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Rev sudoedtd

  1. 1. 1 Chapter IFour Great Realms of Heart, Three Great Kingshipand Realms of Royal Family
  2. 2. 2I. Textbook of Children’s Love G od A E S is te r B ro the r Completion    Youth Growth    Child Formation    Infant A E
  3. 3. 3 Cf. Development of one’s WillSubjective Objective Emotion Intellect Will
  4. 4. 4II. Textbook of Brother-Sister Love Parents Children’s Love G Brother-Sister Love Bro Sis
  5. 5. 5 III. Textbook of Conjugal Love1. Starting of conjugal love Internal nature Heart Heart A E Body Body External form
  6. 6. 6 Triple Realms of Love The 1st heart Children’s Love GThe 3rd heart The 2nd heart Conjugal love Brother-Sister Love Sex Education << Character Education
  7. 7. 72. Central point of the First Love God - + - +
  8. 8. 83. Perfection of Humanity God - + 90degrees Perfection of: Children’s Love Brother-Sister s Love Conjugal Love Parent’s Love
  9. 9. 9 4. The Purpose of Marriage(1) Mutual Perfection of Husband & Wife God - + - +
  10. 10. 10 4. The Purpose of Marriage(2) Capturing of Love of God
  11. 11. 11 4. The Purpose of Marriage(3) Perfection of God Heart Heart A E Body Body God’s man God’ woman Husband Wife
  12. 12. 5. Three Original Palace & Original Palace 12 of Conscience(1) Original Palace of True Love || God Three starting points - + 90degrees Perfection of: True Love True Love True Children’s Love True Brother-Sister s Love True Life True Conjugal Love True Lineage True Parent’s Love
  13. 13. 5. Three Original Palace & Original 13 Palace of Conscience(2)Original Palace of True LifeTrue Love - God + A ETrue Life Life
  14. 14. 5. Three Original Palace & Original 14 Palace of Conscience (3)Original Palace of True LineageOriginal Palace of True LoveOriginal Palace of True Life Heavenly TraditionOriginal Palace of True Lineage Initiate the Kingdom of Heaven
  15. 15. 15 VI. Textbook of Parental Love G od A E Mo the r F a the r True Love True LifeThe same values as A/E A E True Lineage
  16. 16. 16 Section. 2 Three Great Kingship & Realm of Royal Family1. Three Great KingshipThe 1st heart Children’s Love The 1st blessingThe 2nd heart Brother-Sister s Elder SonshipThe 3rd heart Love The 2nd blessingThe 4thheart Conjugal Love Parentship Parent’s Love The 3rd blessing Kingship What is the Three Great Kingship?
  17. 17. Section. 2 Three Great Kingship & 17 Realm of Royal FamilyWhat is the Three Great Kingship? The settlement points The 1st Kingship - God + of 4 GRH The 2nd Kingship A E The 3rd Kingship Children * The settlement points means HJN’s position
  18. 18. 182. Realm of Royal Family G The settlement points of Kingship = root A E C Royal Family Kingship Royal Family =registration =connect TF
  19. 19. 19 Section.3 Conscience1. What is the Conscience? Conscience = the 2nd God (cf. The 1st God =God of Creation) = not God Himself What is the difference between God and Conscience? God = takes responsible for the whole cosmos Conscience =1)Only to me, 2)the god who belongs to me only, 3)small god inside me God is the Root of conscience When the conscience satisfies for us 100% =the standard of true love = the life of TF
  20. 20. 20 Section.3 Conscience2. Three Proposition of Conscience A) Conscience is “Superior to Parents” B) Conscience is “Superior to master” C) Conscience is “Superior to God”
  21. 21. 21 Section.3 Conscience 3. Why Conscience is Wounded? G Growth of conscience Conscience Direct DominionFFWPU True Love Family through Blessing Intellect << EmotionHSA-UWC Life of indemnity by religion Conscience
  22. 22. Section.3 Conscience 22 4. Liberation of Conscience God & conscience always watch us. A) Repentance C) Victory over battle between conscience & evil mind Voice of conscience V.S. Voice from evil mind (physical desire)a. Strengthen the b. Weaken & Defeat the evil /physical conscience mind 1. By God’ words/Principle 1. Control desire of eating/sleeping/sex 2. By prayer 2. Fasting, water pouring 3. By practice
  23. 23. 23 Chapter IISupplement to Fall of man
  24. 24. 24 Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall1. Changing of the Blood Lineage Centered from God’s side to Satan’s side G Fall A E AA Spiritual Fall Physical Fall Fallen Adam Satan’s wife Satan Restoration Rebirth by Blessing Central mission of Messiah= Exchange Blood lineage=Blessing
  25. 25. Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall 25 2. What is Satan? = Fallen Archangel G True love Substantial God Living God True life A True lineage Family C Wife of Substantial God(Adam)Enemy of love E God’s wife Satan E Start point of humanity
