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Her Dreamers Webinar Workbook


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Her Dreamers Webinar Workbook

Published in: Business
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Her Dreamers Webinar Workbook

  1. 1. © Copyright 2018 Her Company | I. How to land your first client People do business with people they know, they like and they trust. How do you get people to know you? Show up 1. Networking a. Industry groups. b. Go where your target market is! 2. LinkedIn a. Create a company page b. Follow groups/comment/write articles 3. Social media a. post about your interests. b. Get your family & friends used to hearing from you about _______________________________. How do you get them to like you? 1. Set yourself up as a service provider, not a salesman. 2. Service providers offer solutions. Salesmen sell products 3. Give more than you get: there will always be more information you can give and charge for. 4. What services can you provide? a. Management ideas b. Marketing ideas c. Training ideas d. Connections ideas
  2. 2. How do you develop trust? 1. You listen more than you speak: make it about the other person. Ask questions. What do you wish a consultant could do for you? What does a perfect day look like to you? What’s the most difficult thing about _____________? 2. Live by your core values Family Flexibility Freedom Friendship Fun Holistic living Honesty Humor Integrity Joy Leadership Loyalty Openness Orderliness Personal growth Partnership Power Privacy Professionalism Recognition Respect Security Self-care Self-expression Self-mastery Service Spirituality Trust Truth Vitality Accomplishment Abundance Adventure Altruism Beauty Clarity Commitment Communication Community Connection Creative Courage Emotional health Environment Excellence © Copyright 2018 Her Company |
  3. 3. II. Business Models - Consulting: Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish - Coaching-- link to toolbox article - Speaking - Author - Teach online classes. [e.g. Skill Share] - Podcasts: Don’t Keep Your Day Job and Being Boss - Franchise model: Dawna Kelly interview © Copyright 2018 Her Company |
  4. 4. III. Pitch formula I help _________ do__________ so that ___________________. I help women launch businesses so that they can have financial freedom. I help coaches and authors start speaking businesses so they can grow their bottom line. I help vendors research corporations so they can win contracts. I help people clean up their credit so they can get a decent mortgage. I help students study for the SAT so they can get into college. I help or... I work with I focus on I promote I assist I train I coach I guide I nurture I support Do or… Achieve Plan Work on Conduct Complete Prepare So that or… In order to To prevent To promote In case of © Copyright 2018 Her Company | I know how to make allies and believers because I am pas- sionate about what I do and how we do it. My mission is to remind everyone that they can make allies and believers too. And that is the key to successful business creation, business growth and especially business sales because people do busi- ness with people they know, they like and they trust. How can I help you on your journey from employee to entrepreur? Get in touch: