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Disadvantages of mobile learning


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Amaal Fairuq

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Disadvantages of mobile learning

  1. 1. Disadvantages of mobile learning
  2. 2. First: The cost To participate in mobile learning you must have a mobile device.. To take advantage of all that technology has to offer, you need to upgrade your mobile device frequently. Additionally, there are typically monthly data charges with your mobile provider so if you need to download large files that take a long time, your monthly charges could be quite high
  3. 3. Size of Device •The size of the device is a disadvantage for two reasons. First, because they are small these devices are easily lost or stolen. Second, the screen size is quite small and can result in eye-strain for people using them for long periods of time. Also, the amount of information that can be displayed on the screen at one time is quite small.
  4. 4. Battery LifeThe battery life for some mobile devicesranges from about two to four hours ofuse.While the smart phones run 8 to 10hours of continuous operation. Once thebattery runs out, you must plug it in torecharge and you are no longer mobile.Ifa learner needs a continuous learningexperience ,he should re evaluate mobilelearning strategy.
  5. 5. Technology•Current mobile devices havelimited storage capabilities so if youhave large, or many, files, yourdevice may not be able to storeeverything. These devices areimproving but have a long way togo. Also, there are no standardoperating platforms or systems so itis difficult to develop content foreverything that is out there.
  6. 6. Usability•The buttons on the keypad or stylus pensare small and can be tricky for some peopleto manipulate. There are attachablekeyboards available for some devices butthese are also small, can be difficult to useand cost money.Another point is that In theM-Learning venue, students are incapable ofprinting, simply because it requires a networkconnection. This is obviously not feasible in anumber of real-life situations.
  7. 7. Done by :Amaal Fairuq To : Mrs Safaa Al Hebaishi