  26. 26. Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall 26 *Why God did not kill Satan? 2) For creating it with eternity 3) For creating it as the object of True Love 4) To accept the Satan means the affirming its existence eternally. *How to restore? The only way is to love Satan (enemy of love)
  27. 27. 27Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall God Satan Abel Cain Jesus Jewish people TPs Christians/ All humanity We Tribal/ All humanity  The only way is to love Satan (enemy of love)
  28. 28. 28 Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall How can we move Satan’s heart? Billions of years Abraham Adam Abraham settled down the Providence of Restoration 4000 years agoMosesJesus Only True Father can liberate God’s Han and humans’ sin
  29. 29. Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall 29 3. Position of the Fallen Adam Satan Fallen Adam G =>Satan’s son =>Substantial Satan Satan’s wife =>The reality of human =>Archangels A E AAGood Archangels Bad Archangels:Attend at the providence :oppose the providence
  30. 30. Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall 30 Adam Substantial God Adam Substantial Satan Eve God’s wife Eve Satan’s wife Children God’s children Children Satan’s children Cain Cain Abel Abel Seth God’s children Seth God’s children girl girl True love Satan’s love life life lineage lineage Fulfill the cosmos Under Satanic lineageAll humanity should be blessed centering on TF
  31. 31. Section 1. Internal Meaning of the Fall 31 cosmos Under the Satans Dominion world nation race 6000 years Satanic history tribal family individual At age of 16 yrs old spirit flesh
  32. 32. 32 Section 2. Result of the Fall4 GRH + the 3rd Blessing the Purpose of Creation=Eternal Blessing Lost everything 1. Loss of the 1st heart (Children’s Heart) parents G a) Loss of God cf. Aeitheism/ Pietism Children’s love b) Loss of self children M cf. theory of Evolution
  33. 33. 33 Section 2. Result of the Fall2. Loss of the 2nd heart (Brother-Sister s Heart) GOD Thai Korea US Japan
  34. 34. 34 Section 2. Result of the Fall 3. Loss of the 3rd heart (Conjugal Heart)Uniqueness of the 3rd heart the 1st heart the 2nd heart love each other as much as possible the 4th heart = no limitThere is the limit of the 3rd love. Never make relationship of lovewith other sex. God’s love Satan’s love invades
  35. 35. Section 2. Result of the Fall 35 A. Fornication & adultery-God+ -Man+ (root) love (trunk) life B. Prostitution (A. + all thing)Man Children C. Pornography D. Homosexuality E. Incest
  36. 36. 36 Section 2. Result of the Fall4. Loss of the 4th heart (Parental Heart)
  37. 37. 37 Chapter IIIThe Providence of Restoration
  38. 38. 38Section 1. Formula of Restoration 1. Formula of RestorationThree typesFrom the Viewpoint of Restoration of Three RightsFrom the Viewpoint of Foundation for MessiahFrom the Viewpoint of Vertical 8 Stages meet Messiah Restoration Through Indemnity =FF+FS
  39. 39. Section 1. Formula of Restoration 39 If Adam did not fall…..  God’s dominion Satan’s dominion GOD Satan GOD A A =Restored Eve E E Restoration of Parentship C C A F.S. =Restoration of Eldersonship =Jacob course A A C F.F.
  40. 40. 40 Restoration of Parentship Restoration Vertical 8 Stages Three Great Kingship Satan GODUnnecessary= Restoration of Kingship A True Adam =Restored Eve E E Restoration of Parentship Restoration of Eldersonship C A F.F F.S. F.Messiah A C
  41. 41. 41 The settlement points of Three Great Kingship? That is True Children. Especially HJN 2. Horizontal Application of the Formula of Vertical RestorationIndividual / family / tribal / race / nation / world / cosmos / God 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Tribal Messaihship Perish Satan from the earthThe mission of the restored Eve?How to cut off the dominion by Satan?
  42. 42. 42 How to cut off the dominion by Satan? 2) Life of Sanctification 3) Renounce the world [go into religion ]. Mission of Christianity was offering a bride for messiahJudaism  Jesus ChristChristianity  LSAUnification Ch  offered a bride for messiah for the first time in history of humanity.
  43. 43. 43 GOD Good ArchangelAdam Archangel A E Commit sin Sinless Adam Sinless Eve Evil Archangel =Younger brother of LSA C =2 Adam nd Sinless children
  44. 44. 44 Real example of Restoration of Three Rights The condition of restoration of South Korea GOD True Mother True Adam WFWP Mother Opposing group A C Students in ChristianityK-Carp Communist campStudents in Korea professors in North-Democratic Students KoreaGovernment party Communistic Students Nongovernment party
