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Meec 2010 SharePoint 2010

  1. 1. January 25, 2010<br />1<br />Presented by Portal Solutions:<br />Daniel Cohen-Dumani, CEO<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Introduction to Portal Solutions<br />What’s new in 2010<br />Q&A<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Portal Solutions – Business Profile<br />SharePoint Services<br />Advisory<br /><ul><li>Roadmap
  4. 4. Planning</li></ul>Managed<br /><ul><li>Support
  5. 5. Maintenance
  6. 6. Training
  7. 7. Monitoring</li></ul>Implementation<br /><ul><li>Full Life Cycle solution development
  8. 8. QuickStart
  9. 9. Migration
  10. 10. Proof of Concept
  11. 11. System Integration</li></ul>Founded in 2002, Serving Mid-Atlantic<br />30+ full time staff<br />7 years of continuous profitability<br />Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Information Worker Competency. Microsoft “Managed” Partner and Go To Partner for SharePoint<br />Member of SharePoint Technology Adoption Program “TAP” 2007 and 2010<br />Sample Clients<br />Core Competencies<br />Focus<br /><ul><li>Intranet and Extranet Portal
  12. 12. Web Content Management (WCM)
  13. 13. Web Based and Project Collaboration
  14. 14. Enterprise Reporting and Dashboard
  15. 15. Enterprise Mashup
  16. 16. Application Development
  17. 17. Workflow and business process automation
  18. 18. Integration with back-end systems</li></ul>Technology<br /><ul><li>SharePoint WSS, MOSS
  19. 19. PerformancePoint Services
  20. 20. SQL Reporting Services
  21. 21. .NET Development
  22. 22. SilverLight
  23. 23. Integration of 3rd party solutions</li></ul>Market recognition<br />3<br />
  24. 24. SharePoint Momentum<br />17K+ Customers, 100M Licenses<br />“SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft’s history... And this is just the beginning: SharePoint continues to grow as customers are just beginning to apply it to a wide array of business issues and processes.”<br />- AMR Research, April 22, 2008<br />Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrants, Forrester WaveTM<br />Continued Platform and Application Innovation<br />4,000+ Partners Today across Collaboration, Content Management and Search<br />
  25. 25. Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2010?<br />Connect and empower people<br />User Interface<br />Office integration<br />Anywhere access<br />Cut costs with a Unified Infrastructure<br />Platform consolidation<br />Deployment choice<br />IT Productivity<br />Rapidly Respond to Business Needs<br />Developer productivity<br />Data connectivity<br />Composite solutions<br />
  26. 26. Microsoft SharePoint 2010<br />Connect and Empower People<br />Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure<br />Respond Rapidly to Business Needs<br />The business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web.<br />Sites<br />Communities<br />Composites<br />Content<br />Insights<br />Search<br />
  27. 27. User Interface<br /><ul><li>The Office Ribbon user interface (UI) now in SharePoint
  28. 28. Interactive user interface with Microsoft SilverlightTMand AJAX
  29. 29. Intuitive site editing, the ming, and publishing
  30. 30. Easy use of content and data across client and server
  31. 31. In-context collaboration through the Microsoft Office Backstage
  32. 32. Enhanced offline experience with SharePoint Workspace</li></ul>Office Integration<br />AnywhereAccess<br /><ul><li>Cross-browser support with accessibility compliance
  33. 33. Mobile-based interaction across SharePoint and Microsoft Office
  34. 34. Microsoft Office Web Apps for browser-based coauthoring</li></ul>Here’s how you can connect and empower people:<br />
  35. 35. Engage your audience. Not your IT help desk. <br />Easily adopt and design appealing SharePoint sites. <br />The Office Ribbon UI in SharePoint!<br />Theming<br />AJAX-basedusability<br />Cross-browserWeb access<br />Embedding rich media<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  36. 36. Put great content to use.<br />Access information quickly from both SharePoint and Microsoft Office.<br />Easy discovery of content in SharePoint<br />Metadata-driven navigation in Microsoft Office<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  37. 37. Make your work more relevant.<br />Collaborate in context through the new Office Backstage.<br />Metadata capturing<br />Save to SharePoint<br />Share and collaborate<br />Authoring context and presence<br />Related content<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  38. 38. People offline? They can still be productive.<br />Read and write with SharePoint and LOB data using SharePoint Workspace.<br />Synchronizes changes, not entire files<br />Office Ribbon UI and Office Backstage<br />Entire sites and LOB data<br />Microsoft Office InfoPath® integration<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  39. 39. Interact with people and content—anywhere.<br />Read and write across devices with SharePoint and Microsoft Office.<br />Editing<br />Viewing<br />Mobile Access<br />Web Access<br />Office Apps<br />SharePoint Libraries<br />People Search<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  40. 40. Unify your infrastructure and cut costs<br /><ul><li>Rich and integrated platform to replace niche systems
  41. 41. Solutions across intranet, extranet, and Internet
  42. 42. One-time training and cost-effective maintenance</li></ul>Platform Consolidation<br />Deployment Choice<br /><ul><li>More flexibility through on-premise and hosted services
  43. 43. Multitenancy with SharePoint Online Standard
  44. 44. Dedicated hosting for more control and customization
  45. 45. Robust installation and predictable migration process
  46. 46. Reduced upgrade time with better patch management
