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A collection of ideas generated from the first Glasgow workshop

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  1. 1. Meet the Davidson family Dad has been diagnosed with Lupus and Mum has had The family find it hard to talk to each other. depression for 5 years. Dad is now showing signs of depression since being diagnosed Everyone is walking on egg shells The local shop keeper tells Mrs Davidson She gets a leaflet from her local pharmacy and discovers She phones up and reaches Tony. He asks about her about the Communication Master Class there are a wide range of classes available: generic/ family and reccomends she come along to the beginner symptom specific class with her husband
  2. 2. After having a stroke, Joe is home alone feel- He sees an advert ‘Call if you need a friend’ on his milk He calls the number and talks to a man called carton ing isolated and sad Lewis about his stroke and how he is feeling They send him a postcard that he fills in about A buddy called David come to his door Together the visit the shops and plan other activities. his hobbies and places he likes to go David helps to grow Joe’s self confidence
  3. 3. Harry spots a billboard that catches his Harry decides to investigate. He asks at his Time Capital is a new and exciting way for people with local library and they find him the website long term conditions to come together to help others attention and help themselves at the same time He makes a profile on the site explaining he has short Harry gets an email to tell him there is a ‘meet up# in He gains 20 credits which are logged to his account, term memory problems but loves gardening his area. He goes to help take Mrs Foster to the garden allowing him to use these at any time centre in his car
  4. 4. Julies’ friends are finding it hard to understand She sees an advert for ‘myperfectfriend’ on Adam’s mum has the same condition as Julie her condition bebo They have skype chats most nights, sometimes Adam helps Julie deal with the way her friends Adam sends Julie words of encouragement during the day they video call react on her blackberry using the Myperfectfriend application
  5. 5. Kate is in the waiting room at her GP surgery Jump on the People Highway... Kate decides Kate gets a pack of ‘profile’ cards with information on when the receptionist asks if she would like there is nothing to lose and says Yes! lots of different people on the ‘highway’ to... Kate logs onto their Facebook page and finds Susie Susie comes to a gig with Kate and her friend Emma. Kate and Susie email occasionally but Emma often seeks who has a different condition from her but similar They meet lots of new people and talk about their Susie’s help about how she can best support Kate when symptoms. They start emailing... journeys certain things happen