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My very first presentation in English
(Best Practices Conference 2008, Washington DC)

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  • Good afternoon, everyone.I’m Ágnes MolnárbutmyfriendscallmeÁghy. / I comefrom Hungary /which(assome of youmayknow) is a small country inCentral Europe. I’mnot a nativespeaker, soplease, forgivememyforeignakcent. I’lldomybest –butifyouwant, I canalwaysswitchtoHungarianWell, letmesay a fewwordsaboutmyself: I’mincharge ofseniorconsultant and co-founder/ of L&M Solutions, /which is a smallconsulting and developingcompanyfocusingonSharePoint solutions.I’vebeen MVP for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sinceApril, but I have almost 10 yearsexperiencein software developmentworkingwithseveral Microsoft technologies.What I wantto show youthisafternoon is a worldwhere Office applications and Line-of-Business Systems worktogetherin a transparentway. The world of Office Business Applications (OBAs) is myfavouritetopic.//Well, let’sgetstarted!
  • Asyou’llseein a fewminutes, building Office Business Applications is verymuchlikeplayingwith building blocks.Youhaveseveralpieces – orcomponents -, and youjust play aroundwiththem, toywiththeminordertobuildyourownsystemwith a lot of flexibility. InmypresentationI’llintroduceyouto a complexarchitecturewithseveral OBA components. I’mgoingtodothisbytalkingyouthroughthewholeprocess, I’llbuildup a demoforyouwithlots of examples.Sopleasejoinme and helpmeputtogetherthepieces of an OBA Architecture.
  • OK, let’s start with LOB Systems.LOB – standsforLine-of-Business. A LOB System is a software applicationor a suite of software applicationsthatintegratethecoredata and processes of a business organization.Whatdoesitmean?Imagineyouhave a business organizationwithseparated LOB Systems. a lot of administrativetasks almost impossiblemaintenance almost impossiblescalabilityhardto (almost impossibleto) develop and add new LOB Systemshardto (almost impossibleto) develop and add newclient-sidecomponents………Ifyouwanttohave an ordered/systematizedorganization, youneed a differentview – and a lot of planning.
  • Yes, youneed LOB Systems inyourcompany. Yes, youhavetousethem.Andyouhavetoplanthemifyouwanttosurvive.Youhavetoplan an architecture, ifyouwantto be thefirstinthe market.Duringthisplanningone of the most importantquestion is: Integrateorseparatethesesystems?The decision has a lot of effecttoyourorganizationinthefuture:- Whatkind of solutionswillyouneedWhattype of solutionscanyoudevelop / buy?Whatkind of plantformscanyouuse?Howcanyoumaintainyoursystem(s)?Howcanyouscaleyoursystem(s)? …I don’tlike and don’tknowtoanswerthesequestionsinstead of you.To be abletoanswerthesequestions, I’dliketo show you an integratedsolution. Comewithme and thinkaboutit: is itgoodforyou? Couldyourcompany be likethisone?
  • Well,let’s start tobuildourArchitecture.First of all, we’regoingtodiveintothe LOB Systems side. LOB Systems can be forexample SAP, Oracle, butinmyexampleI’ll show you a scenariowith SQL Server Data Services and SQL Server ReportingServices.
  • OK,solet’sseewhatabout SQL Server Data Services, or SSDS.SSDS is a brandnew service, which is inthe „cloud”. Inthecould.Whatdoesitmean? - Thatmeansthatyourdata is notstoredinyourownhostedstorage. Yourdata is storedsomewhereintheworld, in a hugedata center, and youcanaccessthemviaseveraldataaccessprotocols – mostly SOAP and REST. YoucandevelopyourownI know, thiskind of thinking, thiskindofmentalitycan be hardforyou. Yes, I know – asyouknow, Icomefrom a small country wherepeoplesay: everything is mineif I hostit. Butthinkabouttheotherside of SSDS:Youdon’thavetowasteyourtime and moneytohost a fullenvironmentYoudon’thavetoworryaboutthe performance, mainteinability, scalability, etc.youdon’thavetoworryaboutsecurity, because … …toconclude: youcansave a lot of time and money. Yes: time and money – thesearereallyimportantfacts, isnt’tit?
  • Well, howto start with SSDS?Howyoucanuseitinyour business?Howyoucansaveyourtime and money?First of all: SSDS is notpublictoday! Thatmeans: SSDS is inprivateBeta, butthepublicBetaiscomingsoon! I can’tsayanyfurtherdetails, butstaytuned. Youcanget more infoonthe SSDS site oronmyblog (seethe end of thispresentation)Ifyouwanttotryorusethe SSDS, youhavetothinkinthecloud. As I mentioned: thatrequires a differentview, butitworth! Yourdatacan be accessiblefromanyplace, inanytime – of course, in a secureway.Finally, one of the most importantfacts: although SSDS has theword SQL inthename, this is not a traditionalrelationaldatabase. Instead of rows and columnsyouhavetothinkinEntitiesandContainers – almost likein an object-orientedworld.…SSDS Explorer…
  • Well, tosummarizemylastslides
  • What is S+S?What is the main benefits?
