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Lightning Talk #2: Sustaining Transformation in Government Agencies by Gerry Gaffney & Julian Huxham


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The presenters have worked on a range of projects with the Department of Justice, and some of them have been transformative. One of the projects that they will be sharing about is the implementation of a new Jury Management System – while ostensibly an “IT” project, it enabled the organisation to reimagine the way it viewed the citizenry, re-engage them in a more positive fashion, and even “export” the solution to other jurisdictions to turn it into a revenue stream.

Join Gerry and Julian as they share with you a truthful account of these projects, exploring which elements are crucial to embarking on the journey of transformation, and discussing the traps and the pitfalls that can derail your efforts.

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Lightning Talk #2: Sustaining Transformation in Government Agencies by Gerry Gaffney & Julian Huxham

  1. 1. Sustaining Transformation in Government Agencies Photo: Richard Freeman Gerry Gaffney @gerrygaffney Julian Huxham @entitydesignco
  2. 2. Gerry @gerrygaffney
  3. 3. Julian @entitydesignco
  4. 4. Projects
  5. 5. Enabling transformation: Environment Photo:Rmew
  6. 6. Enabling transformation: Culture Photo:LizCastro
  7. 7. Enabling transformation: People Photo:GerryGaffney
  8. 8. Obstacles: Stockholm Syndrome Photo:LukeDuncan.
  9. 9. Obstacles: Entropy Photo:GerryGaffney
  10. 10. Obstacles: Lack of Cohesion Photo: Ralf Κλενγελ.
  11. 11. Strategy 1: Have a strategy! Photo:ChadeMiller.
  12. 12. Strategy 2: Articulate a vision Photo:GerryGaffney
  13. 13. Strategy 3: Take a service view Photo:givesmehell.
  14. 14. Strategy 4: Guardians & Champions Photo:philHendley.
  15. 15. Strategy 5: Continuous improvement Photo:DavidBotéEstrada.
  16. 16. Strategy 6: Be Citizen-Centered Photo:HombreTangencial(JOP).
  17. 17. Gerry Julian @gerrygaffney @entitydesignco Thank you!