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IRW Sharepoint scope and futures seminars_june_2011

  1. 1. SharePoint -Scope & FuturesSeminarLondon 1st JuneEdinburgh 15th June
  2. 2. Team & Format  Ian Warnock (Managing Director - IRW)  Ted Shultz/Steven Grier (Microsoft Guest Speaker)  Brian Logan ( Consultant - IRW)  Kenny Cochrane ( Business and Account Manager - IRW)Format Today  Introduction - Ian  Microsoft Office 365 and demo - Ted/Steven  SharePoint 2010 and demos - Brian  Coffee Break  Case Studies - Brian/Ian  Sharepoint - i-CERP and Demo Brian  Q & A and close All  Questions welcome at end of each session
  3. 3. Health & SafetyToiletsAre located outside Microsoft domainCloakroomAll meeting rooms on level 5 have their ownMain ContactsAudrey McCabe, Location Services Co-ordinator, Mon Tue & Fri - 0118 909 3754Alexandra Walker, Location Services Co-ordinator, Wed Thurs & Fri - 0118 909 2912Fire TestA test is carried out on a Tuesday at 10amFire EvacuationAssembly Point, Main Entrance Fire Exit, Calton Road Fire Exit and North Bridge Fire ExitFire WardensKate Heriot Level 4Morag Macfarlane Level 4Audrey McCabe Level 5Alexandra Walker Level 5First AidersJennifer Elliot 0118 909 3602Lynda Walker 0118 909 4369Paul Murphy 0118 909 5557Smoking PolicyNo smoking is permitted in the proximity of Waverley GateSmoking is permitted down Calton Road, up the Bridges and to the right of Waterloo PlaceAccidentsAll accidents should be reported to either Audrey or Alexandra as a record of these must be kept for H&S purposes
  4. 4. Our Background in SharePoint We have worked with all versions of SharePoint since its origins in 2002  From Content Management Server 2002 to SharePoint 2010..... 2003 - First UK integration of Microsoft CMS Intranet and public facing Web in education sector (Times Educational Supplement) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) - over 50 deployments UK wide Experienced in both Intranet and Internet solutions Deployment and Use of Project Server on a SharePoint platform (2007 and 2010) 2010 – Sharepoint with Dynamics CRM to form organisation wide solutions; 2011 Sharepoint with Biztalk to integrate between existing main and/or critical systems; Migration of several MOSS 2007 sites to Sharepoint 2010
  5. 5. IRW - Company Background Integrated, Real-time & Windows Systems Originally formed 1987 30 members of staff, majority on delivery and technical teams Glasgow (HQ) and London Locations, UK wide cover and client base Extensive references and case studies Client base includes NHS trusts, FE and HE sectors, Police, Fire & Rescue; government , Housing Associations and many private sector blue chips and SMEs Award-winning SharePoint and BI solutions, over 50 implementations Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Information Worker and Custom Development and Digital Marketing Competencies
  6. 6. Some of our SharePoint Clients NHS EDUCATION UCLAN University of Central Lancashire PUBLIC SECTOR PRIVATE SECTOR International Anchor Accounting Trust Standards Bureau
  7. 7. Positioning SharePoint - the new operating system? Massive, and increasing use across all sectors, for a wide variety of purposes and reasons. A defacto standard? A Productivity „ToolKit? Provides :  A solid, richly functional and extensible base  Tight, easy to use integration with Office and other Microsoft apps  Contains powerful Business Intelligence / Insights capabilities  Multipurpose, license variants for size / capability  Options for deployment, on premise, hosted, cloud.... An Ideal platform to deploy, grow, then build on and integrate with, to create highly effective business /organisation wide solutions.
  8. 8.  The Aim of Today‟s sessions is to share with you and show some of the benefits, functions and capabilities of SharePoint, and further scope beyond the core system. Next - Ted Shultz/Steven Grier, Guest Speaker on Office 365
  9. 9. SharePoint 2010 An Introduction
  10. 10. SharePoint 2010 An Introduction  Sharepoint 2010 – Overview of features  Insights (Business Intelligence)  IRW Case Studies
  11. 11. SharePoint 2010MOSS 2007WSS 3Do you already use one or more of these versions?
