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Training Programme


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Training Programme

  1. 1. ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity Training programmeWorkpackage 3 Isabella Van de VeldeTraining, outreach and community Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences,support Brussels
  2. 2. ViBRANT Virtual BiodiversityWho we are & what we do (and did) Past research on freshwater crustaceans involved in coordination and development of NH exhibits RBINS involved in SYNTHESYS project management for BE-TAF provided training to staff of Belgian Federal Institutions Present RBINS teamleader ‘Training and Public Awareness’ in EDIT project responsible for organisation and management of taxonomic training activities in Distributed European School of Taxonomy managing DEST training website 2 of 5
  3. 3. ViBRANT Virtual BiodiversityWhat we will do in ViBRANT organise and deliver scratchpad training & provide community support to support and extend the ViBRANT user community in order to facilitate and improve production, management and publication of biodiversity data Deliverables Training strategy: full strategy for training and delivery with course/workshop announcements (M12) Community delivery and evaluation: assessment of ViBRANT self-supporting open source community for sustainable implementation of the consortium (M36) 3 of 5
  4. 4. ViBRANT Virtual BiodiversityHow we are doing it Analysis of the user community, impact and benefits of training, how to increase visibility of scratchpads and other ViBRANT services Information gathered will help to: adapt/improve existing training activities & material (manuals, video, etc.) provide feedback for software development priorities and services to support the users community develop promotion material Delivery of training courses peer based and cascade training; on-site training and on-line learning basic and advanced courses, custom-made modules Manage the help desk support system respond to feature requests/bug reports via issue tracker/phone/e-mail WP3 will act as liaison between user community - WP2 developers 4 of 5
  5. 5. ViBRANT Virtual BiodiversityWho are our users? Who has a stake in scratchpads (current and potential users)? What are the needs, characteristics, preferences of the users? What types of barriers exist for not using scratchpads? sociological studiesHow will they engage? network of training providers: ViBRANT team + ambassadors make use of conferences, workshops to organise back-to-back training and to promote ViBRANT services ViBRANT will provide efficient service: effective training and help desk support system for scratchpad users promotion: press pack, press releases, website, flyers, reports etc. networking activities 5 of 5