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  • JB 79% Laz 33% JB 53%
  • John does the set up for this one
  • IBM Software products sold through sales reps, business partners and online IBM Software has a web presence in 61 countries IBM Software addresses business needs connect and collaborate drive business integration and optimization manage security, risk and compliance optimize business infrastructure enable product and service innovation turn information into insight IBM Software portfolio has 4700 products Mission to develop software solutions and acquire software companies that address unmet customer needs
  • Data Explosion and Social Media are at the top of the CMO challenge list. CMOs are overwhelmingly under prepared to take charge of the growing volume, velocity and variety of data. The majority of respondents recognize this. More than two-thirds believe they will need to invest in new tools and technologies, and develop new strategies for managing big data. Two-thirds likewise believe they will need to change the mix of skills within the marketing function and enhance its analytics capabilities. More surprisingly, though, relatively few CMOs are thinking about the profound policy implications of big data – especially those relating to privacy and security. Only 28 percent consider it necessary to change their privacy policies, for example, despite the numerous ways in which customers’ privacy can now be compromised.
  • The Web pulls 36M unique visitors into IBM to look at our solutions each year. That adds up to 3M/month and over 87K each day. When you look at the web compared to other events it helps us reach 3,652 visitors every hour and 152 visitors each minute When our audience begins to address a business or IT issue, they use the web by using search engines to find information looking for a community of others like me who are dealing with the same issue seeking out expert forums or blogs Our audience visits the web at least once a week for this purpose of research and evaluation of software business products for their company. They are responsible for Reviewing, researching Suggesting products Serve as decision maker (44%)
  • IBM tries to target key words on our web pages and in blogs and communities that will intercept visitors and link them to our website. Once they arrive at the web pages, they have compelling content and offers to encourage more engagement. An important way to engage is through live chat which presents a popup windown with an invitation to engage via a chat session. This initiative along with a “We're here to help” box helps to channel interested visitors into our marketing automation system and sales.
  • Here are examples of the some representative reports in the digital dashboard. They include key performance metrics that help us better understand the business so we can help campaign and execution teams act..
  • Analytics includes funnel and path analysis to help us understand customer online actions. We can tell a lot about a visitors preferences through this analysis. Funnel analysis helps us understand if they achieve their goals by determining answers to questions: What % of customers are reaching their destination? What % of initial customers completing the form? What type of offers are visitors selecting? Path analysis helps determine where visitors com from and where they are when they leave our site. This can be used to determine if our content and offers need updating.
  • Smart Planet has been a very effective program to pull visitors into the web pages to learn more about IBM solutions. Year to year traffic is up 30% as you can see in this report. We track a series of KPIs including visits, visitors, social media, video views and downloads.
  • Sirius Decisions has a technology framework that shows the importance of web content optimization and marketing automation working together. This diagram shows the process from the web registration form which provides the visitor profile and contact information to enable sales to convert an inquiry into a lead and capture contact data in the backend CRM system for future marketing.
  • IBM has deployed Unica Marketing automation worldwide to provide a much more effective process to create, nurture and progress leads. Here is a summary of the current technology in place.
  • The benefits from social media and social analytics go beyond leads and revenue. Social businesses are using social media to facilitate collaborative experiences and dialogue that customers value. So, in addition to expanding reach and gathering market intelligence, we are using social media and engaging in communities for thought leadership, customer care and customer response, social selling, and improving the two-way dialog with customers, partners, and our communities. When we consider how best to apply social to marketing initiatives, it's important to consider the time time dimension to listening and anlysis. During the social media intelligence gathering and analysis process, there's real-time response (ala crisis management and immediate response by SMEs) and then there's the analytics over time to understand trends and predict future actions and buying preferences.
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    1. 1. What is the Value of Social Analytics?Christopher HosfordEast Coast Bureau ChiefCrains BtoB | BtoBs Media BusinessJonathan BlockVice President and Practice Director, TechnologySiriusDecisionsPam EvansSenior Manager, Marketing OptimizationIBM Software Group
    2. 2. ‘Social MediaMarketing Matures’ A study by BtoB Christopher Hosford East Coast Bureau Chief, BtoB chosford@crain.com @cfhosford
    3. 3. ‘Social Media Marketing Matures’ A study by BtoB• Survey fielded in March 2012 to B2B marketing professionals in the U.S. were researched via a 30 question online survey.• A sample of 622 completes were achieved.
    4. 4. Adoption of Social Marketing 20122011
    5. 5. Adoption Accelerates 20132012
    6. 6. 2012 Social Budget Change
    7. 7. Social Channels Used
    8. 8. Most Important Social Channel
    9. 9. Effectiveness by Goal
    10. 10. Satisfaction with Social ROI
    11. 11. Favorite SocialMonitoring Tools
    12. 12. Social Media for Paid Ads
    13. 13. Why Use Paid Social Ad?