  45. 45. Section 2. Historical Application of the Formula of45 Restoration1.Rebecca’s mission in Jacob courseIsaacs wife remote [distant] cause of Jesus’ Crucifixion Abel <Reason for the two women’s failure> Isaac Rebecca The necessity of mother-son cooperation Jacob Esau The problem of Laban’s wife 3) Educate him 4) Justify Rhea Raban’s Rebecca wife HarlanLaban & his wife(Cain)
  46. 46. 46 <Lessons from Rebecca’s mission >Lack of1)offering prayer,2)education for children through God’s words3)She did not convey the message through revelation Advent of Messiah Jihad Bihar Jacob legal wife concubine Rhea Rachael Cain Enemy of love Abel
  47. 47. 472.Mission of Tamar(change of blood lineage insidemother’s womb ) A) Providential background God Satan Noah Good Evil Abel Cain Ham Sem They cannot even cross They cannot even cross
  48. 48. 48A) Providential background Abraham F.F Isaac F.F Ishmael Jacob Esau surrender Cross of Good/Evil and exchange = built F of Messiah Arabian Israelite (40 yrs old) wild Chosen woman = Tamar
  49. 49. 49 B) Tamar’s Story (Genesis 38:1~) Abraham Isaac Jacob Hometown ? Lebi Simen Ruben Judah mistress TamarSherah Onan Ul Perez Zerah Sanctification in Tamar’s womb younger elder 2000 yrs
  50. 50. 50 C) Tamar’s FaithShe did abnormal, anti-social behavior that was not acceptable insociety. She might have died by fire if her behavior was found in public.Why she did for the sake of her life?….to make God’s (Judass )lineage Tamar’s spirit=spirit of Gun Sung Yoon Gun Sung Yoon Rally in Japan from ’91-2 God Choson Federation Democratic group Perez Zerah
  51. 51. Section 3. Historical Application of the Formula of 51 Restoration4. Mary’s Mission in Jesus’ Course (Secrets of Jesus Family ) Zechariah Cain Able 1st wife Elizabeth Mary 2nd   wife legal wife mistress Enemy of love John the Baptist Jesus
  52. 52. 524. Mary’s Mission in Jesus’ Course (Secrets of Jesus Family ) G Satan’s wife Satan A E AA John the Jesus Sister Baptist Satanic world
  53. 53. 53 The Biggest Mission of John the Baptist (His original mission) ||Indemnifying of archangel = to offer his sister to messiah as a bride Jesus went out his home to start public mission. cf. Wedding of CannasBetrayal of JudahPrayer at Gethsemane  Decision for the crucifixionPirate  Festival  Crucified on the cross Resurrection & Holy Spirit = Spiritual Salvation
  54. 54. 54 Chapter IVProvidence of Restoration Centered on the Lord of the Second Advent
  55. 55. 55Section 1. Providence of Restoration Prepared by God WW I = formation stage of foundation for Messiah(Worldwide level) 1920 Messiah could come God : prepared Korean people as chosen people Satan: used Japan to destroy God’s providence
  56. 56. 56WW II =growth stage of foundation for Messiah(Worldwidelevel)1919~45: Korea was suffered by Japan, especially Christian1919.3.1(S) 3.1 Independence Movement Gwan Sun Yoo = the condition for birth of messiah1920.1.6 substantial advent1945.8.15 Japan lost the war and surrender unconditionally. Satan’s sovereignty was removed from Korea Starting point of Providence of Restorationcentered on the Lord of the 2nd Advent
  57. 57. 57WW III= completed stage of foundation for Messiah(Worldwide level) After WW II, foundation for messiah : Internal foundation = Christianity External foundation = Abel camp of WW II
  58. 58. 58• Internal foundation  Christianity (world foundation) Attitude of Korean Christianity to messiah decides the direction of providence 1945-52 : 1st : Mainline Christianity to connect government rejected TF 2nd : Tribal level spiritual group of Christianity Korean Christianity Korea USA World
  59. 59. 59Providence Centered on Tribal level spiritual group ofChristianity The providence centered on Male Group Cain type Christianity : Externally follow Japan Abel : Never surrender by torture Spiritual group : Receive many revelations O.T type N.T type C.T type Male Namjoo Yondo Baekmoon Baek Lee Kim Female Sungdo Binho Kim Huh
  60. 60. 60 At Israel Monastery, 1945.12.25 “True Father= mission of king of Solomon” Pre. Rev.Moon Kim Syngman LeeResult: Failure of the providence centered on Male Group shift into the providence centered on female group
  61. 61. 61 The providence centered on Female GroupIn the North Korea ,”Wife of God”  restored Eve = “Grand mother Pak”1946.5.27 True Father went to North Korea, “I will go out to buy rice.”1946.6.6 Grand mother Pak got a revelation, “At the corner you will meet the lord.” 8 Imprisoned at Daedon Prison Binho Huh(leader of “Inside Belly Church”)
  62. 62. 62 9.18 She failed her mission and dead by severe torture. Rev.Moon HuhResult: Failure of the providence centered on female group Entire foundations of Christianity were lost.