  12. 12. SharePoint 2010  Business Collaboration Platform
  13. 13. Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010
  14. 14. Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010 Sites - Basis of Collaboration and Team Sites  Intranet / Extranet or Internet  Personalization – MySites Communities – “Facebook for the Enterprise”  Tagging  Blogs  Wikis  Discussions Content –  Web Pages  Documents  Records Management
  15. 15. Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010 Search - find relevant content  Document Libraries (Metadata)  Site Content (pages, discussions, blogs)  People / Skills  External  File Shares (existing network file shares)  Line of Business Apps Insights – new “Business Intelligence”  Charts/ Scorecards  Access/Excel Services  Visio services  Performance Point Services Composites – build composite apps without code…  Business Connection Services  InfoPath  Sharepoint Designer  Visio
  16. 16. Some of the new SharePoint 2010 features Better support for Internet facing sites More security features & flexibility in managing permissions Improved Access and Visio Services Support In-Place Records Management Social Networking Capabilities Native support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera Easy migration from SPS2003 and MOSS 2007 New Silverlight and Media content capability
  17. 17. Re-Designed User InteractionRibbon: Gives Microsoft Office look and feel to SharePoint environment
  18. 18. Re-Designed User InteractionNew Editing functionality - Edit directly on the page
  19. 19. Benefits of using SharePoint Server Improving Business Procedures Streamline and Integrate disparate business applications Tight integration with Microsoft Office Central delivery of BI and MI Control of electronic assets  Content control and approval  Versioning of documents  Audit trails Enables collaborative working Minimal user training thanks to Office UI Design Strong search capability
  20. 20. Following Areas of Improvement in SharePoint 2010 From End Users ProspectiveMultiple Browser support - Now Supports Fire-Fox, with increasedcompatibility for Safari. (IE6 not supported)Business Connectivity Services (BCS) as the evolution of BDC. Theseservices can now be consumed from Office client apps alsoSharePoint Workspace (formerly called Groove): a smart client forSharePoint. Supports online, offline and Synchronization of data.
  21. 21. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) SharePoint 2010 which is replaced the functionality of BDC(Business Data Catalog) in SharePoint 2007 The External content type which is in SharePoint Designer 2010 can easily connect to SQL databases. Available in base version of SharePoint 2010 (previously an enterprise feature) Ability to update, delete and edit external data from SharePoint
  22. 22. Managing Site Users and PermissionsInformation in Windows SharePoint Services is secured at one of four levels. Site level List or document library level Folder level List item level We can authenticate user permissions according to Site, List, Item.
  23. 23. DEVELOPMENT TOOLS IMPROVEMENTS As an application platform, Microsoft provides multiple tools, to configure and customize SharePoint 2010. These tools provide an array of capabilities for a variety of user roles, based on the complexity of the application being created and include a  Browser,  InfoPath 2010,  SharePoint Designer 2010  Visual Studio 2010. Combined, they provide the ability to quickly create powerful enterprise applications which leverage the capabilities of the SharePoint platform.
  24. 24. SharePoint 2010: Demo
  25. 25. SharePoint 2010Insights (Business Intelligence)
  26. 26. Todays BI Reality for Most Organisations
  27. 27. Performance Point Services -Intuitive Design
  28. 28. Microsoft Business Intelligence Offering BUSINESS USER EXPERIENCE Data Infrastructure & BI Platform Analysis Services Reporting Services Integration ServicesBUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY INFRASTRUCTURE Data Mining Data Warehousing DATA INFRASTRUCTURE & BI PLATFORM
  29. 29. Analysis Services Cubes “For Groceries, show me the Margin in February”Products Clothing January Time Appliances Groceries February March £6,745 April May Units Sales Cost Margin
  30. 30. Sharepoint 2010 - Toolkit
  31. 31. Coffee Break….
  32. 32. SharePoint 2010 – Insights: Demo
  33. 33. SharePoint 2010 – Case Studies
  34. 34. NHS Lanarkshire Intranet – SharePoint Portal Server  Improve information sharing and retrieval  Managing documents and meetings  Simple navigation and useful tools (e.g. staff search)  Custom „look & feel‟, web parts, site definitions and templates  Devolution of responsibility to those closest to the information
  35. 35. NHS Grampian – SharePoint SharePoint 2007  Scalable and configurable intranet platform  Rapid and collaborative design development and deployment – cost effective approach  Skills transfer to staff allows in-house intranet configuration and maintenance;  SharePoint platform provides a range of flexible collaboration and communication tools cross-Trust.