  • Molnar DEV307 OBA

    1. 1. Reinvigorate the Business Client – Extend your OBA over your Imagination ITP317, DEV317, CIO317, PM317, IA317
    2. 2.  Ágnes Molnár, MVP, MCT, MCPS  L&M Solutions (Budapest, Hungary)  
    3. 3. The art of OBA – Today’schallenges for SharePoint Experts
    4. 4. LOB System a software application or a suite of software applications that integrate the core data and processes of a business organization.
    5. 5. Architecture Planning LOB Systems are needed in every business Business Decision: Integrate or separate? Platform Maintenance Scalability Business Productivity etc.
    6. 6. SSDS LOB MOSSArchitecture SSRS Elements …
    7. 7. LOB System Examples SQL Server Reporting Services Dynamics CRM Oracle SAP etc.
    8. 8. SQL Server Data Services(SSDS) SQL Server Data Services REST / REST / REST / REST / REST / REST / REST / SOAP SOAP SOAP SOAP SOAP SOAP SOAP ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Logic Client Client Client Client Client Client Client Library Library Library Library Library Library Library SQL Server Data Services Platform SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL Services Services Services Services Services Services Services Distrib. Distrib. Distrib. Distrib. Distrib. Distrib. Distrib. Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Services Services Services Services Services Services Services Data center infrastructure
    9. 9. SSDS Public Beta: coming soon… Authority Think in the Cloud „Your Data Any Place, Any Time” Think in Entities Container Entity
    10. 10. Decision: integrate or separate?Integrate Separate Collaborative systems  Independent systems Solution oriented  Task oriented Well defined  Separated responsibilities responsibilities Maintenable  Limited Scalable  … Robust …
    11. 11. Integration with MOSS 2007 Think in One
    12. 12. Best Practices forMOSS 2007 based solutions Think in one Use SharePoint as Integration Platform Use every LOB System what is it intended to Be brave and creative Plan, plan, plan
    13. 13. LOB SYSTEMS - SSDS
    14. 14. Office BusinessApplications (OBA)
    15. 15. Office Business Platform Software + Services Microsoft Office SharePoint Server The Microsoft Office System LOB Integration BPM/Collaboration Business Productivity Enterprise Search Clients Business Intelligence Business Portals Content Management Portal Services
    16. 16. Office Business Platform .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET,Office Microsoft Custom SAP Duet ISV SolutionsBusiness Dynamics Solutions Development Framework/ToolsApplications SharePoint Designer 2007 Office system clients Open XML File Formats & Extensible Fluent Interface The Office Communications Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Office Project Server Exchange Server Office Office Performance • Portals Point Server 2007 System Server 2007 • Search 2007 • Collaboration/BPM 2007 • LOB Integration • Business Intelligence • Electronic Forms • Website & Security Framework LOB Systems Microsoft SAP Siebel Custom Core Platform Dynamics LOB Systems Surround Platform
    17. 17. The Art of OBA
    18. 18. OBA Components
    19. 19. Best Practices forOBA-based integrated solutions Think in one Use Office in offices, LOB Systems in the background Communicate through well-defined channels Be brave and creative Plan, plan, plan
    20. 20. Bad Practices forOBA-based integrated solutions OBA is NOT a silver bullet Don’t use any piece if don’t really need Don’t communicate without a well- planned architecture Don’t do anything without plan
    21. 21. Tools
    22. 22. OBA Composition Toolkit
    23. 23. S+S Business Solutions
    25. 25. LINQ4SP Query and data manipulation Easier development Support for Content Types, Folders, Versioning, Custom columns, etc. Security + impersonation etc.
    26. 26. LINQ4SP Code Sample Simple Query
    27. 27. LINQ4SP Code Sample New Item with Lookup field
    28. 28. Architecture
    29. 29. Architecture Elements
    30. 30. OBA ArchitectureBest Practices Think in one Plan, plan, plan Plan for Business and for Future Use every pieces what is it intended to Communicate through well-defined channels Be brave and creative
    31. 31. OBA ArchitectureBad Practices Don’t think separated pieces Don’t do anything before planning Don’t make spider webs!
    32. 32. Summary
    33. 33. More Information My Blog: OBA Central: OBA Developer Portal: us/office/aa905528.aspx OBA Composition Reference Toolkit: us/architecture/cc196391.aspx SSDS: us/sqlserver/dataservices/default.aspx
    34. 34. Thank you for attending!Please be sure to fill out your session evaluation!