  63. 63. 63 2. External foundation  Abel campInternal providence : Judaism (2000yrs) Christianity(2000yrs) God’s prepared foundation in 4000yrs were entirely lost.External providence : Restoration of three right worldwide level centering on Abel camp
  64. 64. External providence : Restoration of three right 64 worldwide level centering on Abel camp God father TF Anti-christianity mother Britain Satanic mother Japan Abel Cain USA France Germany Italy subjugate1945-52 Kingdom Heaven on Earth should have establishedBut UN refused Korea to join it Failure of Abel camp
  65. 65. 65Restored the lost foundation of God in 4000 years400 years: increase the burden of indemnity 10 times. 40 years: increase the burden of indemnity 100times.  Wilderness Course in 40 years(1945-85)
  66. 66. 66 Section 2. Internal Indemnity Course 1. Individual Course (1945-60)Internal providence = restore lost the foundation of Christianity by establishing HSA-UWCExternal providence = VOC activity TF Japan Communism Britain Cain Germany Italy USA France Abel
  67. 67. 2. Three Seven-year Course (1960-81) 67 Overview of the providence of the Lord of Second Advent 40 yrs wilderness course’20 ’45 ’52 ’60 ’67 ’68 ’74 ’75 ’81 ’92 1st 7yrs course Holy Marriage Blessing Yei jin Nim’s Family Level Victorious 7yrs course Foundation 2nd 7yrs course National Level Victorious Foundation 3rd 7yrs course Worldwide Victorious Foundation (Individual course) Period of restoration of NTA Period of restoration of OTA ’81-88: solve communism issues ’89 : destroy of Berlin’s wall ’83 ’84 ’85 ’89 ’91 : fall of Soviet Empire
  68. 68. 68A) 1 7yrs course Family Level Victorious Foundation(’60-67) st Accomplishment of Messiahs family = Ideal model of Blessed Family 1) Family Level Foundation of Victorya) Perfection of the Bridecf. True Mother’s course is indemnity of all failure of women 8 stages of course of restoration Victory Declaration of God’s Day
  69. 69. 69b) Unity between husband (TF)& wife(TM)c) Unity between two women (Ms.Che & TM)d) Unity between parents & children i) Unity with Abel’s children ii) Unity with Cain’s childrene) Unity between Two Children(C&A) God Mrs.Che LSA Bride Mother in law Abel type Cain type Children Children
  70. 70. 70 2) Accomplishmenta) Blessing 3,33,72 & 124 couplesb) Holy Ground (restored the Garden of Eden)c) Holy Saltd) Holy Days (major 4 holy Days)
  71. 71. B) 2nd 7yrs course National Level Victorious Foundation (’68-74)711) Tribal Level Foundation Unity between Messiah’s family and Blessed family • Internal Foundation=1200 Korean womens mobilization(1970-72) • External Victory=prevent from communization of Korea and whole world3) National Level Foundation UC with support from people and government = VOC movement in Korea:Yoido Rally(1975)7) State Level Foundation True Father tried to connect with President Pak. failed
  72. 72. 72 Extension of TM God God =sister TP =ProvidentiallyMessiahs Blessed family Bride of LSA Blessed Mrs.Che LSA Bride M husband Bride Abel Cain Abel Cain True Blessed Blessed Spiritual Children Family Children Children =Link of 2 family faith of woman /wife=lifeline of Blessed family
  73. 73. C) 3rd yrs course Worldwide Victorious Foundation (’75-81) 731) Providence for the Start (’74 M.S.G Rally)2) Yankee Stadium Rally3) Washington Stadium Rally (’76.9.18) 300,000 people The happiest day for God in history Shorten 7yrs to 5yrs course Indemnification of 2000yrs history of Christianity Day of the Victory of Heaven (’76.10.4) Victory of 3rd 7 years course (’80.1.1) Yeijin Nim’s Holy Marriage (’81) Washington Rally USA World
  74. 74. 74 The Age of Parental responsibility shifted The Age of Children’s responsibilityProvidence of Home Church (5years) failedProvidence of Tribal Messiah (160-180 couples)register as the citizen of Kingdom of Heaven’81-’88: Focused on the solution of communism issuesProblem of WatergatePre. Reagan’s SDI (by supported Washington Times)’89 : Collapse of Berlin wall’91.12.25 finish USSR
  75. 75. 3. Providence of God until the Present 75 A) Overview of the Present of Lord of the Second AdventThe End of 40 Years Course :’85.8.16: Declared “Day of Total Victory”Preparation for reunification (Cannaan of Korea)’83~’85: indemnification of past mistakes in this 3 years40 years wilderness course Age of Settlement in Cannaan ’81 ’83 ’84 ’853rd years course The last 3 years of 40 years wilderness course
  76. 76. 76B) Last Three-Year Course within the 40 Years Wilderness Course(sacrifice of Heung-Jin Nim) & Return to the HomelandVOC campaign in Korea in the end of ’83 cf. UC members’ disbelief Korea government & 72 scholars’ support12.23 Heung-Jin Nim’s accident .30 Unification Ceremony’84.1.2 1:15 am Died, ’84.1.3 “Day of Victory ofLove”
  77. 77. 77Heung-Jin Nim’s absolute standard of True Love become the center of sprit world ( Blessing, adoption of son)Spirit world Heung-Jin Nim Dae-mo Nim Physical world True Parents
  78. 78. 78True Father had to be imprisoned in Danbury.because of the mistakes of UC members’85.8.16 :Day of Total Victory finalized the 40 yrs Wilderness Course True Father was at the same point in 1945. ’85 (65 yrs old) ’92 ’45 (25 yrs old) ’52
  79. 79. 79 After 1985 1st 7yrs course = failed another 7yrs course =extension 3rd attempt ? ’85 ’92 ’93 ’99 ’06 =’45 =’45 Completed Testament Age’92. 8.24 Declaration of messiah (Conditional ) Failure of Pre. G. Bush