  36. 36. Central Scotland Police  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007  Custom Intranet Site  Custom „look & feel‟, web parts, site definitions and templates  RSS newsfeed and CustomLog Webpart
  37. 37. Cumbria Constabulary  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 (Intranet)  Currently upgrading to SharePoint 2010  Customised Intranet Site  Replaced exchange Public folders with SharePoint Lists  Search Functionality  Individual Sites for all Departments  Additional new projects ongoing
  38. 38. Adam Smith College – SharePoint Portal Server 2007 to2010  Increased Functionality, upgraded to 2010  Web front end Servers, scalable layout  Business Web Application, also ties into Dynamics CRM solution deployment for improved and effective operations
  39. 39. Lakes College: Intranet Home Page
  40. 40. Lakes College: KPIs
  41. 41. SharePoint 2010 -as a Platform
  42. 42. NHS Lanarkshire Intranet – SharePoint Portal Server  Improve information sharing and retrieval  Managing documents and meetings  Simple navigation and useful tools (e.g. staff search)  Custom „look & feel‟, web parts, site definitions and templates  Devolution of responsibility to those closest to the information
  43. 43. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010
  44. 44. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010
  45. 45. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010
  46. 46. SharePoint 2010 -as a PlatformCustom Applications - Can utilise Document Management Security Etc.
  47. 47. Questions?
  48. 48. SharePoint 2010 -as a Platform – Part II
  49. 49. iCERP – Critical Emergency Resource Planning
  50. 50. Common Problems Encountered Disparate systems - holding different pieces of information on each staff member or resource. Interrogation - Time consuming process for interrogating each system to plan resources allocation Overview - No simple “one page” view of resource availability. Resolution - When deficiencies are identified, further work is required to investigate additional background info required to support the decision making process. Client Software Install required – usually on only a few PCs
  51. 51. iCERP SolutioniCERP provides a configurable and integrated view of:  your site locations.  resources / teams per location, with:  status, active and non-active resources  gaps and shortfalls of resource  spare or free resources  skills /qualifications per post and resource
  52. 52. iCERP Solution (cont) Allows for planning, advising/requesting and implementingresource moves/transfers to resolve shortfalls or gaps. Provides a detailed log of all events, allocations andtransactions. Dashboard view of key resources, issues and locations. Integrates to existing systems, to seamlessly transact andcommunicate the allocations/reallocations. Both a graphical summary of the whole area and a set oflist to categorise sites with a certain state together, e.g. staffdeficiencies.
  53. 53. iCERP Technical iCERP is built on a foundation of  Microsoft Sharepoint  SQL Server Integration Services  Microsoft BizTalk
  54. 54. iCERP Demo: Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue
  55. 55. iCERP BenefitsiCERP can provide a number of important and valuable benefits toyour service.. Improves operating efficiency and speed of response by givingreal-time visualisation of resources. Improved communication and collaboration. More effective visibility, use and deployment of resources. Assists in optimising and achieving resource and teamcompletion aims. Full traceability and trail of activities. Clear view of post needs and resource skills, qualificationsand/or certifications. Performance metrics via Management reporting functions andKPIs.
  56. 56. iCERP Applications Fire & Rescue teams NHS/ Nursing teams Ambulance and paramedic teams Police resources Coastguard resources
  57. 57. iCERP - Questions?
  58. 58. IRW Value StatementWe provide and assist clients with, SharePoint SolutionRealisation, via: A Proven 4D Approach -  Discovery - Requirements definition /Clarification of business needs  Design - of the best fit system, components, configuration and functions  Develop – the application to fit your aims and requirements  Deploy – the overall solution, to fit your aims, budgets and timescales, plus post implementation support as needed  Our operating modes rage from complete application provision, to joint working and knowledge transfer with clients  IRW – big enough to cope, small enough to care.
  59. 59. Future Seminars:SharePoint and Project Server/ EPMInsights and BI toolsResources and Project Planning – Sharepoint & iCERP Future Webinars:Sharepoint 2010 ; ICERPOffice 365Dynamics CRM 2011Request a demo of any Microsoft Solutions.
  60. 60. Any other questions?
  61. 61. Questions: Kenny Cochrane/Greig Duncanson Business Development Team 0141 840 6868 (Scotland/North) 0207 873 2268 (London/South)"IRWs expertise and practical approach allowed us toprogress promptly to a solid IT Strategy, implementationplan and effective deliverables . We view them to beamong the best for customer service in the industry."