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Irw Generic Power Point


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General presentation with some of irw system\'s products.

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Irw Generic Power Point

  1. 1.
  2. 2. IRW - Company Background<br /><ul><li>Integrated, Real-time & Windows Systems
  3. 3. Originally formed 1987
  4. 4. 30 members of staff, majority on delivery and technical teams
  5. 5. Glasgow (HQ) and London Locations, UK wide cover and client base
  6. 6. Extensive references and case studies
  7. 7. Client base includes NHS trusts, FE and HE sectors, Police, Fire & Rescue; government , Housing Associations and many private sector blue chips and SMEs
  8. 8. Award-winning SharePoint and BI solutions, over 50 implementations
  9. 9. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Information Worker and Custom Development and Digital Marketing Competencies</li></li></ul><li>Organisational Overview<br />Integrated Services and Solutions<br />
  10. 10. Some of our SharePoint Clients<br /><ul><li>NHS
  11. 11. EDUCATION
  13. 13. PRIVATE SECTOR</li></ul>UCLAN<br />University of<br />Central<br />Lancashire<br />International <br />Accounting <br />Standards<br />Bureau<br />Anchor Trust<br />
  14. 14. “Any size company that has a Microsoft technology stack should consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM for automating sales force automation and customer service and support processes”.<br />Gartner - April 2011 <br />
  15. 15. What is CRM?Overview<br />
  16. 16. THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVITY<br />FAMILIAR<br />CONNECTED<br />INTELLIGENT<br />natural &<br />personal<br />collaborative &<br />integrated<br />insightful &<br />actionable<br />SOURCE: GARTNER (June and July 2009)<br />
  17. 17. THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVITY<br />FAMILIAR<br />CONNECTED<br />INTELLIGENT<br />Office Fluent UI experience<br />Next-gen Outlook client<br />RoleTailored forms & views<br />Advanced Personalization<br />SOURCE: GARTNER (June and July 2009)<br />
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Familiar Benefits:<br /><ul><li>User experience reduces clicks to increase productivity
  20. 20. Streamlined experience for users to reduce training costs and user adoption
  21. 21. Compliance requirements can be met
  22. 22. Powerful tools to allow users manipulate data in tools they are familiar with</li></li></ul><li>THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVITY<br />FAMILIAR<br />CONNECTED<br />INTELLIGENT<br />Office Fluent UI experience<br />Next-gen Outlook client<br />RoleTailored forms & views<br />Advanced Personalization<br />Real-time Dashboards<br />Guided Process<br />Visual Analysis & Navigation<br />Flexible Goal Management<br />SOURCE: GARTNER (June and July 2009)<br />
  23. 23. Intelligent:<br />
  24. 24. IntelligentBenefits:<br /><ul><li>Powerful visualisations to ensure decisions can made instantaneously
  25. 25. Simple tools to reduce reliance on IT staff
  26. 26. Improve employee productivity
  27. 27. Guided processes allow complex data entry to be simplified ensuring data accuracy and completeness</li></li></ul><li>THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVITY<br />FAMILIAR<br />CONNECTED<br />INTELLIGENT<br />Office Fluent UI experience<br />Next-gen Outlook client<br />RoleTailored forms & views<br />Advanced Personalization<br />Real-time Dashboards<br />Guided Process<br />Visual Analysis & Navigation<br />Flexible Goal Management<br />Business Connections<br />Contextual SharePoint<br />Cloud solutions & extensions<br />Dynamics Marketplace<br />SOURCE: GARTNER (June and July 2009)<br />
  28. 28. Connected:<br />
  29. 29.
