Congresso sm keynote -marshall sponder oct 30th 2013


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This is a presentation on how to leverage technologies for predictive analytics and Big Data effectiveness.

Congresso sm keynote -marshall sponder oct 30th 2013

  1. 1. How Business can predict and stay ahead of Rapid Changes leveraging Social Data Marshall Sponder, Bogota, 10/30/13
  2. 2. How Business can predict and stay ahead of Rapid Changes leveraging Social Data Marshall Sponder, Bogota, 10/30/13
  3. 3. About WebMetricsGuru INC.
  4. 4. Gartner's 2013 Emerging Technologies hype cycle shows what is hyped vs. realistic expectations
  5. 5. Predictive personalization is defined as the ability to predict customer behavior, needs or wants and tailor offers and communications very precisely. - Seth Gottlieb
  6. 6. How likely will a brand's offer resonate across social media channels?
  7. 7. Micro-content by its very nature is rarely visited….. increasing the likelihood that these individuals will be equally receptive. - Tom Phillips
  8. 8. Which customers are mostly likely to abandon your brand for a competitor?
  9. 9. At the core of a recommendation engine is predictive modeling. This identifies and mathematically represents underlying relationships in historical data in order to explain the data and make predictions or classifications about future events.
  10. 10. What determines which customers are likely to abandon your brand for a competitor?
  11. 11. All social efforts must flow from an authentic sense of purpose, not bogus boilerplate. Core values cannot be faked, at least not indefinitely.
  12. 12. How is the investment in Big Data Working out by Regions of the World?
  13. 13. Which regions have benefited the most from “Big Data” initiatives?
  14. 14. Which Industries have benefited the most from “Big Data” initiatives?
  15. 15. Social media “genotypes (behavioral markers) can be employed to predict a user’s future actions (on Twitter). Every person has a fixed set of interests, called their socialmedia genotype, which determines their pattern of behavior on networks such as Twitter. Once these genotypes have been discovered, they can be used to predict an individual’s future behavior. Petko Bogdanov, University of California) Source -
  16. 16. Ask the Right Questions to obtain the Best Data 1. Use analytics to identify valuable opportunities 2. Map the consumer decision journey 3. Invest in an automated algorithmic marketing
  17. 17. Understand Your Target Audience Before Investing In Marketing Campaigns
  18. 18. Identifying Data we can use to build models supporting automation
  19. 19. Who will purchase your product in the future, how much will they be wiling to spend on it?
  20. 20. Big Data has been used to inform mechanizing and store placement decisions as well as monitor social media for local comments of customers of a particular store location.
  21. 21. Types of Remarketing
  22. 22. Non Linear Travel purchasing journeys Omni-Channel customer journey in travel industry, IBM
  23. 23. Mapping the Customer Journey should provide context for your Brand customers
  24. 24. Once you determine your audience you still need to understand how to reach them text
  25. 25. Mapping Customer Touch points in a 2D or 3D Metrix helps to define where a customer is in the Journey (with the right questions and analysis).
  26. 26. Maturity Models help inform Brands on Analytics “Next Steps” they should/could take
  27. 27. Internet of Things becomes Everything Source: Cisco Ascendancy of single devices handling all our data needs while providing better data for analytics and ROI - smartphones/wearable computers containing CPU, storage, and wireless connectivity "core" of the user experience.
  28. 28. Proliferation of wearable technology can provide new ways for Brands to reach their audiences, find new audiences. However, new Query languages will need to evolve to fully leverage the technology opportunity
  29. 29. Useful Social Data is easier to capture and more abundant in some industries than others US Data
  30. 30. Within Industry Uses Cases further defines what Analytics are needed
  31. 31. We need a certain “Numbersense” in looking at data - There are several predictions about Cable TV’s demise, and the data collected suggests as much … but
  32. 32. Is Cable TV dying? It Depends … With services like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Google Play and more it would appear that there is absolutely no reason to view content on someone else's timetable.
  33. 33. There are other interpretations suggesting Cable TV Isn't Going Anywhere Perhaps Cable TV is here to stay until someone figures out how to break the bundled programming model.
  34. 34. Personalizing Audience Targeting needs a touch point framework to be the most actionable
  35. 35. Nine Upcoming Predictions
  36. 36. 1. Bogotá will Become South America's Premier Tech Hub and remain so through 2020 Whatever the future is for cities, one thing is certain -- successful cities will be defined by their ability to attract tech companies.
  37. 37. 2. Digital ROI attainable within 2 years due to Rise Of "Real World Analytics” which is mobile driven This new world of cross-device tracking and offline analytics promises to disrupt and change the way that marketers think about attribution.
  38. 38. 3. Gartner: Get Ready for the roaring 2020's 'Digital Industrial Economy' Peter Sondergaard (above), Gartner SVP and head of research, opening the annual Gartner Symposium. We are entering a new digital industry economy where everyone will be a technology company
  39. 39. 4.Half of U.S. Workers Could Be replaced by Computers NOW (2/3 by 2040) A recent study out of Oxford University found that almost half of U.S. jobs are vulnerable to being taken over by computers as artificial intelligence continues to improve. The study, based on 702 detailed job listings, found that computers could already replace many workers in transportation and logistics, production labor and administrative support.
  40. 40. 5. Predicting is the new black
  41. 41. 6. Many of the predictions made on Big Data will be wrong
  42. 42. 7. Viral Marketing is finally understood and leveraged Four Viral Campaigns mapped by
  43. 43. 8. Encoding Sentiment will provide an objective way to describe content ...
  44. 44. 9. Analytics Encoding of Emotion will be automated within 2 years ...
  45. 45. 10. Marketing Frameworks will finally be formalized and adopted
  46. 46. Bonus: Rutgers University and Unruly launching Viral Media Course launching by January 2014 covering all that we know about Viral Media - how to create and track it. Contact me at @WebMetricsGuru or for the details about when the course will formally launch.
  47. 47. Thank You!
  48. 48. ¡Gracias!