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Share Talk

  1. 1. ShareTalk (200)<br />SharePoint and BizTalk better together<br />Suresh Veeragoni<br />SOA & BPM Solution Lead<br />
  2. 2. Welcome to Houston SharePoint Saturday<br />Thank you for being a part of the first ever SharePoint Saturday for the greater Houston area!<br />Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.<br />If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.<br />Thanks to our Platinum Sponsors:<br />
  3. 3. Agenda<br />Who is Sogeti?<br />Workflows – Business Process Management - SOA<br />SharePoint 2010 & Business Connectivity Services<br />Microsoft BizTalk Server & Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)<br />BizTalk and SharePoint for better BPM/Workflows<br />
  4. 4. Sogeti Quick Overview<br />Annual Revenue<br />Employee Base<br /><ul><li>$10 Billion Global
  5. 5. $1.7 Billion (Sogeti)
  6. 6. 64% from Global Fortune 500 Companies
  7. 7. 80,000 Employees worldwide (Capgemini Group)
  8. 8. 18,000 Employees worldwide (Sogeti)</li></ul>Sogeti’s Service Offerings<br />Office Locations<br /><ul><li>Capgemini group operations in 30 Countries; Sogeti operations in 12 countries
  9. 9. Global Corp. HQ. – Paris, France
  10. 10. Over 200 Offices worldwide
  11. 11. 24 US Locations (Sogeti, USA)
  12. 12. Microsoft Solutions
  13. 13. Business Intelligence
  14. 14. Enterprise Technology Consulting
  15. 15. Project Consulting Services
  16. 16. Managed Testing
  17. 17. IBM & Open Solutions</li></li></ul><li>What is a Workflow ?<br />A Workflow is simply a series of defined tasks that produces a final outcome.<br />Examples<br /><ul><li>Vacation Request
  18. 18. Expense Processing
  19. 19. Help Desk Requests
  20. 20. Employee Onboarding
  21. 21. Content Management
  22. 22. Purchase to Pay
  23. 23. Order to Cash
  24. 24. Engineering Change Notice</li></li></ul><li>Workflow Characteristics<br /><ul><li>Human Centric
  25. 25. System Centric
  26. 26. Long running
  27. 27. Collaboration
  28. 28. Focus on roles
  29. 29. Escalation, Delegation
  30. 30. Semi-structured to unstructured
  31. 31. Usability
  32. 32. Order Managment
  33. 33. Transactional
  34. 34. Messaging
  35. 35. Service Orientation
  36. 36. Throughput
  37. 37. Performance
  38. 38. B2B, EDI
  39. 39. System Integration</li></li></ul><li>Real World SOA<br />
  40. 40. Microsoft Application Platform for SOA & BPM<br />Consume<br />Business Innovation<br />Value Justified<br />LOB Manager Driven<br />Compose <br />User Experience and Interaction<br />People using Content, BI,<br />Collaboration and Communication<br />SOA as mechanismto interact<br />Compose <br />Business Process Integration, <br />Automation and Optimization,<br />Information Integration<br />Standards based Interoperability<br />Compliance and Evolution<br />Cost Justified<br />CFO/CIO Driven <br />SOA as mechanismto transact<br />Expose<br />Existing Systems <br />
  41. 41. Microsoft Application Platform for SOA & BPM<br />Active Directory<br />System Center, Partners<br />Visual Studio, Patterns and Practices<br />Security and Identity<br />Management and Governance<br />Design and Development<br />Consume<br />User Directed<br />Compose <br />User Interaction<br />SharePoint Server, .NET Compact Framework,Silverlight,Office System, ASP.NET, Windows Client<br />Presentation Services<br />Live Communications Server, SharePoint Server<br />Collaboration Services<br />Workflow Foundation, SharePoint Server<br />Composition Services<br />Compose <br />Business Transaction<br />SQL Server<br />BizTalk<br />Server<br />WCF<br />Windows<br />BizTalk Server<br />Business Process Services<br />Information Integration Services<br />Messaging<br />Services<br />WCF and BizTalk Server<br />Connectivity Services<br />Expose<br />Existing Systems<br />
