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networking presentation by gregdurocher cambridge chamber of commerce

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  1. 1. Are You NETworking? OR NOTworking?
  2. 2. Networking is like broccoli…you may not like broccoli…but deep down you’ve always known it was good for you. So is Networking!
  3. 3. The great news is; those who already network good, can do it even better, those who don’t, can learn the skills of positive networking and become good at it too!
  4. 4. You’re not just making contacts, you are building a reputation
  5. 5. People do business with people they know, LIKE and TRUST!
  6. 6. In Networking you want to meet enough Frogs, to be known as “The Frog About The Pond”. And turn some of those Frogs into business contacts of princely proportions.
  7. 7. A TRUE Networking Story The Frog, The Prince and The Toad
  8. 8. “And So Our Story Begins” Once upon a time there was a Princess, and she was a wonderfully beautiful Princess and all she wanted was a Prince to love her. Well many came and went and she never found one that truly loved her. One day her fairy Godmother came to her and said “Lily, there is a frog in the pond who is actually a Prince when you kiss him, he will turn into the Prince who will love you beyond your wildest dreams, the one who will make and keep you happy forever”. Lily looked at her and said, ”ok, but how will I know which frog is the one magic frog that will change my life forever?”, Lizzy said “Lily, you will have to kiss all the Frogs and find him yourself.”
  9. 9. The Frog “The Royals” (Princes and princesses of Chain… networking) “The Tree Frogs” ( Usually Good Networkers) “The Chorus Frogs” ( Practicing the art of ribbiting) “Just Frogs” (Decide not to come out of the weeds and Participate) “The Toads” (A frog who moved DOWN the Frog Chain)
  10. 10. “Great rewards can flow from positive networking and only some of them are about money and success” Thomas J, Donohue President and CEO United States Chamber of Commerce.
  11. 11. The Power Defined.. “Once upon a time there was a confident northern cricket frog named Ned. He thought he was the life of the lily pond. Actually he though he was a real prince. He would leap from lily pad to lily pad, collecting business cards from everyone and emailing them the very next day. Ned prided himself on the fact that he could break into any conversation. In his little green brain he was always thinking “What can you do for me?” Ned got it wrong. He was not a positive Networker. Instead, Ned was “Alota Networker” Alota Networker does not a good networker make.
  12. 12. The most powerful secret of positive networking is: “Discovering what you can do for someone else”
  13. 13. “Doing something for someone else is the affirmation of what YOU naturally know to be right”
  14. 14. Welcome to the World of “Positive Networking”
  15. 15. All you have to do is follow the “Network Dance” N.E.T.W.O.R.K. So.. Let’s Dance The Seven Secrets To Positive Networking
  16. 16. N Never Leave Home Without Them
  17. 17. “Jeremiah Was A Networking Bullfrog” Once Upon a time, Jeremiah, a middle management bullfrog, received an email from his Boss, Freddie Flycatcher, who requested his attendance at a business reception with him at the Insect Inn. Jeremiah was thrilled; this was his chance to impress his boss with his networking skills. At the event, Jeremiah steered clear of the swamp water and Garlic Flies just to be sure, and spent his time meeting as many other Frogs as he could. And he was doing just great, Freddie his boss, spotted him and said come over here to meet a very important contact, Marsha, I’d like you to meet Jeremiah, he is our top web ware salesman, Jeremiah, give Marsha your card, Jeremiah reached into his pocket and CAME UP? EMPTY
  18. 18. “Never Leave Home Without Them” 1 – I am sorry, I forgot my cards 2 – I could kick myself, they are on my desk 3 – Gee, I thought I brought some, they must be in here somewhere.
  19. 19. Any card is better than no card…. Networking events are NOT “Card Free Zones” “I don’t know why, I just don’t think about bringing them” “It feels pushy, like a sell job” “Its kind of tacky”
  20. 20. ”Low Network Shepa” Giving out your business card serves one purpose letting people know who you are, it is that simple keep it simple….make sure they fit into the pack your business card should pass the “Cross-Cultural Test”.
