Implement the product using “Run Sap” Methodology. I have developed a very extended experience with medium and large scaled SAP installations in several multinational environments. I am based in Argentina, but work all around the World. I work directly for clients or via an agency. I do speak Spanish, Italian and English fluently. You can contact me at: Email: - ttp:// You can found more papers at : Wenceslao Lacaze
  3. 3. Sap solution Manager Scenarios Wenceslao Lacaze
  4. 4. More Transparent, the more you Benefit! Wenceslao Lacaze
  5. 5. Implementation Projects Wenceslao Lacaze
  6. 6. Implementing – Process in Detail Wenceslao Lacaze
  7. 7. Project Preparation • Project Definition and Description. – Project Type. – Users, Developer. – Naming, Roles, Lenguaje. – Project standarts,(Status, Keywords, Document types). – Timeframe. • Define System Landscape – Development – Quality – Production – Testing • … Wenceslao Lacaze
  8. 8. Business Blueprint Define Business Blueprint Via Business Process Repository • Customer Business Process requirements, analysis, documentation and management / Scoping • Visualization of Standard Business Process by scenario description product documentation, demos, and transactions • Project-specific adaptation, for example, new Processes, documentation at each level (Requirements, print outs, reports, concepts),… • Generation of Blueprint Project Issue Management, Status Management SAP Feasiblity Check Wenceslao Lacaze
  9. 9. Definition - Business Blueprint Wenceslao Lacaze
  10. 10. Business Scenarios • Business Scenarios include various Business Process descriptions and guided configuration support for SAP Solutions • Advantages: • Business Scenarios are designed to help customers to reduce costs, to increase revenue, and to increase customer satisfaction • Business Scenarios are designed to support nested Business Processes in Sales, Service, and Marketing across various Interaction Channels Wenceslao Lacaze
  11. 11. Implementation Content Wenceslao Lacaze
  12. 12. Implementation Content– Component View Wenceslao Lacaze
  13. 13. Implementation Content– configuration View Wenceslao Lacaze
  14. 14. Realization Configuration • Configuration guides for Standard Business Scenarios • Configuration support per scoped structure element, for example, product documentation, IMG, non-ABAP configuration, BC Sets, and CATTs • Project documentation, for example, customizing,modification enhancements • Customizing Synchronization Testing Define and Maintain test cases, test catalog. Organize and perform testing Manage problems in Service Desk Wenceslao Lacaze
  15. 15. Roadmap in Detail Wenceslao Lacaze
  16. 16. Assignation - Realization • Configuration of process requirements, specified in the Business Blueprint • Automatic Assignment of customizing links and test cases. • Assignment of customer specific learning material Wenceslao Lacaze
  17. 17. Customizing Distribution - Realization • Ensures that Customizing of certain objects is in-sync across systems • Reuses Customizing in other systems. • Avoids redundant Customizing activities in a solution landscape Wenceslao Lacaze
  18. 18. Central Test coordination - Realization Test Management Test Execution Wenceslao Lacaze
  19. 19. Final Perparation Train End Users for SAP ERP • Web based end user trainig • 5 SAP Tutor recorder licenses Deliver SAP GoingLive Check for SAP ERP Handover to Support Organization Wenceslao Lacaze
  20. 20. E-Learning - Final Preparation Wenceslao Lacaze
  21. 21. SAP Safeguarding for Implementation Wenceslao Lacaze