  80. 80. 80 Chapter VCompleted Testament Age (’93-2000)
  81. 81. 81 1. Background of the Installment of Completed Testament Age 40 yrs wilderness course Completed Testament Age 1st 7yrs course 2nd 7yrs course=Age of Women’45 ’60 ’85 ’92 ’93 ’99 ’00 ’06 Direct Dominion of God communism
  82. 82. 2. Completed Testament Providence of God Centered on Woman82 Age of Women AA Eve Adam AA TM LSA + - WFWP + Korea TM Abel Parliament Japan Cain UN
  83. 83. 83 ’95 Through bridging ceremony in USA, two archangels meet AbelTF TM Gerry. F Fulfill condition  Victory in USA G. Bush Providence in South America Cain
  84. 84. 3. The Realm of Victory of True Parents 84 Based on the Blessing movement yrs couples A. Globalization of Blessing ’60 3+33=36 Blessing as Indemnity Evil archangel ’62 72 Soviet ’63 124 China ’68 430/ 43 Good archangel ’70 777 Japan USA ’75 1800 Kim Il Sung ’78 1610 ’82 6000+2000 TF God ’88 6500 The Blessing Globalization of Formation =Marriage of LSA & Eve nation Growth = 30,000 couples Completion =360,000 couples
  85. 85. A. Globalization of Blessing 85 Restoration of Kingship Substantial Foundation for restoration of Kingship C.T.A 3.6 million c B ’96 ’97. 7.15 7yrs course’92.8.25 ’95.8.25 ’95 ’97. 11.29 ’04 40 million c B Start of restoration of Kingship Restored Parentship Blessing in sprit world (Messiahs family) Chyong Pyong providence Substantial Restoration of Kingship Entire spirit world blessing (Restore the Fatherland)Globalization of the BlessingRestored EldersonshipDeclaration of True Parents
  86. 86. 86 B. Restoration of Three Right & 7.8 Jeol “Even non-members who accepted TF can receive Blessing.” Restoration of 3 rights (cosmic mission) 3.6 million c B Let God be rested 7.8 Jeol : 1997., 77yrs (l.c) “Declaration of Cosmic Sabbath of Parents of Heaven & Earth”3 cpls
  87. 87. C. Dispensation Centered on 40-Million Couples Blessing (’97)87<Substantial Completed Testament Age> 40 million c B 120 million c B RFK stadium M.S.G.Garden ’97. 11.29 ’98. 6.13 3.2 billion spiritual Blessing
  88. 88. D. Dispensation Centered on 120-Million Couples Blessing (’98)88 *34 representative from both God’s &Satan’s sides were blessed Entire Evil Spirit Ultimate evils Ultimate saints can be blessed Sprit of murders Saints Worst Cain Best Abel Ex. Buddha, Confucian,Ex. Hitler, Stalin, Mao,Hideki Tojo Mohamed, Socrates and Maria Pak True Father’s prayer at Hotel Americana (Pantanal ’98. 5.13-15)
  89. 89. 89 <True Father’s pain>External providence: lost the factories in Germany (could have let communized countries into God’s sides) Seil Heavy Industry Because of IMF in KoreaInternal providence: more serious than external one Fall of Blessed Family cannot indemnify those who are in the realms of lineage of the 3rd Adam  TF made condition for forgiving failed blessed family
  90. 90. 90 E. Dispensation Centered on 360-Million Couples Blessing (’99) 2.10 Jeol 3.10 Jeol 9.9 Jeol 360 million c B Age of Liberation Chamsil stadium’99. 1.8 2.7 Mar. 9.9 9.10 10.10 ’00 Start liberation for direct ancestors in 12 generations at Chyong Pyong Liberation for direct ancestors in 12 generations at Punta del Este
  91. 91. 91Family messiah/ Tribal Messiah/ National Messiah/ Worldwide Messiah Entire Spirit Direct ancestors in 7 generations’00.7.13Blessing at Sprit of murders Saints1/3 of Sprit world Worst Cain Best Abel Family messiahFlood of spiritualPhenomena occur Tribal messiah Realms of Cain National messiah Worldwide Messiah Realms of Abel
  92. 92. 92 Blessing for entire spirit world and physical world True Father’s victory of internal mission as LSA Completion of Restoration Victory of True Mother (6.14 True Day of All Things) ’99 360 million c B Satan’s surrenderBlessing in the entire sprit world ’98 120 million c B Restore three rights ’97 40 million c B Blessing in sprit world ’95 360,000 c B
  93. 93. -Satan’s Surrender 93 ’99 360 million c B1) Failure of Japan2) Satan’s Surrender 40 million cpls + 360 million cpls = 800 million persons 4 times= 3.2 billion entered into the realms of grace of blessing Beyond the half population of the entire humanity on earth. 70 billion blessing in spirit world will be done.
  94. 94. -Completion of True Mother’s Mission 94 Victory of True Mother (6.14 True Day of All Things)“Declaration of Celebration for Cosmic Victory of Parents of Heaven & Earth”Point: True mother awarded at the ceremony as the ultimate victory of Eve
  95. 95. 95 -9-9 Jeol & 3-10 Jeol & the Coming of No-Indemnity Era Age of religion finished (’99.9) 10 Completion 9 1999.9.10.10:10 = 3.10 JeolF.F.W.P.U Satan CTA 8 Establish the completed 7 God’s Direct Dominion 6 1999.9.9.9:9:9” = 9.9 Jeol GrowthH.S.A-U.W.C NTA 5 “Liberation of Cosmic 4 Unification by 3 Parents of Heaven & Earth” Formation OTA 2 1
  96. 96. 96Tip:True Father declares only what he have donevictoriously.He always tries to find a chance to express hisinternal meaning of his victory.He declares only at the time when the meaning ofnumber consists with the providential content.
  97. 97. 97 -Starting of Direct Dominion of God1999.10.10 = 2.10 Joel= Established Realm of Victory of God’s Direct Dominionon earth and spirit world(Satan cannot invade both in spirit world and physical worldany more.) Year 2000~ a. Biblically the 7th millennium started. b. The 3rd millennium after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. c. The 21st Century started.