  21. 21. SUMMARY – “Never Leave Home Without Them” Have a minimum of 10 cards at all times…and I MEAN ALL TIMES….. You can never carry too many cards, only too few Introduce yourself by name, and give them your card If you don’t have a card…boy do you really need one Go ahead, make your card memorable, but easy to read…we are all getting older to the Business Card Eye Test Add a QR code If your doing business in another country…do the “Cross-Cultural Test” Who’s it all about?
  22. 22. E Establish, Extend, Exchange, Engage
  23. 23. “Leap Frog” “Once upon a time Emeril and Olive Hopper were invited to an important business dinner, Olive was top Frog CEO of one of the leading environmental engineering companies in the western wetlands. Emeril, an affable Pobblebonk Frog, was her husband. He knew the host, Mr Newt, was having some serious “Green” issues with his drilling company. Emeril thought a new safety product, developed by Olive’s company would end the Greenpeace Boycott of Mr. Newt’s company. Emeril took Olive over to greet Mr. Newt and before Emeril could introduce Olive properly, Mr Newt absentmindedly shook her hand, while beginning to speak to the person beside her. Olive knew exactly where Mr. Newt fit in the Frog Chain, and it wasn’t “Prince”. Although it may have been a coincidence, Olive entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Mr. Newt’s competition.”
  25. 25. Acknowledge a card when you get it Make sure the card you hand out is yours??? Ever had total eclipse of the brain???? Fess up! Total eclipse’s of the brain happen to all of us, your in good company. Try, when meeting them to use their name three times in conversation with them
  26. 26. SUMMARY – “Establish, Extend, Exchange, Engage” Establish eye contact and smile – be focused Be the first to extend your hand – develop firm handshake Be the first to give out a card – give cards to everyone in the group – if people don’t give you one, ask for one – be respectful and read the card – keep cards you get separate from you own Use a persons name throughout the conversation – wear nametags as high as possible and on the right hand side – it is ok to ribbit out a weather or sports report to get a conversation going.
  27. 27. T Travel In Pairs
  28. 28. “A Very Green Tag Team” “Once upon a time, there was an up and coming accountant frog named Polly, who worked for McFly & Young. She was on the fast track to partner. She and her Fiancée’, Bob Wogg, went to her firms annual Christmas Party. Polly had butterflies in her stomach just looking out on that croaking sea of green. Polly took Bob’s hand and moved into the chorus of Frogs. One of the Partners at her firm came up to greet them enthusiastically. Polly panicked because she was drawing a total blank on his name. Bob stood patiently waiting for Polly to introduce him. Then Bob went and made things worse by saying, Honey, why don’t you introduce me to your colleague? Polly was mortified. Actually she almost croaked.
  29. 29. Travel in pairs, just like the FBI, they know the value of good back up. Tag-teammates introduce you to people you don’t know but they do, they get their network working for you too. Tag-teammates can help you when you forget someone’s name. Tag-teammates help one another and keep an eye out . If one is trapped in a conversation or left high and dry, the other can come to their aid. Tag-teammates can sing your praises much better than you can. Its’ hard for you to launch into a story about yourself.
  30. 30. SUMMARY – “Travel In Pairs” When the invitation says “Guest” take your tag-teammate. OH REMEMBER to RSVP for them too. Fill them in on the rules of tag-teaming If your teammate doesn’t introduce someone to you immediately, use the “Step-forward Rescue” , stick out your hand and introduce yourself Don’t be afraid to sing your teammates praises, even if its volunteer work, or awards, make sure you gloat for them Use your teammates name in conversation, this ensures everyone remembers their name. Keep an eye on each other, incase of entrapment. Don’t forget your there to meet people and expand the pond in which you serve.
