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Virtual Power Plant in a settlement in Cologne_Rhein Energi

This presentation was part of a webinar on local energy generation, organised by the GrowSmarter project.

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Virtual Power Plant in a settlement in Cologne_Rhein Energi

  1. 1. Virtual Power Plant in a settlement in Cologne GrowSmarter Webinar Low Energy Districts 30. January.2018
  2. 2. Agenda • Overview of the systems • Involved partners • Cloud-based energy management – Siedlungsmanagement • Visualization • KPIs to assess the impact of the implemented measures
  3. 3. PROJECT AREA - STEGERWALDSIEDLUNG finished under construction
  4. 4. PHOTOVOLTAIC • The Photovoltaic (ca. 820kWp) is installed on the 12/16 finished buildings • On two buildings the PV systems are currently being installed • On the remaining two buildings subconstructures and cables are being laid on the roofs.
  5. 5. HEAT PUMPS AND DISTRICT HEATING • We installed 34/41 heat pumps (ca. 492 kWth) • District heating (1743 kW) with a primary energy factor of zero through the nearby gas and steam combined cycle power plant Niehl III
  6. 6. BATTERY STORAGE • We installed 7/10 battery cottages • Which include 12/16 battery storages (210 kW, 655 kWh)
  7. 7. INVOLVED PARTNERS • GreenCom Networks takes over the control of the Siedlungsmanagement software end the energy managers • Hermes controls and programs on the PLC level • System manufacturers for battery storages and heat pumps • HEAT PUMPS: VIESSMANN • BATTERY: HOPPECKE  RheinEnergie takes over the project management, sets the requirements and controls the implementation
  8. 8. SIEDLUNGSMANAGEMENT Cloud-based energy management system Forecasts based on self-learning algorithms •Forsecasts are amde on the basis of weather-, consumption- and system data •Forsecasting quality is constantly improving via self- learning algorithms
  9. 9. CLOUD-BASED ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR DISTRICTS Schematic diagram for Stegerwaldsiedlung
  10. 10. CLOUD-BASED ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR DISTRICTS Schematic diagram of what is possible in the near future
  11. 11. SIEDLUNGSMANAGEMENT Optimization • Based on the forecast the energy production and consumption can be optimized • Working fully automated and continuously for the whole district • Different goals can be set • MINIMIZE USAGE OF DISTRICT HEATING • MINIMIZE GRID SUPPLY • MINIMIZE FEED-IN INTO GRID  The optimization in the project is carried out with an ecological focus
  12. 12. SIEDLUNGSMANAGEMENT Connection to the VPP of RheinEnergie • Based on the optimization, the possible flexibility can be calculated • Available flexibility send to RE VPP • Based on the trading results, schedules are send to the Energy Managers in each building  Schedules for all buildings are calculated for the next 36 hours every 15 min
  13. 13. KPIS TO ASSESS THE IMPACT 1. Mesaured energy supplied by local production unit 2. Share of total renewable energy supplied of total local demand 3. Share of external renewable energy supplied of total local demand 4. Reduced CO2 emissions due to reduced energy demand
  14. 14. KPIS TO ASSESS THE IMPACT Heat: •Heat meter heat pumps •HP temperature (outtake and intake) •Heat meter district heating •DH temperature •Heat meter heating circuit •Heating circuit temperature •Heat meter hot tap water •HTW temperature Electricity: •e-meter battery total e-meter battery delivery/consumption •e-meter heat pumps •e-meter heat blade •Measuring clamp grid total measuring clamp delivery/consumption •Measuring clamp tennants •Measuring clamp PV production •Low voltage distribution total -delivery/consumption Measuring points
  15. 15. WP2 Follow-up meeting 6 de febrer de 2019 I page 18 Get the latest updates by signing up online! This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 646456. The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the GrowSmarter project and in no way reflects the views of the European Union. RheinEnergie AG Parkgürtel 24 D-50823 Köln Corporate Development Christian Remacly
  16. 16. WP2 Follow-up meeting 6 de febrer de 2019 I page 19