  30. 30. ConnectedBenefits:<br /><ul><li>Simple integration with other Microsoft technologies ensure investments are maximised
  31. 31. Track all connections to ensure 360 degree view of customers
  32. 32. One view of all Dynamics CRM solutions</li></li></ul><li>DYNAMICS MARKETPLACE<br /><ul><li>Solutions focus
  33. 33. Digital downloads
  34. 34. CfMDCertification
  35. 35. Click & Try Experience</li></li></ul><li>SharePoint 2010<br />An Introduction<br />
  36. 36. Microsoft SharePoint Server (MSS 2010)<br />There are two main variants, and several deployment options.<br />MSF – Microsoft SharePoint Foundation <br />Is the base edition of SharePoint product and comes free of cost (you will only need to pay for windows and database server). This is the equivalent of WSS in 2007.<br />MSS – Microsoft SharePoint Server<br />Developed on top SharePoint Foundation 2010 and it’s a licensed product. SharePoint Server 2010 includes all the features that SharePoint Foundation has along with many additional features.<br /> <br />
  37. 37. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (M0SS 2007)<br />There are two main variants, and several deployment options.<br />WSS – Windows SharePoint Services<br />(included with Windows Server and SBS) – base but comprehensive system, lacks various features of MOSS.<br /> <br />MOSS – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server<br />(obtained as a Server product plus additional modules, such as SharePoint External Connector, CALS etc.<br />
  38. 38. SharePoint Server (SPS 2001 - 2003)<br />SPS 2003 and WSS 2.0<br />In 2003 Microsoft released SharePoint Server 2003 or SPS 2003 and the free WSS 2.0.<br />SPS 2001<br />In 2001 Microsoft had released SharePoint Server 2001 which was the first commercial release of the version. Before that the project had been code name Tahoe.<br />
  39. 39. Positioning SharePoint - the new operating system?<br /><ul><li>Massive, and increasing use across all sectors, for a wide variety of purposes and reasons.
  40. 40. A defacto standard?
  41. 41. A Productivity ‘ToolKit?
  42. 42. Provides :
  43. 43. A solid, richly functional and extensible base
  44. 44. Tight, easy to use integration with Office and other Microsoft apps
  45. 45. Contains powerful Business Intelligence / Insights capabilities
  46. 46. Multipurpose, license variants for size / capability
  47. 47. Options for deployment, on premise, hosted, cloud....
  48. 48. An Ideal platform to deploy, grow, then build on and integrate with, to create highly effective business /organisation wide solutions.</li></li></ul><li>Our Background in SharePoint<br /><ul><li>We have worked with all versions of SharePoint since its origins in 2002
  49. 49. From Content Management Server 2002 to SharePoint 2010.....
  50. 50. 2003 - First UK integration of Microsoft CMS Intranet and public facing Web in education sector (Times Educational Supplement)
  51. 51. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) - over 50 deployments UK wide
  52. 52. Experienced in both Intranet and Internet solutions
  53. 53. Deployment and Use of Project Server on a SharePoint platform (2007 and 2010)
  54. 54. 2010 – SharePoint with Dynamics CRM to form organisation wide solutions;
  55. 55. 2011 SharePoint with Biztalk to integrate between existing main and/or critical systems;
  56. 56. Migration of several MOSS 2007 sites to SharePoint 2010</li></li></ul><li>Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010<br />
  57. 57. Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010<br /><ul><li>Sites - Basis of Collaboration and Team Sites
  58. 58. Intranet / Extranet or Internet
  59. 59. Personalization – MySites
  60. 60. Communities – “Facebook for the Enterprise”
  61. 61. Tagging
  62. 62. Blogs
  63. 63. Wikis
  64. 64. Discussions
  65. 65. Content –
  66. 66. Web Pages
  67. 67. Documents
  68. 68. Records Management</li></li></ul><li>Six Pillars of Sharepoint 2010<br /><ul><li>Search - find relevant content
  69. 69. Document Libraries (Metadata)
  70. 70. Site Content (pages, discussions, blogs)
  71. 71. People / Skills
  72. 72. External
  73. 73. File Shares (existing network file shares)
  74. 74. Line of Business Apps
  75. 75. Insights – new “Business Intelligence”
  76. 76. Charts/ Scorecards
  77. 77. Access/Excel Services
  78. 78. Visio services
  79. 79. Performance Point Services
  80. 80. Composites – build composite apps without code…
  81. 81. Business Connection Services
