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  2. 2. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 2 OF 13 WHAT IS DAIGOU? Daigou or 代购dàigòu, literally means: buying on behalf of. It’s a channel of commerce between Chinese buyers and overseas merchants. In 2014 alone, the Daigou business was worth a whopping 75 billion yuan (US$ 12 billion). The large demand for the Daigou service is due to concern over unsafe products, especially food safety problems, and an unfamiliarity with Chinese business networks. 代购
  3. 3. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 3 OF 13 HOW DO YOU UTILISE DAIGOU? Daigou is utilised through Diagou agents, which are essentially shopping agents. Anyone who is based overseas, who shops for goods based on a customer’s shopping list, and who then ship the goods back to China can be considered a Daigou agent. HOW DOES THE DAIGOU WORK? Usually a Daigou agent will sell products through private social networks or their own eCommerce website. To reduce the risk, they will upload the product information before they start stocking the products. Once someone orders the products, they will then review their channels, seek out the products, and mail them directly back to China. A Daigou agent will also work on behalf of tourists. When traveling overseas, the Chinese might request a Daigou agent to assist in buying overseas products — either because it’s cheaper or just to make sure they are purchasing ‘authentic’ products. WHY DO THE CHINESE USE DAIGOU AGENTS? Chinese social media platforms have become an important driver of e-Commerce activity. Tencent’s WeChat and Sina Weibo allow shoppers and Daigou agents to connect easily. Daigou agents can advertise their goods through photos, while shoppers can seek immediate “buy/don’t buy” advice from their friends. Transactions are made easy with third party payment platform such as Wechat Wallet and Alipay, avoiding long-snaked bank queues and sharing sensitive bank account information. Some say that Daigou agents offer a win-win solution for both seller and shopper, while others argue that Daigou agents function as a kind of modern- day ‘smuggler’ because buying in this way avoids custom taxes. In spite of this debate, it’s clear that e-Commerce has had a big impact on Chinese shopping habits and opened channels for international merchants.
  4. 4. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 4 OF 13 WHY ARE DAIGOU AGENTS SO IMPORTANT? In Australia, a lot of people make living as Daigou agents. They might even make thousands of dollars per week if they are working full-time. It’s estimated that there are around 40,000 Daigou agents working on a daily basis in Australia. However, Daigou agents do more than sell products. They are actually key opinion leaders. As the primary influencers for the mainland market, they are your products’ sales consultants, which means they have the power to recommend you or not recommend you. Advertisement may help in terms of the brand awareness, however, most of the research says that word-of-mouth is the most important factor in converting a client from knowing about the brand to making a purchase. In fact, word-of-mouth accounts for over 75% of purchases in China. This means that Daigou is like a door to the China market. It also means that the websites of Daigou agents, as well as their social networks, are the most valuable kind of ‘shelf space’.
  5. 5. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 5 OF 13 WHY HAVE A DAIGOU CONFERENCE IN 2016? Local Daigou channels are not easily infiltrated. Daigou agents are particularly concerned about their time, the security of their margin, the ability to offer competitive prices, and business sustainability. eCommerce China likewise relies on a multi-faceted business experience. With this in mind, we’ve created a model that supports Diagou agents in a way that addresses these challenges by recommending the right products for their market at the right time. In this model, we are able to formalise the Daigou relationships, open Daigou channels, and establish Daigou resources in such a way that Australian brands receive ongoing support in the Chinese marketplace. The Daigou Conference 2016 is the first of its kind with a focus on adding value to the international retail community. In order to maximise each brand’s opportunity, we will only introduce 15 brands at each of the events. Also, because relationships are crucial in the Chinese market, we are careful to partner with the right brands in order to establish partnerships that will flourish long-term.
  6. 6. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 6 OF 13 DAIGOU CONFERENCE 2016 PLANNED EVENTS 1ST MAY — MELBOURNE Crown Conference Hall, 8 Whiteman St Southbank VIC 3006 800 attendees 30TH APRIL — SYDNEY Dockside Pavilion Convention Wharf Darling Harbour NSW 2000 2000 attendees
  7. 7. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 7 OF 13 WHO WILL ATTEND? • Individual Daigou agents • Daigou distributors • Wholesalers • Retailer operators • Platform operators FEATURES OF THE CONFERENCE • The first and only Chinese-speaking Daigou-focused conference • Conference theme will cover 70% of the Australian-Chinese market • Limited brand spots • Right timing (one month prior to the closure of the ‘Singles Day’ activity registration) • Pre- and post-event media exposure to support each brand’s story • Support for sponsors on sales generation as well as marketing strategies • The Daigou Conference will be recorded and uploaded to Chinese video channels with around one million page views expected • The conference news will be posted on Chinese media with exposure to over 100 media channels MEDIA COVERAGE • WeChat: 5 major WeChat channels + 20 WeChat platforms • Weibo: Weibo Australia + 20 Weibo Kols • Video: QQ • Editorial exposure: around 100 Chinese online media channels
  8. 8. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 8 OF 13 PROGRAM SYDNEY & MELBOURNE Time Activities Speaker 10:00 Entry 11:00 Opening speech eCommerce China 11:15 Daigou media launching Nanhai Group 11:25 Title sponsor speech Nature’s Own 12:00 Products presentation 1 Blackmores 12:15 Products presentation 2 Swisse (TBC) 12.30 Products presentation 3 12:45 Products presentation 4 13:00 Break 13.30 Service presentation 1 Australia Post (TBC) 13:45 Service presentation 2 KVB (TBC) 14:00 Service presentation 3 UCO 14:15 Service presentation 4 RedFly Communications 14:30 Break 15:00 Products presentation 5 UGG Australia (TBC) 15:15 Products presentation 6 15:30 Products presentation 7 15:45 Products presentation 8 16:00 End
  9. 9. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 9 OF 13 ABOUT ECOMMERCE CHINA eCommerce China was founded to solve four key challenges regularly faced by our corporate clients: How can I evaluate my return on investment in expanding the new market? How to access the Chinse Ecommerce market without any Chinese local presences? How can I maintain and protect the brand value while I extend into Chinese market? Which distribution channels should we select and where are they?