  42. 42. Simplifying Interoperability<br />Extended by hundreds of solutions from the partner ecosystem<br />Azure AppFabric– “Interop in the Cloud”<br />Federated Identity<br />Federated Connectivity<br />Federated Workflow<br />BizTalk Server – “Interop In the Box”<br />BizTalk Adapter Pack:<br />SAP <br />Siebel Applications<br />PeopleSoft Enterprise<br />JD EdwardsOneWorld<br />JD Edwards Enterprise One<br />B2B formats, BizTalk Accelerators:<br />XML<br />EDI (EDIFACT, ANSI X12, HIPAA)<br />AS2<br />SWIFT<br />HL7<br />RosettaNet<br />Legacy formats:<br />IBM CICS<br />IBM IMS <br />IBM OS/400 <br />IBM DB2<br />IBM VSAM<br />Messaging formats:<br />WebSphere MQ <br />MSMQ/MSMQT<br />TIBCO Rendezvous<br />TIBCO Enterprise Message Service<br />Other formats:<br />SQL Server<br />SharePoint<br />Oracle DBMS<br />File, FTP<br />HTTP, SOAP<br />POP3 / SMTP<br />Windows Communication Foundation – “Interop in the Framework”<br />Unified protocols:<br />ASMX<br />WSE<br />.NET Remoting<br />COM+<br />MSMQ<br />Messaging: <br />SOAP, WS-Addressing, MTOM <br />Metadata: WSDL, WS-MetadataExchange, WS-Policy <br />Web 2.0<br />POX<br />REST<br />JSON<br />RSS/ATOM<br />Security:<br />WS-Security, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Trust <br />Reliability and Transactions: WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction<br />
  43. 43. SharePoint 2010<br /><ul><li>An evolved version of MOSS and WSS v3
  44. 44. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (SPS)
  45. 45. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF)
  46. 46. Development can now be done on client OS
  47. 47. Significant enhancement for many development teams</li></ul>Browser Clients<br />Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010<br />MS Word Clients<br />Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010<br />MS Outlook Clients<br />.NET Framework and ASP.NET 3.5 SP1<br />Internet Information Services 7.0<br />Windows Server 2008 (x64 only)for Production Environments<br />Windows 7 or Vista (x64 only) for Development Environments only<br />
  48. 48. SharePoint 2010The business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web<br />Sites<br /><ul><li>Connect and Empower People
  49. 49. Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure
  50. 50. Rapidly Respond to Business Needs</li></ul>Communities<br />Composites<br />Content<br />Insights<br />Search<br />
  51. 51. Business Connectivity Services<br /><ul><li>Formerly known as Business Data Catalog
  52. 52. Part of SharePoint Foundation 2010 (it’s “free”)
  53. 53. CRUD out of the box</li></ul>External Data Columns<br />External Lists<br />User Profiles Importer<br />Custom Solutions<br />Search<br />Web Parts<br />Workflow<br />Metadata Store<br />Business Data Connectivity Service (BCD)<br />Database<br />WCF<br />.NET Connectivity Assembly<br />
  54. 54. External Content Types<br />Describes the schema and data access capabilities of an external data source and its behavior within Office and SharePoint<br />*formerly known as BDC Entity<br />Office Clients (Rich)<br />BCS<br />External Content <br />Type <br />(ECT)<br />External Data<br />(Web Service, DB, .Net object, LOB system, Web 2.0 service, etc.)<br />SharePoint (Thin)<br />BCS<br />BCS-enabled solutions rely on ECTs to integrate external data into SharePoint and the Office client applications<br />
  55. 55. Solution Types, Personas & Tools<br /> Advanced Dev<br />Power User / No code<br /> RAD Dev<br />Simple<br />Advanced<br /><ul><li>Custom UX and data integration on thin and rich clients (apps that support VSTO add-ins)
  56. 56. Through Office, SharePoint and BCS Object Models
  57. 57. Custom back-end connectivity through .Net objects
  58. 58. Complex BCS models (many ECTs, complex associations)
  59. 59. Explicit packaging (managed by dev)
  60. 60. OOB UX on thin and rich clients (Outlook and SharePoint Workspace) based on External Lists