  82. 82. InfoPath
  83. 83. Sharepoint Designer
  84. 84. Visio</li></li></ul><li>Some of the new SharePoint 2010 features<br /><ul><li>Better support for Internet facing sites
  85. 85. More security features & flexibility in managing permissions
  86. 86. Improved Access and Visio Services Support
  87. 87. In-Place Records Management
  88. 88. Social Networking Capabilities
  89. 89. Native support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera
  90. 90. Easy migration from SPS2003 and MOSS 2007
  91. 91. New Silverlight and Media content capability</li></li></ul><li>Re-Designed User Interaction<br />Ribbon:<br />Gives Microsoft Office look and feel to SharePoint environment<br />
  92. 92. Re-Designed User Interaction<br />New Editing functionality - Edit directly on the page<br />
  93. 93. Benefits of using SharePoint Server<br /><ul><li>Improving Business Procedures
  94. 94. Streamline and Integrate disparate business applications
  95. 95. Tight integration with Microsoft Office
  96. 96. Central delivery of BI and MI
  97. 97. Control of electronic assets
  98. 98. Content control and approval
  99. 99. Versioning of documents
  100. 100. Audit trails
  101. 101. Enables collaborative working
  102. 102. Minimal user training thanks to Office UI Design
  103. 103. Strong search capability</li></li></ul><li>Following Areas of Improvement in SharePoint 2010From End Users Prospective<br />Multiple Browser support - Now Supports Fire-Fox, with increased compatibility for Safari. (IE6 not supported)<br />Business Connectivity Services (BCS) as the evolution of BDC. These services can now be consumed from Office client apps also<br />SharePoint Workspace (formerly called Groove): a smart client for SharePoint. Supports online, offline and Synchronization of data.<br />
  104. 104. Business Connectivity Services (BCS)<br /><ul><li>SharePoint 2010 which is replaced the functionality of BDC(Business Data Catalog) in SharePoint 2007
  105. 105. The External content type which is in SharePoint Designer 2010 can easily connect to SQL databases.
  106. 106. Available in base version of SharePoint 2010 (previously an enterprise feature)
  107. 107. Ability to update, delete and edit external data from SharePoint</li></li></ul><li>Managing Site Users and Permissions<br />Information in Windows SharePoint Services is secured at one of four levels.<br /><ul><li>Site level
  108. 108. List or document library level
  109. 109. Folder level
  110. 110. List item level</li></ul> We can authenticate user permissions according to Site, List, Item.<br />
  111. 111. DEVELOPMENT TOOLS IMPROVEMENTS<br /><ul><li>As an application platform, Microsoft provides multiple tools, to configure and customize SharePoint 2010.
  112. 112. These tools provide an array of capabilities for a variety of user roles, based on the complexity of the application being created and include a
  113. 113. Browser,
  114. 114. InfoPath 2010,
  115. 115. SharePoint Designer 2010
  116. 116. Visual Studio 2010.
  117. 117. Combined, they provide the ability to quickly create powerful enterprise applications which leverage the capabilities of the SharePoint platform.</li></li></ul><li>SharePoint 2010<br />Insights (Business Intelligence)<br />
  118. 118. Today's BI Reality for Most Organisations<br />DifficultTo Use<br />“Foreign” tools inhibit adoption and use<br />Functionality split across multiple tools<br />Fragmented<br />Rigid and unable to change with the business<br />Inflexible<br />Narrowly deployed without a complete view<br />Departmental<br />Too costly for broad deployment<br />Costly<br />
  119. 119. Performance Point Services - Intuitive Design<br />
  120. 120. Microsoft Business Intelligence Offering<br />BUSINESS USER EXPERIENCE<br />Data Infrastructure & BI Platform<br />Analysis Services<br />Reporting Services<br />Integration Services<br />Data Mining<br />Data Warehousing<br /> BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY INFRASTRUCTURE<br /> DATA INFRASTRUCTURE & BI PLATFORM<br />
  121. 121. Analysis Services Cubes<br />£6,745<br />“For Groceries, show me the Margin in February”<br />Time<br />Products<br />January<br />Clothing<br />Appliances<br />February<br />Groceries<br />March<br />April<br />May<br />Margin<br />Units<br />Sales<br />Cost<br />