    14. 14. Thank you! Christopher HosfordEast Coast Bureau Chief, BtoB chosford@crain.com @cfhosford
    15. 15. From Social Media Monitoring to Social Intelligence Jonathan Block Vice President and Practice Director, Technology SiriusDecisions
    16. 16. Key Reality: New Buyer BehaviorsSiriusPerspective: Many organizations have yet to recognize thata new buyer reality calls for new approaches to enablement. 1. Loosening of the Status Quo 79% start their evaluation Education with search Phase 2. Committing to Change 3. Exploring Possible 33% consult peers and ask Solutions questions on social sites Solution Phase 4. Committing to a Solution 5. Justifying the Decision 53% consume vendor social content and do research Vendor Selection Phase 6. Making the Selection 16
    17. 17. Buyer’s Least Trusted Sources SiriusPerspective: While they value content from suppliers and social media, there is evidence buyers are struggling to find thought leadership.Most often selected Hmmm… Source: SiriusDecisions 17
    18. 18. Social Media Monitoring SiriusPerspective: Social media monitoring provides a wealth of data that organizations can leverage for insight. Geographies Influencers Competition PartnersEmployees 18
    19. 19. From Social Monitoring to Social IntelligenceSiriusPerspective: Monitoring should be both proactive(research-oriented) and reactive (defense-oriented).Reactive Proactive• Crisis response • Industry trends• Conversation/comment routing • Product optimization• Sentiment tracking • Product opportunity• Mentions/activity metrics • Partnership opportunities• Network size (friends/followers/subscribers) • Competitive activity• Campaign/program impact • Competitive strategy• Social Web traffic • Conversation voids• Competitive landscape • Influencer trends/interests • Social personas • Early warning system 19
    20. 20. A Social Intelligence ProcessSiriusPerspective: Social intelligence gathering should be drivenby (and report on) specific objectives and desired insights. 20
    21. 21. Social Impact MetricsSiriusPerspective: The shift away from traditional brand metrics(reach, sentiment, share of voice) is critical to show impact.What are the top metrics you use to measure impact? Tradi onal brand metrics Customer sa sfac on/ 14% 28% loyalty Analyst influence 34% 8% Demand increase 16% Revenue 21
    22. 22. Measurement/Insight: Reporting SiriusPerspective: Demonstrate how customers and prospects are using social media throughout their buying cycles. Best Practice October Results • 10 new postsBlog • 5 comments • 15 new RSS subscribers • 2 linkbacks • 35 new Twitter followersSocial Networks • 28 retweets • 9 new Facebook fans • LinkedIn group created • 3 new videos on Web site/YouTubeMultimedia • 101 total views • 9 new YouTube channel subscribers • 2 comments on YouTube 22
    23. 23. Measurement/Insight: Social DashboardSiriusPerspective: An effective social dashboard communicates bothactivity and impact, providing key data in an executive summary. Reputation Demand Creation Enablement • Page views, unique visitors • RSS subscriptions • Number of downloads • Links, referrals, tags, ratings • Search engine rankings, (podcasts) • Number of blog comments, keyword and phrase • Number of visits andActivity positive vs. negative blog mentions • Links, referrals, tags posts (blogs, community) • Content accessed comments • Community metrics • Customer satisfaction • Waterfall conversion rates • Rep performance • Retention • Response rates • Training time • Net Promoter Score • Pipeline acceleration lift • Certification levelsImpact • Participation level, support (deals moved, velocity) • • Deal velocity Content usage (vs. resolution velocity • Sentiment, tone, influence, benchmark) relevance 23
    24. 24. Measuring Social Impact SiriusPerspective: Tracking the impact on waterfall conversion rates is a critical element of gauging the success of social media. . Without With Social Social Inquiries (2% Response Rate) 2,000 2,600 Organizations with an integrated 4.1% social strategy gain an average ofMarketing Qualified 30 percent more inquiries than by Leads (MQLs) 78 107 relying on typical outbound tactics alone 62.0% Sales Accepted 45 66 Leads 47.5% While organizations are using Sales Qualified social media at later waterfall Leads (SQLs) 22 31 stages, we currently assume 22.1% conversion rates remain constant Closed/Won beyond the inquiry stage Business 5 724 Source: SiriusDecisions
    25. 25. IBM Case Study on Social Analytics Pam Evans Senior Manager, Marketing Optimization IBM Software Group
    26. 26. IBM Case Study• IBM Software Group Social Networking Sites and Communities• Social Marketing – Why It Matters• How IBM Tracks the Health of Its Business ─ WW Analytics for Smarter Planets ─ Marketing Automation and Technology Integration• What Social Analytics Does for Us 26
    27. 27. IBM Software revenue for 2011 was $24.5B• 4,700 products sold through sales reps, business partners and online• Web presence in 61 countries• IBM Software Solutions – connect and collaborate – drive business integration and optimization – manage security, risk and compliance – optimize business infrastructure – enable product and service innovation – turn information into insight