  98. 98. 98 Chapter VIAge of Liberation (2000~)
  99. 99. 99 1. Beginning of New Millennium Age of Big Exchange Satan’s DominionIndirect DominionAge of IndemnityCooperation of mother-son God’ DominionAge of wilderness D ay1st generations ast L Direct Dominion T he Age of No-indeminity Cooperation of father-son Age of settlement Age of the realms of the 4th Adam (2nd 40yrs course started) 2nd generations Age of registration into Kingdom
  100. 100. 100 2. Age of the Realms of God’s Direct Dominion Nobody could not open the Realms of God’s Direct Dominion after 9.9 Joel, it opened but we need the condition to enter there.D.D ’67 Realms of unification spirit world 1st 7 yrs course ’60 Jesus :exchange ofI.D (pattern of victory) blood lineage Buddha, Mohamed Total 72Dws Separation of Satan Formula course 2-4D ws : repentance Internal : offering, sexual purity 7Dws : change life External : Fundraising, witnessing 21Dws : change heart 40Dws :
  101. 101. Realm of God’s Direct Dominion 101 Process and Conditions:•Blessing (liquidation of Original Sin)•Chong Pyong (liquidation of hereditary /collective sin etc.)•Tribal Messiah (blessed 160-180 families)•Jardim 40 D workshop (registration picture)•Return of ownership (Total Living Offering) God TP Abel Cain True Blessed Children Family
  102. 102. 102All blessed wife have to attend at 21 days workshops forregistration into Kingdom of Heaven.Receivethe “Transition of Three Ages Realms of Oneness FourPosition foundation Unification Blessing Ceremony”.(required Mobilization work in Korea for 40 days per 6months) Registration as Messiahs family
  103. 103. 103 What is registration?Necessary condition for the registration: 1) Make those who can go to Kingdom of Heaven 2) God’s nation (Fatherland), 3) God’s sovereigntyTrue Father set up the condition beyond national level = Providence centered on United Nations
  104. 104. 104’00. 8.8 : Renewal of UNTrue Father’s proposals to UN:5) UN Senate,6) Peace Zone7) Removal of national boundaries Standard of worldwide victory = Standard of registration into Kingdom of Heaven
  105. 105. After registration 105Prayer  Report in the name of “Central Blessed Family” Each one relates to God directly. Issues of blood lineage
  106. 106. 106’00. 9.26 : (according to TF’s direction for registered family) 1) Remain the sexual purity for next hundreds of thousands of years “Be armed to protect oneself.” 2) High Noon Settlement = One Mind Settlement = life without the pangs of conscience 3) Removal of national boundaries & international blessing 4) Practical education of True Love for children. 5) Restoration of Fatherland & reunification of North- South Korea 6) Establish Hoon Dok Hae tradition, Family Pledge, Korean language
  107. 107. 107 Perfection of Blessed Family is important.After registrationTrue Father has no way to forgive Blessed family who committed sin.
  108. 108. Perfection of Blessed family 108 Blessed family enter True Adam’s family Completion of Four Great Realms of HeartThrough the victory of love in our Totally become one with Truedaily life of attendance: Parents and True ChildrenCain-Abel, True Conjugal love &True Parental love Registered Family will reach perfection in the Realms of God’s Direct Dominium
  109. 109. 109Perfection of Absolute/ Unique / Unchanging/ Eternal Blessed Family (cf. Jardim declaration No. 2)Perfection of Heavenly OwnershipFulfill Purpose of Creation = Family Kingship = True Adam’s family = Realms of Royal Family
  110. 110. 110 Realms of Culture of Heart Culture in Realms of God’s Direct Dominion Art/ science/ politics/ economics etc. =Culture centered on Shimjung in Kingdom of HeavenGod Pianist World of emotion Reson an ce Audience Music Piano Beauty substance
  111. 111. 111 2. Coronation Ceremony for God’s Kingshipa. The Final ceremony in the history of providence of restoration Original God’s statusb. Background G Man S AA Fallen man All things All things Angelic world
  112. 112. 112 9.9 Jeol/ 3.10 Jeol/ 2.10 Jeol = condition for entering from realm of indirect dominion into realm of God’ direct dominion Four Position foundation Blessing [Man]Ceremony to Return All things to God(ocean / land / cosmos/ sexual organ)Total Liberation from Resentment (Chusok)(’00. 9.12)
  113. 113. 113Ceremony of Liberation of spirit world (’00. 10.14) *True Father’s 49 days sincere condition(~12.1)Proclamation of liberation of Hell and Paradise (’00. 12.3) *43 days sincere conditionCoronation Ceremony for God’s Kingship (’01. 1.13) *God can sit the original position for the first time in the history.
