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Orange County Public Schools Bid Information July and August 2018


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Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Bid Information July and August 2018

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Orange County Public Schools Bid Information July and August 2018

  1. 1. BID INFORMATION July/August 2018 1. Goods and Services: ITEMS OUT FOR BID AND DATE DUE (Not yet awarded) Title Bid Number Due Date School Supplies and Teaching Aides ITB1803030 8/2/2018 UPCOMING BIDS – TO BE RELEASED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS Title Tentative Release Date Projectors/Projector Bulbs 8/2018 Computer Repairs – In Warranty & Out of Warranty 8/2018 Memorabilia – Pre-Qualified Vendors 8/2018 Communication Wiring 8/2018 Mobile Food Trucks 8/2018 Weapon Screening 8/2018 Cafeteria Bakery Products 8/2018 Telecommunications 8/2018 2. Construction & Architectural/Engineering: CURRENT CCNA SELECTIONS & CONSTRUCTION BIDS IN PROGRESS AND DATE DUE (Not yet awarded) Title RFQ/ITB Number Due Date Tentative Award Date Construction Management at Risk for Acceleration East Capital Renewal Project RFQ 1815PS 7/25/2018 9/11/2018 Professional Architectural and Engineering Services for Hungerford Elementary School Building 8 Renovation Project RFQ 1816PS 7/31/2018 9/11/2018 3. OUTREACH EVENTS Event Location Date & Time How to do Business with OCPS workshop for the month of July & August Office of Business Opportunity 6501 Magic Way, Bldg. 101F Orlando, Florida 32809 Thursday, 7/26/2018 9 AM to 11 AM Friday, 8/24/2018 9 AM to 11 AM 4. VENDOR REGISTRATION: Procurement: 5. To receive electronic notification of solicitations register on Vendor Link: 6. OFFICE OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Dolly Morales, Goods & Services Specialist, 407-317-3700 Ext. 2025021 Aaron Smith, Construction & AE Specialist, 407-317-3700 Ext. 2025566