  122. 122. Sharepoint 2010 - Toolkit<br />Chart Web Part<br />Can connect to Lists and SQL Tables<br />Can connect to Lists and SQL Tables<br />Status List<br />Powerful Client side BI tool<br />Excel<br />Connect Graphics to Live data<br />Visio<br />Drill into data via your browser<br />Performance Point<br />Further Develop Custom Reports<br />Reporting Services<br />
  123. 123. NHS Lanarkshire Intranet – SharePoint Portal Server<br /><ul><li>Improve information sharing and retrieval
  124. 124. Managing documents and meetings
  125. 125. Simple navigation and useful tools (e.g. staff search)
  126. 126. Custom ‘look & feel’, web parts, site definitions and templates
  127. 127. Devolution of responsibility to those closest to the information</li></li></ul><li>NHS Grampian – SharePoint 2007<br /><ul><li>Scalable and configurable intranet platform
  128. 128. Rapid and collaborative design development and deployment – cost effective approach
  129. 129. Skills transfer to staff allows in-house intranet configuration and maintenance;
  130. 130. SharePoint platform provides a range of flexible collaboration and communication tools cross-Trust.</li></li></ul><li>Central Scotland Police <br /><ul><li>Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  131. 131. Custom Intranet Site
  132. 132. Custom ‘look & feel’, web parts, site definitions and templates
  133. 133. RSS newsfeed and CustomLogWebpart</li></li></ul><li>Cumbria Constabulary<br /><ul><li> Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 (Intranet)
  134. 134. Currently upgrading to SharePoint 2010
  135. 135. Customised Intranet Site
  136. 136. Replaced exchange Public folders with SharePoint Lists
  137. 137. Search Functionality
  138. 138. Individual Sites for all Departments
  139. 139. Additional new projects ongoing </li></li></ul><li>Adam Smith College – SharePoint Portal Server 2007 to 2010<br /><ul><li>Increased Functionality, upgraded to 2010
  140. 140. Web front end Servers, scalable layout
  141. 141. Business Web Application, also ties into Dynamics CRM solution deployment for improved and effective operations</li></li></ul><li>Lakes College: Intranet Home Page<br />
  142. 142. Lakes College: KPIs<br />
  143. 143. SharePoint 2010<br />-as a Platform<br />
  144. 144. Project Server<br />
  145. 145. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010<br />
  146. 146. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010<br />
  147. 147. SharePoint 2010: Project Server 2010<br />
  148. 148. SharePoint 2010<br />-as a Platform – Part II<br />
  149. 149. iCERP – Critical Emergency Resource Planning<br />
  150. 150. Common Problems Encountered<br /><ul><li>Disparate systems - holding different pieces of information on each staff member or resource.
  151. 151. Interrogation - Time consuming process for interrogating each system to plan resources allocation
  152. 152. Overview - No simple “one page” view of resource availability.
  153. 153. Resolution - When deficiencies are identified, further work is required to investigate additional background info required to support the decision making process.
  154. 154. Client Software Install required – usually on only a few PCs</li></li></ul><li>iCERP Solution<br />iCERP provides a configurable and integrated view of:<br /><ul><li> your site locations.
  155. 155. resources / teams per location, with:
  156. 156. status, active and non-active resources
  157. 157. gaps and shortfalls of resource
  158. 158. spare or free resources
  159. 159. skills /qualifications per post and resource </li></li></ul><li>iCERP Solution (cont)<br /><ul><li> Allows for planning, advising/requesting and implementing resource moves/transfers to resolve shortfalls or gaps.
  160. 160. Provides a detailed log of all events, allocations and transactions.
  161. 161. Dashboard view of key resources, issues and locations.
  162. 162. Integrates to existing systems, to seamlessly transact and communicate the allocations/reallocations.
  163. 163. Both a graphical summary of the whole area and a set of list to categorise sites with a certain state together, e.g. staff deficiencies.</li></li></ul><li>iCERP Technical<br /> iCERP is built on a foundation of<br /><ul><li> Microsoft Sharepoint
  164. 164. SQL Server
  165. 165. Integration Services
  166. 166. Microsoft BizTalk</li></li></ul><li>iCERP Demo: Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue<br />
  167. 167. iCERP Benefits<br />iCERP can provide a number of important and valuable benefits to your service..<br /><ul><li> Improves operating efficiency and speed of response by giving real-time visualisation of resources.