  114. 114. 114 3. The Age of Realm of 4th Adam & the 2nd 40 yrs Course (Age of Settlement)’97.9.11 at East Garden : Declaration of The Realm of Age of 4th Adam’98.4.4 4.4 Jeol establish the Four position foundation both in S.W & P.W. (the 5th Jardim Declaration)’98.7.19 Hyun Jin Nim became Vice President of FFWPU’99.10.24 Entered the Age of Realm of 4th Adam’00. 4.21 40th True Parents Holy Wedding = finalize 1st 40 years course (indemnification) Start 2nd 40 years course (construction) The Age of Realm of 4th Adam started
  115. 115. 115 Who is the Center? Central figures : True Children, Core of them : Hyun Jin NimTrue Father said, “Hyun Jim Nim has to go difficult course to solve problemsundone and unresolved by the 1st generation and to establishKingdom of God on Earth.” Remained issues = perfection of individual family nation Unification of Father land Develop Carp, YFWP and whole UM
  116. 116. 1161st 40 yrs course 2nd 40 yrs course Age of Indemnity Age of Settlement The Age of the Realm of 4th Adam
  117. 117. 117According to True Father,“Rev. Kwak represents the realm of Cain.He has to report every matters to True Father and Hyun Jin.”All leaders under 40s belong to Hyun Jin Nim.(’01.1.29)True Father gave all authority to Hyun Jin Nim.We do not have to separate Hyun Jin Nim from True Father.
  118. 118. 118 Chapter VIIRestoration of Fatherland & the World
  119. 119. 1.Agony of Nationless people 119Those who stands in God’s side are the hindrance of Satan.Satan sure to kill them to protect his sovereignty. Saints, Sages, great faith were martyred and suffered a lot. (Jesus, True Father, etc.)e.g Jesus’ crucifixion=No foundation for God’s sovereignty.=Satan’s sovereignty existed behind RomanEmpire.
  120. 120. 120 God Satan Adam Eve God’s Nation Children Invaded Family Formation TribeBreak through Nation Growth World Completion (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth ) cannotRestore whole world (In 7years) invade
  121. 121. 2.Where will God’s Nation be Established? 1211st Adam God’s nation should have been established.2nd Adam Jesus God’s nation centering on Israelite3rd Adam True Father was born in Korean peninsulaIt is natural that God’s nation will be established there.
  122. 122. 2.How can be built God’s Nation ? 122A. God’s HopeKorean peninsula divided into two nationsWWII for the liberation of Korea from Japan1945the time for building of God’s Nation 7 years1952 God’s Nation could have been built on the earth.Original God’s Providence is receiving messiah withoutseparation of Korea.
  123. 123. 123B. Separated nations Satan Good Adam’s family Evil (Abel) (Cain) Adam’s nation Adam’s world Internal Cause : Disbelief of Christianity in Korea Separated nations South K (’48.8.15) North K (’48.9.9)
  124. 124. 124External Cause1) Failure of providential nations After WW II, USA & Soviet Union Plan of co-management of Korea. USA proposed the division at the 38 parallel. Failure of USA2) Failure of United Nations
  125. 125. 125 League of Nations World War ILeague of Nations : Model of coming God’s nation Messiah should be the master of League of Nations. Abel Established Foundation for messiah Cain Messiah was born on the Earth. True Father (’20.1.6)
  126. 126. 126 United Nations World War IIUnited Nations : should be built centering on Christian nations.Fatal mistake Welcome communist camp (Soviet)USA, Britain, France failed as God’s chosen nations Abel Established Foundation for messiah Messiah : Lord of UN Cain
  127. 127. 127Why Britain lost the position of Eve Nation? Britain Internal Cain-Abel fighting.Protestant Catholic Ireland Cf. Taiwan-China, Canada (France -Britain) Eve nations cannot stand.
  128. 128. 128 C. Reunification Formation stageSoviet Airforce China military [6.25 Attack] (Million soldiers) Communization ’50. 6.25 Attack : whole world identified the fear of CommunismCain : Permanent Member of theSatan Security Council were unanimous with sending UN troops.Abel : (Soviet’s boycott)God Unification Gen. McArthur lead UN Troops UN Troops landed on Inchon river.
  129. 129. 129 External Providence:Pres.Truman’s failure rejected Gen. McArthur’s proposal fired him. If USA removes the power of China communism, communism could be perished in Asia continent. Internal Providence:’50s : youth providence centered on Ehwa Women’s University Maria Pak’s failure True Father cannot build State level foundation. Bloody & miserable history lasted for next 50 yearsFailure of the Providence of building of God’s nation in ’50s
  130. 130. 130Victims15 million people died and 10 million became homeless. Cease-fire of War with no victors (’53) DMZ was set.God’s providence = USA should be drawn into God’s camp at the risk of Korea.True Father always tries to connect with USAPresident.
  131. 131. 131Vietnam War is the extension Growth stageof 6.25 Attack [Vietnam War] South K troopsNorth Vietnam ’53~ US lost the the war ideologically. (by media) Cease-fire Treaty in Paris : “Watergate Scandal” (scooped by Washington Post) Nixon was impeached. TF: “forgive, love & unite” US troops (500,000) Lost Resigned
  132. 132. 132 Invasion to South Completion stage (1)Formation level (’70s) North K’s attempt to invade the South Protect Internal Providence: Sacrificial condition of the mobilization of 1200 Korean Blessed wives. External Providence:Nixon’s diplomatic strategy prevented China fromsupporting North K. Nixon fulfilled his mission as good archangel
  133. 133. 133 ’88 Seoul Olympic: Opportunity for the reunification(2)Growth level (’90s) South K’s economical advancement V.S. North K’s development of nuclear weapons’91:“Gulf War”: US found out nuclear weapons inNorth K through the military satellite and wantedto destroy it totally.
  134. 134. 134’91.12 :True Father visited North K to meet Kim Il Sung. •Solve separated familys issues. •Stop the development of nuclear weapons. Proposal KIS accepted TF’s proposal. KIS’s officers were surprised at the situation. Satan behind KIS surrendered by the True love and offered him to TF.