    28. 28. CMOs Top 2 Issues: Data Explosion and Social Media Under preparedness Percent of CMOs selecting as “Top 5 Factors” Need for change to deal with data explosion Percent of CMOs indicating high/significant need Data explosion 71% Social media 68% Invest in 73% technology Channel & device choices 65% Integrate Shifting demographics 63% 69% insights Financial constraints 59% U nderstand 65% Decreasing brand loyalty 57% analytics Growth markets 56% Rethink 64% skill mix ROI accountability 56% Collaborate Customer collaboration 56% 52% with peers Privacy considerations 55% Validate 49% Global outsourcing 54% ROI Regulatory considerations 50% Address 28% privacy Corporate transparency 47%Source: Q8 How prepared are you to manage the impact of the top 5 market factors that will have the most impact on your marketing organization over the next 3 to 5 years? n=149 to 1141; Q20 To what extent will the opportunity to collect unprecedented amounts of data require you to change? n=1629 to 1673 28
    29. 29. IBM Web traffic is a marketing asset 3 million people connect with IBM SWG each month through 3 million people connect with IBM SWG each month through www.ibm.com/software www.ibm.com/softwareS o c ia l M e d ia G u id a n c eD o n n a B ie g 152 people per minute (24/7) Web functions in a way similar to reaching the target audience at a signature conference every hour. 29
    30. 30. Intercept online prospects and progress them30 to leads and revenue 1. Draw visitors via 1. Draw visitors via 2. Engage with 2. Engage with 3. Ensure response 3. Ensure response key word searches key word searches compelling content and compelling content and follow-up follow-up offers and aa live chat offers and live chat rep to answer questions rep to answer questions Organic Paid 30
    31. 31. IBM Digital Dashboard: Bringing it all together • Key performance metrics help us understand and act – Importance of connecting data – Automating feeds for digital dashboards – Analysts recommend actions based on a series of factors and trends 31
    32. 32. Web Analytics investigates Customer NavigationFunnel Analysis Path Analysis• What % of customers are reaching • What % of customers are leaving their destination? the site?• What % of initial customers • What are the most popular links completing the form? for this path? 32
    33. 33. Worldwide analytics for Smarter Planet• Total visits continue to climb, with 30% more visits in 2011 compared to 2010• WW Dashboard by Smarter Planet topic to understand visitor behavior – Reach and Engagement – Daily and monthly visits trends – Top pages and page types – Traffic Sources • Top Domains • Organic Search and Paid Search • Social Media – PDF downloads, Video plays and Top Solution pages 33
    34. 34. Marketing Automation and Technology Integration Social Communities Social Communities Key Word Search Web Page I c a n te m g ra Marketing Automation p a te ig d Platform Pipeline Ho ns B e h a v io r a n d v i lis t Marketing metrics Contact e w ic p e rfo rm a n c e Database management a n a ly s is e rs Campaign M gmt i gg s Lead CRM Tr tic delivery a ly A P Lead Mgmt s A no n M g e Contact p a Advanced Features information Offer/RegistrationSiriusPerspective: A set of integrated technologies enables advanced Web site conversion optimization. Business Intelligence 34 34
    35. 35. Unica Technology at IBM Integrated with existing IBM systemsAllows DatabaseMarketers to design Allows Lead Developmentand execute end-to- Reps to efficiently manageend campaigns Marketing Planning proactive tele campaigns and reactive response follow-up Marketing DatabaseManages email designand execution An IBM Cognos® real-time Touch and fatigue mgmt operational reporting portal embedded in Unicas user Data matching interface, which provides current information on clickthroughAllows Local Demand rates, campaign responses andPrograms Sales—CRM system responses sent to Unica LeadsProfessionals to easilyexecute pre-designed Web Registration systems Cognos Cognoscampaigns Dashboard Dashboard Marketing Automation environment at IBM: • IBM WebSphere® Business Modeler for documenting improved business processes • IBM Rational® ClearQuest® tools for managing project enhancements and defects • IBM WebSphere Application Server with its integrated deployment manager for effective management of the entire application solution on both IBM System p® and System x® servers • Centralized marketing databases running on IBM DB2® 35 35
    36. 36. Beyond generating leads and revenue…• Create new forward-thinking markets• Use social media engagement to ─ Expand market reach through relationship-led influence ─ Facilitate collaborative experiences and dialogue that customers value ─ Gain insight for market strategy, messages and offerings• Showcase our own experts and collaborative software technologies to increase insights 36
    37. 37. Questions
    38. 38. Thank You!