  47. 47. Higher availability through proactive monitoring</li></ul>IT Productivity<br />
  48. 48. It’s your deployment. Do it your way.<br />SharePoint Online features on-premise and hosted solutions.<br />On Premise<br />Hosted Service<br />Unified Communications And Collaboration<br />Business Intelligence<br />Enterprise Content Management<br /> Control and ownership<br />Rapid scalability<br />Customers<br />Partners<br />Employees<br />Website and Security Framework<br />Business Data Catalog<br />Open XML File Formats<br />Extensible UI<br />Workflow<br />Search<br />Secured, Well-Managed Infrastructure<br />
  49. 49. It’s your deployment. Manage its impact.<br />Introduce a predictable migration process with visual upgrade.<br />Preview new UI<br />Switch on new UI across site collections in a controlled manner<br />Upgrade servers without changing the user interface<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  50. 50. Manage your platform as though you could see the future.<br />Use health monitoring to prevent problems and minimize downtime.<br />Service-level data<br />Problem identification<br />Links to guidance and resources<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  51. 51. Respond to business needs<br />Developer Productivity<br /><ul><li>SharePoint development with Microsoft Visual Studio®2010
  52. 52. Application Lifecycle Management and Team Development
  53. 53. Higher solution quality with new debugging tools</li></ul>Data Connectivity<br /><ul><li>Read-write LOB data with Business Connectivity Services
  54. 54. Client and REST application programming interfaces (APIs) for access to Microsoft Office data
  55. 55. SharePoint data exposed through Web services and APIs </li></ul>Composite Solutions<br /><ul><li>No-code solutions with SharePoint Designer 2010
  56. 56. Process automation and visualization─InfoPath and Visio
  57. 57. Standards support for development and publishing</li></li></ul><li>Power up your development team. <br />Deploy a rich SharePoint development platform with Visual Studio 2010 integration.<br />Extensibility for SharePoint artifacts<br />Support for SharePoint debugging<br />Visual Studio 2010<br />Developer dashboard<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  58. 58. That LOB data you have? Use it. <br />Business Connectivity Services lets you read and write with external data.<br />Outlook forms and task panes<br />SharePoint lists<br />Order<br /> OrderID<br /> CustomerID<br /> EmployeeID<br /> OrderDate<br />SQL WS LOB<br />Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change<br />
  59. 59. Upgrade Methods<br />Supported Scenarios<br />Unsupported Scenarios<br />In-Place Upgrade<br />Database Attach Upgrade:<br />Content Database<br />Profile Service Database<br />Project Service Database<br />Single Click Install - SQL Migration<br />Windows Internal Database (WID) -> SQL Express 2008 + File Stream RBS<br />Upgrade from earlier than WSS v3 SP2/MOSS 2007 SP2<br />Direct upgrade from WSS v2/SPS 2003 or earlier<br />Side by side installation<br />Gradual upgrade<br />
  60. 60. Upgrade Cycle: Overview<br />
  61. 61. Upgrade – Best Practices<br />Consider a gradual upgrade using new hardware<br />Migrate content as needed using 3rd party tools<br />Rethink your portal taxonomy and navigation<br />Leverage new features <br />Meta-data store, document management improvements<br />Tagging and rating<br />BCS<br />
  62. 62. The 2010 LineupSpanning Intranet, Internet, and Extranet scenarios, with specialty servers for Enterprise Search <br />Intranet<br />Internet/Extranet<br />Enterprise Client Access License (CAL)Standard Client Access License (CAL)<br />New<br />High-End Search<br />New<br />New<br />New<br />Enabling Technologies<br />
  63. 63. SharePoint OnlineBringing SharePoint Server 2010’s business collaboration platform capabilities to the cloud<br />Intranet<br />Internet/Extranet<br />Enterprise User Subscription License (USL)<br />Standard User Subscription License (USL)<br />Deskless User Subscription License (USL)<br /> Internet Sites Offer<br /> Partner Access Offer<br />New<br />New<br />New<br />Moving towards parity between on-premises and online<br />Parity in features and scenarios enabled<br />Introducing: Enterprise USL, Internet Sites, and Partner Access offers<br />Beta invitations to registered SPC attendees when available<br />
  64. 64. Demonstration<br />New Look and Feel – Ribbon everywhere, AJAX and dialogs<br />Wikis everywhere<br />Document Management enhancements<br />Search<br />Business Intelligence and data integration<br />Off Line integration<br />25<br />
  65. 65. Call To Action to optimize Microsoft SharePoint 2010<br />Complimentary Offerings:<br /><ul><li>Discovery Call
  66. 66. Architectural Design Session
  67. 67. Solution Workshop</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />A properly implemented SharePoint 2010 environment can provides a unified, enterprise-ready solution that boosts organizational effectiveness by:<br />Connecting and empowering users<br />Collaboration<br />Building business communities and project groups<br />Managing total cost of ownership<br />Infrastructure<br />Management<br />Training<br />Responding to business needs<br />Change<br />New opportunities<br />
  68. 68. Conclusion<br />A properly implemented SharePoint 2010 environment can provides a unified, enterprise-ready solution that boosts organizational effectiveness by:<br />Connecting and empowering users<br />Collaboration<br />Building business communities and project groups<br />Managing total cost of ownership<br />Infrastructure<br />Management<br />Training<br />Responding to business needs<br />Change<br />New opportunities<br />
  69. 69. Thank You!<br />Q&A<br />Daniel Cohen-Dumani<br />(240) 450-2694<br /><br />