Connecting to LOB Systems Using BCS, Ayman El-Hattab, MVP


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Connecting to LOB Systems Using BCS, Ayman El-Hattab, MVP

  1. 1. Connecting to LOB Systems Using BCS Ayman El-Hattab Technology Solution Professional MEA Center of Expertise SharePoint MVP
  2. 2. Agenda Challenges with Back-End Data Introducing Business Connectivity Services Investment Areas Presentation Connectivity Tooling How do I get it? Q&A
  3. 3. Feedback is loud and clear Read/Write Read is nice… Write back would be even more powerful Tooling Support Need an easier way to create, debug and maintain appdef XML files I wish it was baked into the Platform Wouldn’t it be nice to offline?
  4. 4. Business Connectivity Services Extend the reach of Enterprise Data Bring data from external systems into SharePoint and Office, interact with it, reuse it, and empower end users to gain insight into the underlying data in a reusable way. Centrally manage reusable connections Easily create custom solutions
  5. 5. Investment Areas Presentation Connectivity Tooling
  6. 6. PresentationExternal Lists in SharePoint Expose external data as a native SharePoint list Full CRUD capability Familiar UI and navigation Sort, Filter, Group Programmatic access via SPList OM Form Auto-generated OOB Upsize to InfoPath Offline-able
  7. 7. PresentationOffline External List Connect to Outlook as Contacts Tasks Calendars Download to SharePoint Workspace as Lists Word doc libraries with external data columns
  8. 8. PresentationSurfacing External Data External Data Columns Add data from external content types to standard SharePoint lists Can be made available as Content Controls in Word Web Parts Scenario: Use for Dashboard pages External Data List  External Data Item External Data Item Builder External Data Related List External Data Connectivity Filter Chart Web Part External Data Search Integrate External Data into search results
  9. 9. External Content TypeThe building block Outlook Forms and Task Panes SharePoint External Lists SharePointWorkspace with InfoPath Forms External Content Type Customer CustomerID FirstName LastName PhoneNumber EmailAddress Search Results External data Office Applications
  10. 10. Connectivity Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Presntation in SharePoint Business Data Connectivity (BDC) External CT’s Repository BDC Client Runtime BDC Server Runtime Client Data Cache DB Connector WCF/WS Connector .NET Assembly Connector Client to Backend Direct Connection External data Custom .NET assembly SQL SAP ORACLE Siebel
  11. 11. ToolingAssemble Solutions via SharePoint Designer Discover Database Web services .NET type Map operations Create, read, update, delete, lookup Connect to SharePoint/Office External List Contact Task Appointment Post
  12. 12. ToolingBuilding ProDev Apps using VS Simple drag and drop experience Create connectivity packs in Visual Studio to Aggregate data across multiple back-ends Perform custom data transformations Execute custom business logic/rules (e.g., trigger workflow) Upsize IT solutions created in SharePoint Designer Bring external data into other Office clients with VSTO Add-Ins (e.g., Excel)
  13. 13. Deployment Part of WSP-based SharePoint application packaging, deployment, and administration Deploy solution to Server and Client Artifacts are packaged into a single versioned unit Solution Package is published to SharePoint Deployed to Office Client using ClickOnce
  14. 14. Solution Types Custom connectivity for data aggregation, transformation, security, etc. Use custom code to integrate data into any Office app Business logic in forms Create reusable components (UI parts, ECTs, actions) Customize InfoPath forms Workflow Web Part Pages Outlook taskpane and ribbon Out-of-box Surface data in External Lists Connect those lists to Outlook, SPW External Data Columns Intermediate Simple Advanced NO CODE* CODE SharePoint Designer SharePoint SDK Visual Studio Advanced Developer Developer Power User
  15. 15. Introduction to Business Connectivity Services in SP2010 Simple BCS Solutions demo
  16. 16. Introduction to Business Connectivity Services in SP2010 Conflict Resolution with SPW demo
  17. 17. External Systems Office 2010 Client SharePoint Server 2010 Contoso Sales Solution Sales Database SOA Layer (Web Services)
  18. 18. Demo: Overview 3 2 1 I’m a sales rep for Contoso and will be travelling on the road… - Check product availability and create a new quote document from SharePoint Workspace - Receive e-mail from customer requesting a quote - In Outlook, learn more about customer’s sales history - Prepare for the upcoming trip by installing BCS solutions on the Laptop and syncing data 5 4 - Sync with corporate network - Fill out the quote in Word, send it to the customer
  19. 19. Introduction to Business Connectivity Services in SP2010 Contoso Sales Solution (Intermediate BCS Solution) demo
  20. 20. How was it developed? Bring Customer data into SharePoint and Outlook External Content Type External List Outlook integration Connect Product data from SharePoint to SharePoint Workspace SharePoint List InfoPath Forms SharePoint Workspace integration (InfoPath forms included) Create a Sales Quote document in Word External Data Column Word Content Controls (Picker Control)
  21. 21. How was it developed? Export External Content Types as metadata.xml from SharePoint Designer. Create the needed artifacts using BCS Artifacts Generator (Most important files are OIR and Cache Subscription files). Take a look at SharePoint SDK to fine tune your artifacts. Package into .vsto using BCS Packaging Tool.
  22. 22. Introduction to Business Connectivity Services in SP2010 Creating Outlook Solution Packages demo
  23. 23. Introduction to Business Connectivity Services in SP2010 Advanced BCS Solutions demo