  168. 168. Improved communication and collaboration.
  169. 169. More effective visibility, use and deployment of resources.
  170. 170. Assists in optimising and achieving resource and team completion aims.
  171. 171. Full traceability and trail of activities.
  172. 172. Clear view of post needs and resource skills, qualifications and/or certifications.
  173. 173. Performance metrics via Management reporting functions and KPIs.</li></li></ul><li>iCERP Applications<br /><ul><li> Fire & Rescue teams
  174. 174. NHS/ Nursing teams
  175. 175. Ambulance and paramedic teams
  176. 176. Police resources
  177. 177. Coastguard resources</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft Online Services<br />
  178. 178. Customers tell us…<br /><ul><li>We want the features of the latest platform but don’t want to upgrade or we don’t have the skills…
  179. 179. We can’t keep good IT people to run the platform and we need to free up our best people to work on strategic projects…
  180. 180. We want more predictable IT costs even if it doesn’t save a lot of money…
  181. 181. We can’t spend enough to ensure security and reliability…
  182. 182. We want to provide capabilities to employees who don’t have those today but don’t want to spend time…</li></li></ul><li>Cloud Computing: The Microsoft View<br />EXTENDour enterprise software that runs core functions for business today to the cloud at internet scale<br />DEVELOPinnovative new services that expand the way end users, developers, and consumers can access and utilize the information they need, when they need it.<br />FREEDOMfor businesses<br />Solutions you know and trust delivered by SUBSCRIPTION<br />Applications, platforms, and data center infrastructure as a UTILITY<br />
  183. 183. Office 365 brings together cloud versions of our most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of our desktop suite for businesses of all sizes.  <br />
  184. 184. TEAM SITES<br />Keep teams in sync and manage important projects<br />MY SITES<br />Manage and share personal documents and information<br />INTRANET SITES<br />Keep up to date with company news and information<br />
  185. 185. Moveon-premises workloads to the cloud at your pace<br />Keep some users on premises and some users online<br />Sign a single agreement that gives you the flexibility to run SharePoint online and on premises<br />
  186. 186. Finance Benefits <br />“As a businessman, I have to control capital costs and my operating budget. Microsoft Online Services is a fraction of the cost and a quantum leap forward in capability”<br /><ul><li> Jeff Staser, Founder, Staser Consulting Group</li></ul>“SharePoint Online was very attractive…It allows flexibility to grow with our organization.”<br />- Aaron Walters, CFO, Recycled Energy Development<br />“If we need to support 150 people, we can get 150 people up and running in a matter of days.” <br />- Jennifer Boyd, Administrative Manager, Staser Consulting Group<br />
  187. 187. Technology Benefits<br />
  188. 188. Security and Reliability<br />Guaranteed Uptime<br /><ul><li>99.9% uptime with financially backed service level agreements
  189. 189. SLA tiers
  190. 190. Uptime between 99% and 99.9%  25% payout
  191. 191. Uptime between 95% and 99%  50% payout
  192. 192. Uptime less than 95%  100% payout
  193. 193. Data centres are Cyber Trust and SAS70 certified. Additionally, they are ISO 27001 certified which is an internationally recognized standard proving a framework within which the range of threats relevant to information security are identified and effectively managed. Lastly, they adhere to the EU Safe Harbour framework.</li></li></ul><li>Process Benefits<br />What would it cost you to achieve…<br />“What if it breaks when I need it? I haven’t received e-mail all day—is something down? There’s an emotional component that I can’t put a price or a time value on, but it’s something that I’m very pleased to relinquish.”<br />- JW Keller, President, Datatune<br />“Ongoing maintenance…is anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours a month just to keep things running.”<br />- JW Keller, President, Datatune<br />“We’ve never deployed Exchange Server for less than $5K.”<br />- JW Keller, President, Datatune<br />