  10. 10. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 10 OF 13 WHAT ARE THE ECOMMERCE CHINA SERVICES? Service 1 Audit your brand (understanding your current brand performance): • Current online sales performance • Enquiries trend • SEO & SEM performance (on both eCommerce platforms & Baidu) • Consumer groups spectrum • Competitors’ performance analysis • Selling models and paths analysis • Products prioritised into different levels Service 2 Develop a customised Chinese marketing matrix • Consumer focus: We leverage customised CRM systems to manage our clients’ expectations, the purchasing cycle, traffic drive, service training, lead generation, and conversion to the page design — all in order to present the brand. • Channels: We work with multi channels to reach the best results, including social media, PR, eCommerce, Search, KOL, Paid AD, Offline, and wireless platform insights. • Campaigns: We use systemised pricing structures, manage creative and customised marketing campaigns, and exploit seasonal (i.e., Chinese New Year) opportunities within platforms (11/11 eCommerce Day) or on special pages.
  11. 11. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 11 OF 13 ECOMMERCE CHINA SERVICES CONTINUED... Service 3 Secure B2B direct sales across multi platforms • Proactively approach wholesale partners • Reach both Australian and Chinese distribution channels • Participate the online marketing campaigns • PR risk and price difference control • Brand message management Service 4 B2C platforms operation • Participate the online marketing campaigns • Manage all the Chinese B2C channels including Tmall/ Taobou,, Haitao, • Provide full support — from logistics to regulations and storage
  12. 12. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 12 OF 13 WHO’S WORKING FOR YOU IN ECOMMERCE CHINA? Livia Wang Managing Director Australia Livia Wang is an experienced Chinese marketing expert. She is the founder and CEO of Access CN, which is the premier professional Chinese marketing agency in Australia. She is currently consulting for David Jones, Westfield's Sydney, Sanofi, and Opera Australia, just to name a few. Warren Liu Managing Director China Warren Liu has been in the Chinese PR industry for over 20 years with his own well established communication company — Red Fly Communications. He has single-handedly built up a number of western brands from ‘zero to hero’ in a short period of time. He works with Penfolds and A2 from Day 1, and his agency is currently on retainer for Coca Cola and Johnny Walker. Zhiyong He COO Zhiyong He is one of the most talented and experienced Chinese eCommerce operators in the business, widely respected in the industry. He founded, the biggest Tmall cosmetic operator, which currently provides service to Estee Lauder, CLINIQUE, CLARINS, and many others. He also created a software company to develop the CRM system behind Tmall. Currently, over 80% of the Tmall operators use his products. He is also a teacher at Taobou University.
  13. 13. Daigou Conference 2016 PAGE 13 OF 13 SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Sponsorship Value of the program Availability Name Sponsor • 20 hours Chinese marketing and PR consultation • Gift Bags insertion (3000 Gift Bags) • Brands logos exposure (500K impressions) • 4 elite stand spaces • 10 major Daigou business matching arrangements • Video, press release, banners on Chinese media for both brands. (value $50,000) • Presence on the Weibo event topics • 3 WeChat editorial stories (value $24,000) • 10 weeks post-event Daigou databases • eNews letters (value $20,000) • Industry products exclusivity • Daigou media platform package (value $20,000) Sold Out Platinum Sponsors (Sydney & Melbourne) $50,000 12 positions • 10 mins presentation in both Sydney and Melbourne • Gift Bags insertion (3000 Gift Bags) • 1 premium stand • Logo presenting • Media coverage before event • USB profile materials insertion (3000 USBs) • Daigou media platform package (value $15,000) 6 Positions left Golden Sponsors (Sydney only) $10,000 16 positions • 1 regular stand • Logo presenting • Media coverage before event • Daigou media platform package (value $10,000) 8 Positions left