  31. 31. W Working The Pond – Positively
  32. 32. Speaking of Pond’s “Once upon a time there was a shy but very bright Western Tree Frog named Franklin A. Borealis. He was definitely “Prince” material, but first he had to overcome some serious roadblocks. Just thinking about networking got Franklin jumpy. So, he decided to join a fraternal association, the LOFLFM – Leaping Order For Frogs-Legs-Free-Menus, in hope of meeting some like-minded Amphibians. He thought this would make for a softer landing in the networking pond. It didn’t take long for Franklin to start feeling more comfortable. He joined a committee lobbying fancy French restaurants to start serving chicken wings, and he even started introducing guest speakers. Soon Franklin was ready to branch out to bigger, scarier ponds. He encouraged other fraternity brothers to test the waters with him. Soon he had his own chorus of frogs who he saw at events. Franklin no longer felt like a Flyweight.
  33. 33. To build a network, you have to meet a lot of new frogs. “Working the Pond” doesn’t necessarily mean strong-arming people into talking to you, Learning how to circulate amongst your fellow Frogs is a subtle skill; its not a canon ball splash into the middle of the POND! Chatting with a few fellow amphibians, enjoying the free drinks and snacks, just doesn’t cut it. THIS IS SOCIALIZING, NOT NETWORKING.
  34. 34. There are three circles in the POND Acquaintances Extended Circle Close Circle
  35. 35. The BIG SWEAT? •YOU NEED TO BELIEVE KNOWING YOU and conversing with you is valuable •Folks, it is important to meet, greet, and work the pond continuously •Accept the INEVITABLE. Darcy Rezacs Networking Rule No. 7 “Get over it and move on”…..
  36. 36. • “Greeting Position” • Give them the attention they deserve • Is the effort worthwhile? You bet it is
  37. 37. SUMMARY – “Working The Pond” When you enter a room of strangers, stop and take your time, look around for the best opportunities; friendly groups, wallflowers and or acquaintances. You will probably experience rejection, when in Toad Country, remember Rule #7 “Get over it and move on”. The front of the room is the place to meet people or start a group. Avoid Siberia Approach working the pond by thinking about what you can do for someone else.
  38. 38. O Opportunity is Everywhere
  39. 39. Opportunity is Everywhere “Once upon a time, there was a young doctor frog named Ralph Rani. He was a dermatologist and was attending his first large medical conference. He wanted to make a big splash amongst his peers and the more experienced frogologists. At the end of the session entitled “Results of Clinical Trials on Wart Removers”, Dr. Ralph stood up and asked a question. He thought that his was his opportunity to let everyone in the room know that he was an expert on the subject. Puffing himself up, he prefaced his question with much croaking and ribbiting. When he finally got to his question, he made it a three part question, the rest of the frog docs just rolled their big bug eyes. They were no longer interested in the wart removal trials; they just wanted something that would remove Dr. Ralph”
  40. 40. HUNDREDS OF OPPORTUNITIES EACH YEAR VOLUNTEER” yourself, and watch the dividends come in SPEAK UP. You can’t judge a book by its cover You never know who you’ll meet “REMEMBER THE LEVEL” EVEN THE PRINCE’S AND PRINCESSES WERE FROGS AT ONE TIME
  41. 41. SUMMARY – “Opportunity Is Everywhere” Join organizations and participate in them Become an associate member of organizations in your industry (associates are usually more cost effective, or as my wife would say, cheaper) Give something back to your community by getting involved. Trust me you will get more back than you give every time. Give your expertise away FREE. Anytime you can be a guest speaker, TAKE IT Use your judgment on plane’s trains and automobiles, introduce yourself, but respect others privacy. Keep an open mind, and network up, down and at the same level, REMEMBER YOUR LEVEL.
