Merging Geo Social Data & web analytics at the Metropolitan Museum of ART


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Using public data and platforms such as Geofeedia (to mine the public Instagram and Twitter postings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), together with StatSocial (a tool for Twitter Follower Analysis) I was able to come up with a very unique approach to Analytics and Storytelling for the MET.

As I'm a sustaining member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I really love the museum, its my favorite place, and also a place of RESEARCH.

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Merging Geo Social Data & web analytics at the Metropolitan Museum of ART

  1. 1. Combining Geo-Social Data & Web Analytics to Identify New Marketing Opportunities at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Marshall Sponder Lecturer -Zicklin School of Business Baruch College November 6th, 2014 Social & Digital Analytics Innovation -Miami
  2. 2. Some of what we offer at the Digital Marketing @Zicklin School of Business Courses Include: •Web Analytics (Adobe & Google Analytics) •Audience Analytics (Comscore) •Programmatic (MediaMath)/trading desk •Social Media Analytics •Viral Media Analytics •SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, etc.
  3. 3. 3 Objectives •Increase IN-PERSON ENGAGEMENT and MEMBERSHIP at the MET using Geo-Social Data and Web Analytics. •Access the ONLINE PRESENCE of non-profit arts organizations of the MET. •Discover and amplify stories that drive audiences to attend.
  4. 4. Note: Met Museum Study uses publically available data accessible to anyone
  5. 5. Studied 11 months of GeoSocial Data at THE MET
  6. 6. Examine Twitter and Facebook accounts connected to specific audiences at the MET (in a specific location like The Met) for a high score on the Big 5 “Openness” Attitude, to determine individuals who are more likely to be receptive to particular marketing messages and offers from a Brand/Artist/NPO. This can be combined with Art liked (i.e.: selfies with Art)
  7. 7. There’s at least 50 selfies a Day taken at the MET and most likely we could find 400 Selfies a week (x52), over 21000 a year to analyze.
  8. 8. One Direction: Examine Selfie Behavior in terms of Personality and choice of Art [look for “openness”]
  9. 9. A Sample of Research at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – November 14th2013 –October 21st, 2014(unless otherwise noted) Credit: 10.17 #nyc #themet | @metmuseum
  10. 10. Analyst Insight –its all about how the audience engages with the remnants of the past The “real art” in the museum is “discovered” and comes alive, when the Audience interacts with it, and with each other.
  11. 11. Discovered 16 persistent “stories” that happen at The MET Stories1-8 1. Temple of Dendur: Family interconnection, picnic area 2. Rooftop Bar:Feeling more comfortable in Intellectual Environments 3. MoreCafes: Cafes are driving more visitors, esp. to the interior of the MET 4. Rembrandt and Vermeer: Popular Icons 5. Children’s Access: Forwide reaching Youngsters in the classroom 6. Greek/Roman Wing: Visitorsdisplay tactile play with fountain and possibly take (or leave) a coin 7. Astor Court:Meditate, Contemplate and see fish in pod. 8. Greek Wing: Visitors “incidentally” mockphallus
  12. 12. Stories 9-16 9. Come to the MET onFriday & Saturday nights: to be seen dressed for sexual notoriety / dating 10. Upper EastSide Intellectuals & Dilettantes: They come to every Special Exhibit. 11. Name Recognition: Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Renoir 12. The Stairs: “Gossip Girls -XOXO”, perhapsother T.V. shows such as “Girls” 13. FashionShows: (at intervals) –mostly when these shows are active, other wise, not. 14. Foreign Visitation: How manyvisitors from foreign countries. 15. School-BasedObligatory visits 16. Selfie Behavior *(next to art, and in bathrooms) Discovered 16 persistent “stories” that happen at The MET
  13. 13. Astor Court, 168, 0% More Café's, 2281, 2% Temple of Dendur, 2634, 2% MET on Friday/Sat night/ Dating, 2772, 3% The Stairs (Gossip Girl), 3861, 3% Greek and Roman Wing (fountain and Phallus), 4100, 4% School based obligatory visits, 4400, 4% Selfies (including Bathroom Selfies), 4400, 4% Foreign Visitation , 11900, 11% Fashion Shows , 16500, 15% Rooftop Bar, 25975, 24% Other, 29144, 27% * Based on multiplier of 6.3 applied to the actual number of captured posts in Geofeedia. Estimated* Story Volume at the Metropolitan Museum over 330 days
  14. 14. How often do visitors come to The Met? There is only 265 accounts that visited The Met more than 5 times over the last year. Most of the top 50 accounts were museum employees, partners or tour guides. One Visit86% Two to 5 Visits14% Six to 10 Visits0% Ten to 20 Visits0% More than 20 Visits One Visit Two to 5 Visits Six to 10 Visits Ten to 20 Visits More than 20 Visits Analysis based on the 56,139 accounts captured. Some people posted on multiple accounts a single visit.
  15. 15. Who are the real audience(s) The Met has, or ought to develop? Visit Number Visitors Percent ActualNumbers (EST) Notes One Visit 46643 86.10% 4,600,000 Mostlytourists, perhaps school tours, etc. Two to 5 Visits 7246 13.38% 725,000 Real Audience to go after Six to 10 Visits 176 0.32% 17,600 Regulars, possiblymembers Ten to 20 Visits 67 0.12% 6,700 Regulars, possibly members More than 20 Visits 22 0.04% 220 Employees and partners Note: Many frequent visitors may not be MEMBERS, they will get their visit count inflated in The MET’s actual attendance numbers.
  16. 16. Channels Detected @themet via Geofeedia 7729 47946 375 77 12 Twitter Instagram Flickr Picasa YouTube 14382 91705 4372 200 35 Twitter Instagram Flickr Picasa YouTube Accounts Captured Verbatim Captured
