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The advantages of mobile learning


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Published in: Education
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The advantages of mobile learning

  1. 1. The advantages of MOBILE LEARMING
  2. 2. Convenience and flexibility:at the exact moment learning is required.
  3. 3. Management: No two students are the same. Each has their own way of absorbing information. Through mobile learning, students are able to learn in their own way. They can personalize and enjoy learning.
  4. 4. Relevance:Mobile learning gives the learnerwhat they need, when they needit. They can get to it quickly andeasily with the device they have right in front of them already.
  5. 5. Good use of ‘dead time’:It can happen during dead time
  6. 6. Special Education: Mobile technologycan also benefit those with special needs. We can say that learning-challenged students have achance to be equal to those who are normal.
  7. 7. Fits different learning styles: •Reading •Video •Listening to podcast •Researching on the internet •Animation
  8. 8. Interaction: communicationIt can even encourage students tocommunicate more openly when they are inclass.Teachers can also use mobile devices to interactwith students that require special attention.
  9. 9. Educational Support:Using smart phones, students have easy access toknowledge. They use their devices as supportiveeducational tools. They have access to diagrams, articles,essays and other academic information which canimprove student performance in the classroom.
  10. 10. Complex interactivity:
  11. 11. Time-saving:People can study when they are commuting and travelling.
  12. 12. Wider Access:1. Students have access to industry experts.2. Students can read reviews and blogs by field experts.3. They can also follow conferences online.4. They also have a chance to interact with professionals even from their homes or classrooms.
  13. 13. Collaborative: Several students at different locations can work in the same documents.
  14. 14. Mobile devices can make the process oflearning easier to interact in more and varied ways.
  15. 15. It is amazing to find out howmuch information a mobile devicecan carry despite its light weight.
  16. 16. Thank you all …
  17. 17. Prepared byMaisa’a A Omar