  194. 194. Deployment Choice<br />ON-PREMISES<br />CLOUD SERVICES<br />Interoperable by Design<br />Seamless User Experience<br />
  195. 195. 74<br />Office 365 Pricing Synopsis<br />E Family Plans<br />Workload<br />Standalone Plans<br />Key Features<br />Exchange Online (Plan 1)<br />£3.25<br />Email, Calendar, Contacts, Personal Archive, e-Discovery, AV/AS<br />Plan E4<br />£17.75/m<br />Exchange Online (Plan 2)<br />£6.50<br />Voicemail & advanced archive capabilities<br />Voice<br />SharePoint Online (Plan 1)<br />£3.50<br />Collaboration with Sites, AV<br />Office Pro Plus<br />Plan E3<br />£15.75/m<br />SharePoint Online (Plan 2)<br />£6.75<br />Forms, data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio services<br />V.mail & Advanced Archive Capabilities<br />Lync Online (Plan 1)<br />£1.30<br />Instant Messaging & Presence, AV<br />Forms, Access<br />Excel, & Visio Services<br />Lync Online (Plan 2)<br />£4.25<br />Virtual Meetings<br />Plan E2<br />£10.50/m<br />Office Web Apps<br />Office Professional Plus<br />£8.00<br />Client productivity applications & web apps<br />(Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Communicator, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, OneNote)<br />Email, calendar, AV/AS, Personal Archive<br />Plan E1<br />£6.50/m<br />Office Web Apps <br />(with SPO Plan 1) £7.25<br />Web App includes SharePoint Online Plan 1*<br />Collaboration Portal<br />Office Web Apps <br />(with SPO Plan 2) £10.50<br />Web App includes SharePoint Online Plan 2*<br />Conferencing<br />* Office Web Apps include SharePoint Online <br />IM & presence<br />K Family Plans<br />Office Web Apps<br />Plan K2<br />£6.50/m<br />SharePoint Online <br />Kiosk<br />Plan K1<br />£2.60/m<br />Exchange Online<br />Kiosk<br />
  196. 196. Hawkeye – Current Global Locations<br />
  197. 197. Hawkeye – Individual Daily Routes and Stops<br />
  198. 198. Hawkeye – Key Requirements<br /><ul><li>Precise location and tracking of human assets;
  199. 199. Operability in areas of poor mobile phone GPRS reception
  200. 200. (eg rural/hill/mountain/valley areas);
  201. 201. Employee safety;
  202. 202. Link to business systems;
  203. 203. Mobile workforce affectivity tools;
  204. 204. Use in a mixed mobile phone environment;
  205. 205. Phones with no on-board GPS;</li></li></ul><li>Hawkeye – Technical Base<br />Currently we run this on phones and smartphones using the Windows Mobile operating system. The system is based on Microsoft .Net and SQL Server . It can cater for user volumes from 1 to several thousand.<br /> <br />IRW can provide both a web based and PC based solution, depending on your needs.<br />
  206. 206. Hawkeye – Product Development <br />We are now commencing additional development on this to address other topical markets and mobile phone operating systems , for example Symbian and the Blackberry platform. <br /> <br />Further, we are aware that the market is also seeking more hybrid tracking systems where we can include other devices in our solution, for example non-powered plant items, such as trailers to articulated trucks. We are therefore able to source and integrate suitable GPS/GPRS/GSM devices into our solution.<br />
  207. 207. IRW Value Statement We provide and assist clients with, SharePoint Solution Realisation, via: <br /><ul><li>A Proven 4D Approach -
  208. 208. Discovery - Requirements definition /Clarification of business needs
  209. 209. Design - of the best fit system, components, configuration and functions
  210. 210. Develop – the application to fit your aims and requirements
  211. 211. Deploy – the overall solution, to fit your aims, budgets and timescales, plus post implementation support as needed
  212. 212. Our operating modes rage from complete application provision, to joint working and knowledge transfer with clients
  213. 213. IRW – big enough to cope, small enough to care.</li></li></ul><li>Questions:<br />Kenny Cochrane/Greig Duncanson<br />Business Development Team<br /> or<br />0141 840 6868 (Scotland/North)<br />0207 873 2268 (London/South)<br /><br />"IRW's expertise and practical approach allowed us to progress promptly to a solid IT Strategy, implementation plan and effective deliverables . We view them to be among the best for customer service in the industry."<br />