  17. 17. Selected Theme Explorations @The MET
  18. 18. 1. Temple of Dendur: Family interconnection, picnic area
  19. 19. 1. Temple of DendurMetrics
  20. 20. Temple of Dendur (location basedwithout keyword “Dendur” has 6x the verbatim) – Keyword Search is limiting!!!!
  21. 21. 2. Rooftop Bar: Feeling more comfortable in Intellectual Environments
  22. 22. 2. Rooftop Bar Metrics (sample 9-1-14 / 10-18/14 –11 months is too hard to parse in Geofeedia without API processing): NOTE: Rooftop Garden Café is open May-October, only. Note: estimate over 25,000 Verbatim was posted from the Rooftop mostly from May till now.
  23. 23. 3. More Cafes: MET DINING ROOM (~27+ verbatim over 11 months –less than .04% TV)Cafes are driving more visitors, esp. to the interior of the MET
  24. 24. 4. Rembrandt and Vermeer: Metrics
  25. 25. 5. Children’s Access: Reaching Youngsters in the classroom
  26. 26. 6. Greek/Roman Wing: Visitors display tactile play & with fountain and possibly take (or leave) a coin
  27. 27. 6. Greek/Roman Wing: Visitors display tactile & play with fountain and possibly take (or leave) a coin
  28. 28. 6-8. Greek/Roman Wing: Visitors “incidentally” mock phallus
  29. 29. 6. Greek/Roman WingMetrics (6/1/14 –10/17/14)
  30. 30. 12. Gossip Girl, XOXO on the Steps of the Metropolitan Museum is a homage to the original series which took place in locations nearby the MET
  31. 31. 16. Selfie Behavior (next to art, and in bathrooms)
  32. 32. 16. Bathroom Selfie Behavior
  33. 33. Psychographics of Frequent Met Museum Attendees –Twitter Affinities via @Statsocial Age/Gender Combined Frequent return visitors are much more likely to be female. The educational background is mixed
  34. 34. Unusual Affinities of Frequent MET Museum Goers (perhaps non members displaying Membership Behaviors)
  35. 35. Unusual Affinities of Frequent MET Museum Goers (perhaps non members displaying Membership Behaviors) What is this “frequent MET museum goer NOT INTERSTED IN? They are not into “Technology”, Politics or Sports, for the most part. Also, they don’t have a lot of extra income, despite appearances suggesting otherwise.
  36. 36. Acting on the Data Stories at the METROPOLITIAN MUSEUM 1. Have regular music events (place making) taking place at 4-6 PM in Temple of Dendur –invite people to come witness the light, use the MET APP to help with this.. 2. The Rooftop Café Bar is so popular it makes sense to keep it open year round, and put bubble enclosures on the top,so be can come sun themselves over the winter blues. 3. Cafes drive more people deeper in to the museum, where they have occasion to stay longer –but what if The MET partnered with “Starbucks” of Wolfgang Puck to create a special drink or meal that only people could have when they attended to the Museum? Or perhaps, to get the MET to be more present in people’s lives, they could have a frozen version (with a picture of Art at the MET) and people who want that food at home, can buy it and imagine being at the MET – say while eating a special desert, etc.
  37. 37. Acting on the Data Stories at the METROPOLITIAN MUSEUM 4. Since Selfies are so popular these days, why not invite visitors to “friend” a work of Art at The MET and post to a hashtag –the most popular gets a free gift 5. The MET has done much to make itself more accessible to students, but has yet to create online courses (as MOMA did) which help keep the Museum in top of mind, even when someone can’t come. 6. The MET is also a great place to have a DATE –not only could they promote that, but they could also be a “matchmaker” as well. 7. People come to the MET just to sit on the steps and remember “Gossip Girl”. The MET should celebrate that by dedicating a step to “XOXO” and creating more special places in the MET people can explore (perhaps using the APP) 8. As visitors are already taking pictures of themselves in bathrooms at the MET, why not give them a way to pose against a frame or picture of Art in the Collection?
  38. 38. Additional things the MET could do to increase engagement with the Art within the museum. 1.Study the Brand Affinities of frequent attendees to better understand the programming and events that would be effective in driving more engagement. Possibly build “look alike audiences” based on the Twitter and Instagram frequent attendees we captured in Geofeedia over the last year. 2.Enhance the MET Museum App with iBeacon, wire the museum with iBeacons and create programming that can interact with the app and engage the visitor. 3.Install Presence Analytics over Met Museum Wi-Fi to connect virtual and physical visitor identify. Offer coupons and other real time offers to users of the Met Museum App as they transverse the museum. Possibly run games and various “hunts” that better engage users as well as helping them learn more about the Art.
  39. 39. Questions? Thank You! •Marshall Sponder, @webmetricsguru •Lecturer -Zicklin School of Business •Baruch College • •
  40. 40. Additional Thanks goes to…. •THE MET –and my own time spent there studying the museum audience. •Dr. Curtis Reisinger –Chief Psychologist –Long Island College Jewish Hospital •Karthik Sridhar –PHD and Colleague at Zicklin School of Business •Jeanette Vuocolo –Program Manager –Chamber Music America •Guy Madison –VP at •Joann Lefebvre –Partner and coach •David Luna –Department Chair –Marketing and International Business at Zicklin School of Business •Peter Mello –Program Director, •Tim Blankenship –Marketing Manager – •Alex Kates, GRX •The great folks at Geofeedia.comfor providing their exceptional platform for Geolocation. •Alan Barnett –Adjunct Lecturer, Zicklin School of Business •Additional help and feedback from my MKT -4093 and MKT 4555 students at Zicklin School of Business, who also contributed some work to this deck