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La albufera de Valencia


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Presentación de la Albufera de Valencia.
Segunda movilidad Comenius a Valencia, proyecto "Las Voces del Agua"

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La albufera de Valencia

  1. 1. Albufera of Valencia
  2. 2. Is a freshwater lake and estuary on the Gulf of Valencian coast of the Valencian country in east of Spain
  3. 3. Meaning According to his Arabic origin to - buhayra, the small sea. In some Arabic poems it appears as A Mirror of the Sun
  4. 4. Flora and fauna
  5. 5. Species of birds common stork the gull the coloured duck the common spoon the heron the common tern the patinegro tern
  6. 6. Coastal dunes the salt marshes the Mediterranean forest Canes' zones