  61. 61. Custom Forms in SharePoint and SharePoint Workspace
  62. 62. Connect to existing back-end integration services or simple databases
  63. 63. Simple BCS Models (few ECTs, simple associations)
  64. 64. Transparent packaging (managed by BCS)</li></ul>SharePointDesigner<br />
  65. 65. BCS Challenges<br /><ul><li>One-to-One connections to backend systems
  66. 66. Request Compositions
  67. 67. Result Aggregations
  68. 68. Business Rules
  69. 69. Monitoring</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft BizTalk<br />Destination File<br />Source File<br />Inbound<br />BRE<br />BAM<br />BAS<br />Outbound<br />Receive Port<br />Business Process<br /> Send Port<br />ReceivePipeline<br />Send Pipeline<br />ReceiveAdapter<br />SendAdapter<br /> Orchestration<br />Mapping<br />Mapping<br />Subscriptions<br />FROM: Message A<br />TO: Message D<br />TO: Message B<br />FROM: Message C<br />MessageBox<br />
  70. 70. BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)<br />Service<br />Consumer<br />Service<br />Consumer<br />Service<br />Consumer<br />Data <br />Format <br />Transformation<br />Location & Version<br />Transparency<br />Transport Protocol<br />Conversion<br />Enterprise Service Bus<br />Invocation & <br />Orchestration<br />Error Handling <br />& Repair<br />Message Interactions<br />Support<br />Service Provider<br />Service Provider<br />Service Provider<br />Service<br />Provider<br />Service<br />Provider<br />Service<br />Provider<br />
  71. 71. BizTalk ESB Declarative, Meta-data, Policy and Configuration –Driven.<br />Transform my message<br />Determine which endpoint I need<br />Route my message<br />Return the final result to me<br />Transform Service<br />Routing<br />Process Orchestration<br />On Ramp<br />Off Ramp<br />BizTalk ESB<br />Protocol<br />Adaptation<br />End Point Resolution<br />Pub/Sub Service<br />Service Consumers<br />Service Providers <br />
  72. 72. BizTalk ESB for SharePoint<br />BUSSINESS PROCESS<br />LEGACY<br />LOB<br />EMBEDDED<br />TRADING PARTNERS<br />CLOUD<br />Sharepoint<br />BizTalk ESB<br />APPLICATION<br />
  73. 73. BizTalk ESB Benefits<br />Provides the right benefits to cope with <br />complex and rapidly changing integration challenges<br />Higher levels of service re-use<br />Lower operational costs <br />Faster adaptation to business changes<br />Visibility business and exception metrics<br />Highly extensible to introduce new functionality or encapsulate patterns <br />
  74. 74. BizTalk ESB takes care of BCS challenges<br />One-to-One connections to backend systems<br />Request composition<br />Result Aggregation<br />Business Rules Engine<br />Business Activity Monitoring<br />
  75. 75. Supply Chain Order Demo<br />Business <br />Users<br />Suppliers<br />Sales Manager<br /> Receive Response from Supplier<br />Receive manager approval<br />Send<br />Approval<br />Request<br /> Send request to Supplier Web Service<br /> Receive Purchase Order Response<br />Enterprise<br />Send Purchase Order Request<br />IT Pros and<br />Developers<br />Update ERP System<br /> Send order to shipper over FTP<br />Shipment<br />Customer<br />Data Synchronization (ETL)<br />ERP System<br />Warehouse<br />
  76. 76. Summary<br />BCS is part of the SharePoint Foundation 2010<br />BCS enables read / write operations to LOB applications<br />BCS delivers a view into LOB applications with a great client experience through integration<br />ESB allows for complex business integration solutions<br />Team BCS and BizTalk ESB up and you will get a manageable business integration solution with a great client experience<br />
  77. 77. Questions<br />
  78. 78. Session Evaluation<br />Please complete and turn in your Session Evaluation Form so we can improve future events.<br />Presenter:<br />Suresh Veeragoni<br />Session Name:<br />ShareTalk (200)<br />
  79. 79. Thanks to our Sponsors<br />