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  1. 1. Introduction 2011
  2. 2. Background of LiveJournal‣  LiveJournal is the world’s first blogging and social networking site‣  Founded in California in 1999.‣  In 2007, LiveJournal was acquired by SUP Media, a Russia-based digital media company headquartered in both San Francisco and Moscow. ‣  SUP Fabrik is owned by Alexander Mamut (SUP Media Founder) and Kommersant Publishing House. ‣  SUP Media( runs Russia’s largest quality online content sites for news (, sports (, new cars (, and travel ( ‣  LiveJournal’s five largest audiences are in Russia, the US, Ukraine, the UK and Singapore.
  3. 3. New Singapore start page launching in August!‣ is the world’s first blogging and social networking site‣  LiveJournal has been rolling out customized country editions since 2007"‣ will be the Singapore- start page for all blogs and blogshop content from Singapore
  4. 4. Tickled Media heading roll out in Asia‣  Tickled Media was chosen as LiveJournal’s partner in SE Asia and India‣  Tickled Media is the agency behind theAsianparent - Singapore’s largest online parenting magazine, and - Singapore’s leading event guide for children‣  Tickled Media also creates and implements customized social media strategies for MNCs
  5. 5. to promote local shopping & blogs
  6. 6. has 12 main categoriesBeauty & fragrances Each with sub- categories like for e.g.Babies & toddlers Beauty & fragrances:"Celebs & star bloggers PerfumesCollectibles Make-up & cosmetics Skin care Electronics & mobiles Hair care Fashion & accessories Bath & body Nail care Food & drink Health & personal care Jewelry & watches Lingerie & erotica Toys & hobbies Weddings
  7. 7. One of Singapore’s largest websites‣  There are half a million registered LiveJournal blogs from Singapore‣  Around 1 million unique monthly ....... Singapore visitors‣  30 million monthly Singapore ............. pageviews‣  Yearly, organic growth of around ................ 20% ....................... ‣  LiveJournal is the 28th most used website in Singapore*. It has more users than sites like the Straits ........................... Times, JobStreet, InSing and Cozycot. Source:, June 30th 2011
  8. 8. Nearly 50m pageviews across SE Asia & IndiaCountry Pageviews Registered usersSingapore 30,000,000 500,000Philippines 8,000,000 200,000Indonesia 4,000,000 75,000Thailand 2,500,000 60,000India 1,800,000 125,000
  9. 9. Singaporean LiveJournal users are female‣  80% of Singapore users are females, aged 18 to 30.‣  They love shopping, beauty and lifestyle news…"‣  …or they are entrepreneurial women looking to supplement their income through a low risk and highly profitable venture – blog shopping. ‣  The LiveJournal brand in Singapore is synonymous with shopping on blogshops‣  LiveJournal is Singapore’s largest digital mall – set to flourish with the current e-commerce revolution in South-East AsiaSource: Omniture SiteCatalyst, LiveJournal web statistics.
  10. 10. A range of shopping related activitiesIn Singapore, LiveJournal users not only createblogs to chronicle their life adventures, they also: Create Blog Shops to sell products Shop Online to surf blog shops to pick up unique products Join Sprees to buy products at a discounted price Join Fleas to buy second-hand products Join special to connect with like-minded interest groups individuals
  11. 11. Catering to our existing female, shoppin-savvy audience With the new, you can: ‣  Find a Singapore-centric guide to the best blogs and blogshops ‣  See categories addressing female lifestyle topics ‣  Read blogs from selected Singapore celebrities! ‣  Discover a renewed form of citizen journalism! ‣  Shop around the clock! Sources: Omniture SiteCatalyst, LiveJournal web statistics.
  12. 12. Home Page of (1st level)
  13. 13. Main category sample of (2nd level)
  14. 14. Sub-category page sample of (3rd level)
  15. 15. Featured product detail page for
  16. 16. THANK YOU
  17. 17. Panelist biographiesRoshni Mahtani leapt into the media world as production Annelies van den Belt is the CEO of SUP Media. She hasassistant for Voiceovers Unlimited, an animation production worked in London and Moscow for most of her career. Annelieshouse. By 21, she became Singapore’s youngest production has extensive experience in managing commercial onlinemanager leading a team of 26. Pursuing a career in journalism, ventures having been the managing director of ITV Broadband,she wrote for a host of renowned magazines such as the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster, and previously run theComputerworld, Motherhood and Readers Digest. Ultimately, commercial online division of both the Times and then theher passion for kids and parenting led her to start Tickled Media Telegraph newspaper websites. Prior to these high profile Britishwhich operates web portals like theAsianparent and Kidlander media positions she worked as the publisher of The Moscowand provides social media consulting, targeting Fortune 500 Times and a number of other major Independent media titles.clients across South-East Asia.William Klippgen is a Norwegian investor and entrepreneur. Joelle Seah started out as an airlines industry executive inHaving co-founded Europe’s largest comparison shopping 2007 after graduating from NTU with a business degree. Out ofportal Kelkoo in 1997, he moved on to start two Singapore- a love for small businesses, she founded the LiveJouirnalbased investment vehicles; Tigris Capital and BAF Spectrum. blogshop Dressabelle in 2008, before joining an internatioanlAs seed investor in fast-growing, digital media companies in bank as management associate. In 2010 she realized that sheAsia, his portfolio includes, Mozat, most enjoys being an entrepreneur and is now, Progeniq and Synaptic Technologies. He is Dressabelle full-time. Currently, Dressabelle is a locallyalso Executive Director of Tickled Media Pte Ltd and heads the registered company with a following close to 10,000 members,digital product design group. and serves a selection of well-designed apparels with quirky details at affordable prices.Keith Tay graduated from NUS majoring in political scienceand in 2006 he, together with Angela Ang, co-founded MGP –the company behind the LiveJournal blogshopMyGlamourPlace. Angela left her job as an auditor withErnst&Young to focus full-time on their blogshop. They haveachieved an impressive average turnover of $20-30k permonth. MGP pioneered using studio photography for theirproduct shoots.
  18. 18. LiveJournal FAQBlogs are the core of LiveJournal – here anyone can express Fleas are sales in blogshops of second-hand goods.themselves, talking about anything. Singapore’s top fiveblogs all happen to be blogshops. LiveJournal is owned by an international digital media company based in Moscow and San Francisco, which hasBlogshops are blogs modified by their users to list six businesses including LiveJournal. LiveJournal is a rich,products, prices and information on how to order. Payment social media platform with a global following of more than 36is usually handled using PayPal or by direct transfer to a million monthly visitors (Omniture). Since its inception inSingapore bank account. 1999, LiveJournal has evolved from a journaling network intoTop Blogshops in Singapore include a vibrant, community-driven destination site. LiveJournal- users create and participate in tens of thousands of active- communities covering a broad range of interests, from acting- to zoology. LiveJournal hosts over 30 million international- accounts. For more information, please visit http://- Each of these blogshops have up to 200,000 monthlypageviews, equivalent to a decent stand-alone portal. Sprees are when a group of buyers join together to buy inCommunities are special interest groups where a number of bulk from an overseas merchant to share the cost ofmembers join in to share information on all kinds of topics. shipping (and sometimes get volume discounts as well).Top five Communities in Singapore include- Tickled Media & LiveJournal: Tickled Media is licensed to- develop LiveJournal as a product and its commercial- presence in South-East Asia and India. In the long term,- LiveJournal and Tickled Media are to create a joint venture- aiming to make LiveJournal the leading blogging platformsEach of these communities have traffic up to 500,000 in Asian territories.pageviews a month, a traffic any Singapore website would bevery proud of.