  42. 42. R Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
  43. 43. “Being There” “Once upon a time, a keen green chorus Frog named Tad Pole attended his monthly Chamber of Commerce Amphibian’s Night. Tad was a regular at this networking pond and others. At the event, an ornate horned Frog named Emerald drew him to one side and said, "Tad”, don‘t you know if you kiss too many Frogs you will get warts?" So concerned was Tad, he went to see his doctor the next day. "Doc, is it true if I kiss too many Frogs I will get warts?” He asked. “No Tad, it is not true, “ replied the Doctor. “What will I get then?” Asked Tad, still concerned. “Nothing just tired, and a lot of good contacts” Replied the wise old Doctor.
  44. 44. “BEING THERE” By being there, great networkers develop good reputations and are well respected. set a goal of going to 3 networking type events each month Make seven contacts per event End of the year you will have 252 contacts In 3 years you will have 756 new contacts “The incredible shrinking world”
  45. 45. Good networkers are seekers and purveyors of knowledge Learning is NOT compulsory……but neither is survival
  46. 46. SUMMARY – “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat” Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, the more networking you do, the better you get at it, the better you get at it, the more positive the results. Great networkers work on building relationships and are known for being there. They make it part of their everyday life, and develop a reputation for reliability. Keep track of the events, and number of contacts you make, lets make sure we build on that network at every opportunity. SET GOALS of events and contacts. Just being there isn’t enough, remember, you need to exchange information, read the newspaper, surf the net, be entertaining and informative.
  47. 47. K Keep It Going
  48. 48. “Frog-Ot” Once upon a time, in the town of Greensboro, lived an eastern Banjo Frog named Joey. He was getting ready for his first Rotary Meeting after a summer at the family pond in the smoky mountains. He felt the chill of winter coming on so he put on his nice “weed” jacket. Joey put his hand in his pocket and found a big wad of business cards that he had collected at the networking event last winter, at the Lily Pad Inn. Overcome with reptilian regret, he realized that he had just “Frog-ot” to call some of these Frogs, he’d even promised to send an article to one of them. He wondered if he’d bump into any of them at the event tonight. Would they remember that he wasn’t a Frog of his word?
  49. 49. Networking is a contact sport Email connects us to the World When communicating by email consider: Be succinct and targeted; stay to a single subject with each email. Many people will not open attachments from strangers. Never send photos or other large attachments unless you know the recipient will accept them and BETTER want them.
  50. 50. Tips Cont’d Photo’s should be reduced in size to 640X480 Pixels and compressed to 150kb “SEND” is forever, try and correct spelling, and grammar. Don’t forward unless you know they are wanted. What may be funny to you, may not be to the recipient. Don’t send anything you would want to see on the front page of the Record with your name attached to it. AND sometimes you will need to break the cycle of send / reply and pick up the phone.
  51. 51. SUMMARY – “Keep It Going” To be a good networker, you need to be good at followup Follow-up is all about discovering what you can do for someone else and doing it, that’s how you develop long and valuable relationships You need to learn something about people before you can discover what you can do for them. Ask questions, check the web, and talk with others. Networking is a contact sport. You need face to face contact on a regular basis to build connections
  52. 52. What’s Your Excuse?
  53. 53. The Bumblebee is aerodynamically incapable of flight, their ratio of body weight to wingspan is disproportionate. Therefore the bumblebee can’t fly YET…. The Bumblebee FLY’S?
  54. 54. Bumblebee’s CAN Fly…..Why? It is the most efficient way to gather nectar
  55. 55. Gathering Nectar... What does our Nectar do for us? Makes Us Money, Not Honey
  56. 56. “The End of The Beginning” “Prepare yourself everyday, read, ask questions, listen, the voyage of discovery never ends. Always be aware of the Network and it’s reach; it is always on, understand that Positive Networking flows from the secrets and steps of the Network Dance, therefore, practice, practice, practice. Finally, participate and be a contributor. In time, you, and those you touch will experience the magic of the random and unexpected good things that will come from Positive Networking done well.”
  57. 57. THE NETWORK DANCE N – Never Leave Home Without Them E – Establish, Extend, Exchange, Engage T – Travel In Pairs W – Working The Pond - Positively O – Opportunity is Everywhere R – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat K – KEEP IT GOING!