  135. 135. 135“Blood is thicker than water. Love is thicker than blood.” Esau Jacob KIS True Father The last substantial restoration of eldersonship.KIS desired to meet Pre. G. Bush centered on TF Pre. G. Bush became a hero of the Gulf War. He was at the peak point.
  136. 136. 136’92 :Bush on the 2nd Presidential electioncampaign.Bush lost the heavenly fortune.B. Clinton was elected as the next USPresident. God’s Providence was blocked.
  137. 137. 137If US Pre. G. Bush followed TF’s direction onReunification then he could have been reelected. Within 7 years, reunification can be realized in ’90s.God’s nation could have been built by year 2000.Upon that foundation, True Father could have officiatedthe “ Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship”.But US president failed and KIS died and SouthK President failed his heavenly mission.2nd generation is important. (KJI etc.)
  138. 138. 138(3)Completion level (’00) Current Providence of Reunification of Fatherland ’00.6.13~15 : Kim Jong Il & Kim Dae Jung met in Pyong Yang and made a mood of reconciliation.KDJ said, “it will take 20~30 years for reunification”They agreed on loose federation of governments of N&S K. Each nation keeps its own authority of military anddiplomats.It is not the substantial strategy of reunification at all.
  139. 139. 139TF asked to National Messiahs:“By 2004. 4.10 (the 44th Anniversary of True Parents HolyWedding): “Reunification can be realized?” National messiahs pledged, “We will do it.” This became the Providence. Substantial restoration of Kingship
  140. 140. 140 A. Tong Bang Attack (Strategy) True Father’s viewpoint:East-West Germany unification was just a work done bygovernment only. Unification has to be done by grass root movement.
  141. 141. 141Essential motivation for grass root movement :TF’s proposal : 4 S.Korean families can help oneN.Korean family.Through serving and loving North Kfamily, we can bring total reunification. “Education of heart”  National movement Time limit : 3 years remains BY 2004 Our movement still not yet became national movement.
  142. 142. 142 B. Proposal of Unified Election -The more serious issues It is difficult for South K to find unified candidates for the election. But there is possibility of communization of South K without any blood shed.TF said,“We would rather not reunify if it is in awrong way.”
  143. 143. 143 US president Archangel God Satan Abel Cain Abel CainKorean Foundation Foundation for thePresident to welcome false Messiah || MessiahFoundationof Faith National level
  144. 144. 144US president and Korea President should be cooperated.In the past, no single South K Pres. supported God’sProvidence.Syng Man Lee Disbelief of Maria PakChung Hee Pak ’75 Yoido rally :TF’s serious letter.Do Hwan Chun Only answeredTae Woo Roh BetrayedYong Sam Kim (Christian) against TFDae Jung Kim Do not understand God’s providence
  145. 145. 145By year 2004, we should build God’s nationotherwise TF may have to desert Korea. Providence will shift to South America. Uruguay will be chosen as Adam Nation in stead of Korea. ’02.12.19 : the election of the next president. By that time, only 1 year and a few months remained for us.
  146. 146. 146 C. Situation of Tong Bang Attack?Agony of Korea : 1200 Korean wives already became old.Not enough foundation exists. Japanese wives also havemany problems. Established foundations: North America/South America/Pacific rim TF still want to build God’s nation in Korea.
  147. 147. 147 ’70 : Offering for God’s to protect Korea peninsula Now: Offering for building God’s nation for the first time in the history TF said:“Think that your wife already died as anoffering.Every thing can be done with such a strongdetermination.”
  148. 148. 148TF said:“Which do you like better : to send you wife toSpirit world or Korea” Blessed wives Condition for Offering
  149. 149. 149D. The book of prophecy, “Who Is He?” Chance of reunification’00.9 (~’04) if missed… Next chance 2025.9 (same as KDJ’s opinion)TF said at Jardim, “The time for the separation” “I may not live another 10 years”Now is the last chance of reunification of N-S Koreacentered on TF.
  150. 150. 150TF keeps saying for the last 4 years : “I will go to Spirit world soon.”TM cried and said to us :“I cannot send him there without victory. Please fulfill you responsibility!! ”Unification Movement is the “Bride of Messiah”: We have to take responsibility to liberate TF’sburdens and agony.
  151. 151. 151 Without total destruction of worldwide communism, communization of Korea might be possible after reunification of North South in the wrong way.We should totally support True Father, Heung Jin Nim(Spirit world) and Hyun Jin Nim (Physical world) toliberate them from their suffering and agony.
  152. 152. 152 F. God’s Providence in South America & Pacific rimIn Jardim : National Messiah’s are struggling to build allkinds of facilities and buildings out of the wilderness. Tribal Messiah failed and True Father suffered. National Messiah  indemnify for the whole world
  153. 153. 153 Pacific rim providence centered on Hawaii Providential Island Nations : Canada, Philippines and TaiwanWhole Pacific rim island nations centering onHawaii are the extension of Japan.
  154. 154. 154Japan’s 4 islands equal to 4 Hawaiian islands72 regions in Japanese Church made connectionwith island nations through sisterhood ceremony.Many islands in Pacific rim are independent nations. Providence in Pacific rim can make impact on providence centered on United Nations.